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Number & Title 
- Instinctive Traveler

Forever New Age Master
Peter Mergener
(best selection_1_by Prince)

New Age - Electronic

My best favorites.
(a Super Fans'
collection of Peter)



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Software = Peter Mergener & Michael Weisser     
    (Peter Mergener) 
    (Michael Weisser)


    (Software story)



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Track List  曲目 (sample for audition & promotion only = 64 kbps)

01__(Livedates_01)_Creatures                                                [00:00 > 10:47]

02__(Applaus Fur Die Schopfung_06)_Spurdeindes Wasser      [10:47 > 15:39]

03__(Cruisin_06)_Space Cruise                                              [15:39 > 21:41]

04__(N.O.X Mystica_06)_N.O.X Mystica                                 [21:41 > 26:36]

05__(Passage In Time_02)_Passage In Time                          [26:35 > 33:10]

06__(Noises In The Sky_06)_Noises In The Sky                      [33:10 > 40:21]

07__(Let There Be More Light_05)_Rainforest                          [40:21 > 46:02]

08__(Livedates_03)_Time                                                       [46:02 > 56:04]

09__(Instinctive Traveller_10)_Instinctive Traveller_Part B        [56:04 > 1:02:02]

-----------------Total Time 62:03



[新宿王子典藏 75张] Software = Peter Mergener & Michael Weisser 75张
A ~ Z  Index

Software (Brain Food Music) 1994
Software (Cave) 1995
Software (Chip Meditation I) 1985
Software (Chip Meditation II) 1989
Software (Digital Dance) 1988
Software (Electronic Universe_1) 1987
Software (Electronic Universe_2) 1988
Software (Fireworks) 1998
Software (Fragrances_The Art Of Perfume) 1990
{with Klaus Schulze}
Software (Heaven To Hell) 1995
Software (LIVE - 3rd Dimension) 1989
Software (Modesty Blaze_1) 1991
Software (Modesty Blaze_2) 1992
Software (Mystic Millenium) 1998
Software (Ocean) 1990
Software (Past, Present, Future_1) 1987
Software (Past, Present, Future_2) 1987
Software (Sky-Dive) 1997
Software (Software As Hardware) 2001
Software (Software Visions) 1991
Software (Space Design) 1993
Software (Syn Code) 1988
Software (Ten Years) 1994
Software (The Art Of Perfume)___EMPTY {=Fragrances}

Peter Mergener (African Smile) 2000
Peter Mergener (Applaus Fur Die Schopfung) 1995
Peter Mergener (Beam Scape) 1984 {with Michael Weisser}
Peter Mergener (Creatures II_Let There Be More Light) 1994
Peter Mergener (Creatures) 1991
Peter Mergener (Cruisin' ) 2002
Peter Mergener (Instinctive Traveller) 1997
Peter Mergener (Let There Be More Light) 1994
Peter Mergener (Livedates) 1993
Peter Mergener (Lounge Control) 2004
Peter Mergener (N.O.X Mystica) 2003
Peter Mergener (N.O.X. Mystica At Amici) 2005
Peter Mergener (Noises In The Sky) 1998
Peter Mergener (Passage In Time) 1991
Peter Mergener (Phancyful Fire) 1985 {with Michael Weisse}
Peter Mergener (Phonetic Society) 2010
Peter Mergener (Rhythm And Bytes) 2006
Peter Mergener (Take Off) 1992
Peter Mergener (Take Off) 2015 {=1992 + New}
Peter Mergener (Visions Of Asia) 2006 {Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock}
Peter Mergener (Vitam Aut Mortem) 2008
Peter Mergener (Wet Places) 2001

