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Number & Title 
- Pavane For A Winter Bird

Stewart Dudley
(best selection_1_by Prince)

New Age Piano - Relax & Healing

My best favorites.
(a Super Fans'
collection of Stewart)


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Track List  曲目 (sample for audition = 64 kbps)

01_Stewart Dudley (Blue Sails_14)_Pavane For A Winter Bird         (00:00 > 04:41)

02_Stewart Dudley (Horizons_04)_Uluru Sunrise                            (04:41 > 08:38)

03_Stewart Dudley (Watercolours_04)_Fields Of Blue                    (08:38 > 12:50)

04_Stewart Dudley (Memories Of Australia_05)_Kakadu Wildernees
                                                                                                 (12:50 > 18:48)
05_Stewart Dudley (Pieces Of Yesterday_07)
     _The Long And Winding Road  (Beatles 招牌冠軍名曲)            (18:48 > 23:59)

06_Stewart Dudley (Memories Of Australia_02)_Tropical Hideaway (23:59 > 27:52)

07_Stewart Dudley (Memories Of Australia_09)_Autumm Colours   (27:52 > 33:01)

08_Stewart Dudley (Memories Of Australia_11)_Romance On The Reef
                                                                                                 (33:01 > 37:38)

09_Stewart Dudley (Watercolours_01)_Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
                                                                                                 (37:38 > 42:27)

10_Stewart Dudley (Watercolours_05)_Grand Illusions                   (42:27 > 46:24)

11_Stewart Dudley (Watercolours_06)_Snow Goose                      (46:24 > 49:31)

12_Stewart Dudley (Watercolours_08)_Take Me With You              (49:31 > 52:50)

13_Stewart Dudley (Memories Of Australia_03)_Blue Mountains     (52:50 > 57:35)

14_Stewart Dudley (Blue Sails_05)_Blue Sails                              (57:35 > 63:07)

15_Stewart Dudley (Blue Sails_15)_Princess                                (63:07 > 67:48)

16_Stewart Dudley (Horizons_05)_Summer Rain                           (67:48 > 71:58)

17_Stewart Dudley (Afterglow_07)_The Drovers                             (71:58 > 75:54)

18_Stewart Dudley (Afterglow_08)_Tears For Jenny                       (75:54 > 79:01)

19_Stewart Dudley (Afterglow_14)_Affairs Of The Heart                  (79:01 > 82:46)

20_Stewart Dudley (Afterglow_10)_Wings Of Angels                      (82:46 > 86:18)

21_Stewart Dudley (Afterglow_13)_Shifting Sands                         (86:18 > 89:08)

22_Stewart Dudley (Watercolours_11)_At First Light                      (89:08 > 94:00)

------Total Time 94:00



HISTORY -- Tewart Dudley
               (  )

Sometimes when you first meet someone they fill you with ease and comfort, just like a welcoming soft chair by the fireside. This is the impression of Stewart upon first meeting.

His home, his studio and his wife Gina, all exude this comfortable ease and when Stewart begins to play his rosewood Steinway, one of his two grand pianos, the rich emotive tones flow with similar ease from his fingers, permeating every crevice of the living room.

His music refuses to be categorised. Stewart’s melodies are instrumental not ambient or new age. They are the sort of songs you can’t stop listening to, the sort of songs that can move your heart.

Stewart Dudley was born in London, England. He began playing the piano at six years of age and composing small pieces, and continued on with classical training. He has always loved classical forms of music among his favorite composers are J. S. Bach, Chopin, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Faure. Classical music has undoubtedly been a source of inspiration in his style of music composition.

Stewart remembers the first piano lessons involved colouring in a picture each week along side the music to play on each page and that, together with the white milk chocolate bar as an added incentive, encouraged him to attend.

His parents entered him in piano competitions when he was nine and he recalls the first time he played in public where he has memorised the piece and once he was seated a the piano suffered his first stage fright and could not remember the music for a few minutes before he subsequently regained his composure, playing the piece and successfully winning the competition.

As a young teenager in the late 1960’s, Stewart performed with various rock bands in England where his favoured instrument as a Farfisa electric organ, one of the few keyboards available for rock groups at that time. However, his first love was always the grand piano and remains so to this day. His knowledge of classical music is quite extensive and although he is no stranger to the varying styles of music, he is undoubtedly, strongly influenced by the classics as the unique blend of melody and romantic styling is evident in his compositions.

In 1981 he immigrated to Australia and started concentrating on composing, arranging and performing his original instrumental music. He has released 10 CD’s in Australia to date and will be recording another 2 albums this year.

His music is played by various local and national radio stations including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, by local and national radio stations including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, by Fox Satellite television, SBS Television and restaurants and cafes throughout Australia.

Stewart is certainly no stranger to the varying styles of music and is equally at home with performing pop, jazz, classical and film compositions although his interest is now strongly directed toward the melodic film and television side of the music industry.

In June 2001 Stewart won “Best Song” category exceeding 650 entries in the "Johnny Dennis Music Awards" (presented at Government House, Sydney) with his music written for the song “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”.

He was also awarded 5th and 8th place against 2000 entries for his Sound Track category in the Australian Songwriter’s National Competition in 2000 for the tracks “Strangers no More” and “Never Alone” from his CD titled “Strangers no More”.

During 1991, he composed and recorded the CD “Touch of the Sun” which featured well known Australian artists such as Tommy Emmanuel, Andrew Oh, Larry Mahobrac, Leon Gaer and David Jones. This creative CD generated a greater following and interest in Stewart’s music. In 2002, he entered and won “Best Song” category in the Johnny Dennis Music Awards at Government House in Sydney for his composition “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”.

To date (2007) Stewart has composed and released 15 successful CDs, which have been marketed in Australia, Canada, USA and Asia under three different labels. His latest album released in 2007 “By Request” is covers of some of his favorite cuts.

This website ( ) allows visitors the ability to actually listen to ALL of Stewarts music. We invite you to sample and enjoy his music.

The grand piano sound of Stewart Dudley is like a soundtrack of life, awaiting your discovery.




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This is a non-profit personal website, if any text, images or music (64kb for audition & promotion only) here are in some form of violation of copyright infringement.
Please forward the author - Shinjuku Prince the valid proof and I will happily remove them as requested. Thanks.