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Number & Title 
- Sounds Of Peace

Shuan Paul

(best selection_1_by Prince)

New Age - Cello

My best favorites.
(a Super Fans'
collection of Shuan)


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Track List  曲目 (sample for audition & promotion only = 64 kbps)

01 Shaun Paul (A Path To Somewhere_01)_Sounds Of Peace        (00:00 > 06:44)

02 Shaun Paul (A Path To Somewhere_03)_A Path To Somewhere (06:44 > 13:01)

03 Shaun Paul (A Path To Somewhere_07)_Pure Inspiration           (13:01 > 17:42)

04 Shaun Paul (A Walk Through Time_04)_Enchanted                   (17:42 > 24:19)

05 Shaun Paul (A Walk Through Time_07)_A Dream For Tomorrow (24:19 > 28:27)

06 Shaun Paul (Awakening Spirit_01)_Awakening Spirit                 (28:27 > 33:49)

07 Shaun Paul (Awakening Spirit_03)_A Reflective Moment            (33:49 > 37:42)

08 Shaun Paul (Awakening Spirit_13)_My Inspiration                     (37:42 > 42:05)

09 Shaun Paul (Endless Possibilities_08)_Misted Waterfalls          (42:05 > 47:30)

10 Shaun Paul (Everlasting_07)_Everlasting                                  (47:30 > 53:51)

11 Shaun Paul (Everlasting_08)_Shadows Of Yesterday                 (53:51 > 59:14)

12 Shaun Paul (New Beginnings_04)_My Cello, My Peace             (59:14 > 63:44)

-------Total Time 63:64




                            copyright by Shaun Paul
 About Shaun Paul
[ From Shaun Paul's Biography

Shaun Paul is a versatile cellist, performer, teacher and composer of contemporary music and music for film. He has studied extensively in composition, cello
performance, improvisation and orchestral performance and holds a Bachelors of Music in cello performance from the University of Colorado.

In 2004 Shaun began his career as a performing artist, composer and cello teacher. It was at this time that he began his own record label and founded Shaun Paul Productions, with the release of his first nationally and internationally distributed album, "A Path to Somewhere."

During four intense years of study in Colorado he had the opportunity to perform with the University of Colorado Symphony, the Aspen Music Festival Symphonia, the Henri Mancini Institute Jazz Orchestra at UCLA, the Hollywood Bowl with Diana Krall and the Icicle Creek Chamber Music Institute in Leavenworth, Washington. During this time he also performed with various string quartets and chamber groups varying in style from classical to jazz.

Shaun Paul has studied with such notable teachers as the former principal cellist of the Seattle Symphony, Raymond Davis; professor of cello at Michigan State
University, Anthony Elliott, as well as cellists Antony Cooke, John Michel, Judith Glyde, and David Tonkonogui. In addition, he has performed in master classes given by world class cellists Lynn Harrell, Janos Starker, and Bernard Greenhouse and the Takacs String Quartet. His knowledge of the cello is derived from a 2nd
generation lineage of notable masters including Leonard Rose and Bernard Greenhouse.

Over the years he has contributed to various artists' music projects as co-producer, and recording artist. Notably he has served as a co-producer on nationally
distributed albums produced by 7 time Emmy Award winning artist Tim Noah for Cherry Lane Music Publishing. He has also recorded with alumni of the Sundance Film Music Program and for the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program.

Shaun Paul performs with local musicians and pianists covering a broad range of genres; everything from jazz, romantic, classical and popular styles to film music
and original compositions.

He can be found performing concerts as well as local and destination private events. During the summer he enjoys touring Seattles best attended arts festivals where he shares his music and spends time conversing with the locals. Past appearances have included the Bellevue Arts Festival and Edmonds Arts Festival.

......more information:  Shaun Paul's Biography

copyright by Shaun Paul



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This is a non-profit personal website, if any text, images or music (64kb for audition & promotion only) here are in some form of violation of copyright infringement.
Please forward the author - Shinjuku Prince the valid proof and I will happily remove them as requested. Thanks.