G.E.N.E. (Africa) 1995
G.E.N.E. (Bali Sunrise_The Beauty Of Matahari) 1994
G.E.N.E. (Beautiful World_CD_1_Music) 1995
G.E.N.E. (Beautiful World_CD_2_Forest Voice) 1995
G.E.N.E. (Between Ocean & Clouds_CD_1) 1994
G.E.N.E. (Between Ocean & Clouds_CD_2) 1994
G.E.N.E. (Canadian Lakes_Life Is A Melody) 1989
G.E.N.E. (Coral Sea) 1999
G.E.N.E. (Diving Dreams) 1991
G.E.N.E. (Dragon's Flight) 1996
G.E.N.E. (Emotions) 2000
G.E.N.E. (Flowers & Soul) 1996
G.E.N.E. (Fluting Paradise) 1991
G.E.N.E. (Flying Fish) 1995
G.E.N.E. (GetTheTaste) 1991
G.E.N.E. (Katchina) 1991
G.E.N.E. (Life Is A Melody = Canadian Lakes) 1989
G.E.N.E. (Magic Island) 1997
G.E.N.E. (Mediterranean Mood) 1993
G.E.N.E. (Negev-Fever) 1999
G.E.N.E. (Pacific Pearls) 1997
G.E.N.E. (Polynesia Percussion) 1998
G.E.N.E. (Rain Forest) 1993
G.E.N.E. (ShaLOM) 1998
G.E.N.E. (Slow Motion) 1999
G.E.N.E. (The Best_Part_1) 2007
G.E.N.E. (The Best_Part_2) 2008
G.E.N.E. (The Coral Sea) 1998 {with Software}
G.E.N.E. (Tropical Feeling) 1995
G.E.N.E. (Visionary Voyager) 1993


偷个懒, 引用网络文摘: (sorry 此文摘已收藏十年以上, 不知来源)

德国电音 (German Electronic Music) 是指以电子合成器 (Synthesizer) 作为主要乐器的电子纯音乐 (Electronic Instrumental Music),

Synthesis 即是把多种声音混音而成一种新的声音, 所以 A Sound + B Sound = 非 A 非 B 的 C Sound. 电子音乐能够塑造出一般 Acoutsic 乐器无论如何弹奏都不能制造出来的声音.

1. 透过混音而成新声音, 继而从听觉产生视觉的想象,

2. 每代电子乐器的功能不断更新而创造更多更新的声音,

3. 产生前所未有过的听觉刺激, 于氛围营造上远远超越 Acoustic音乐的传统局限, 说白了就是 New Sounds create New Soundscapes.

德国电子音乐最精彩之主要原因, 是德国的电子音乐着重于创造一种超现实的意境或氛围 (Surreal Atmospherics), 听者在全神贯注于乐曲的高低起伏中, 而不自觉地进入自我发挥想象力的意境. 任由意识或潜意识跟随乐曲的流向而尽情发挥的境界.

这种听者能籍着音乐而自我发挥超越一般思维的境界, 就是德国电子音乐最精华最珍贵之处!

Klaus Schulze 称自己的音乐为
Picture Music,
Edgar Froese 称 Tangerine Dream 的音乐为 Travel Music, 都有多重冥想空间的意义.

此外, Klaus Schulze 更在自己的经典CD - Mirage 里面提到:
Music to me is the background to a mental picture, but the exact interpretation must be made by the listener, hence the music is only half-composed and the listener himself should attack the composition to gain a mental repercussion.

The listener has to add the meaning. Of course my composition is in a basic direction which is my own creativity, but I think it leaves space for interpretation, which must also be done by the listener.

所以, 你听一千次 Timewind 就可以有一千个不同的意境! 完全由你自己决定! 所以我于过去二十多年来都不曾因重复聆听而产生厌倦, 就是这个原因.

讲到德国电音, 就不得不提到Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Ashra (Tempel) 等三个电音大师 . 由于这三位大师都来自柏林, 所以就被称为 "Die Berliner Schule" 柏林学校 ("The Berlin School Of Electronic Music") 而闻名世界.




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 Prince_Podcast_0020 (Peter Mergener_Best_01) Prince_Podcast_0038 (Klaus Schulze_Samplers_Selection_1991-2001) Prince_Podcast_0270 (Software = Peter Mergener & Michael Weisser)_best_2) - Blue Planet (64kb for audition & promotion only)                 




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