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Joy To The World 辣茩蠶迵硌諒




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Number & Title 
- Eagle Dreaming


(best selection_1_by Prince)


New Age - Relax & Healing  

My best favorites.
(a Super Fans' collection)

Native American Flute & Didgeridoo

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Track List  曲目 (sample for audition & promotion only = 64 kbps)

Kailash (Oceanic Dreamtime_01)_Silent Smile (intro)        (00:00 > 03:59)

Kailash (Oceanic Dreamtime_08)_Buddhas Of The Sea     (03:59 > 11:43)

Kailash (Sakrayaami_01)_Walking Tree                           (11:43 > 17:35)

Kailash (Sakrayaami_03)_Sakrayaami                             (17:35 > 28:31)

Kailash (Sakrayaami_06)_Eagle Dreaming                       (28:31 > 31:11)

Kailash (Sakrayaami_09)_Kokopelli Dreaming                  (31:11 > 40:14)

Kailash (Sakrayaami_10)_Dadjedyng                               (40:14 > 41:55)

Kailash (Sakrayaami_11)_White Wolf                              (41:55 > 43:24)

Kailash (Sakrayaami_14)_Honey Bear Dreaming              (43:24 > 46:30)

Kailash (Sakrayaami_16)_Sakrayaamika                         (46:30 > 49:41)

Kailash (Silverwolf_07)_Sweet Medicine                           (49:41 > 53:43)

Kailash (The Circle Of Life_05)_Sasquach                        (53:43 > 59:26)

Kailash (The Circle Of Life_07)_Walk With Awareness      (59:26 > 66:47)

Kailash (The Circle Of Life_12)_Circle Of Life                    (66:47 > 71:18)

Kailash (Ursa_07)_Ulva                                                  (71:18 > 72:26)

Kailash (Ursa_13)_Mana                                                (72:26 > 77:58)

------Total Time 77:585



"Spirit of the wind,
heartbeat of the earth,
voice of all that is sacred, wild and free...

Kailash brings a message of hope
from the stars into the stones
to awaken the light
within the deepest depth of our beings.
In the pure language of silence given sound
he calls us to remember
the sacredness within us and of all life."



Kailash Kokopelli

is a sound therapist, artist and inner world musician.

He is also a photographer and teacher of Kailash Chi Movements and Songdances.

As a multi instrumentalist, composer, songwriter and producer.
he is an internationally requested studio- and guest musician playing a great variety
of (wind) instruments ranging from Didgeridoo to (Native American) Flutes, as well as reed instruments, percussive soundscapes, drums, crystal singing bowls, string instruments and vocals.

Within the last 14 years Kailash Kokopelli has shared his INNER WORLD MUSIC
on every continent touching many thousand people all over the globe.

Kailash performes in schools, universities, therapeutical institutions, conferences, festivals, private and in concert halls all over the world, guiding his audience on musical journeys to the inner source.

He has been recognized as a tribal brother and bridgemaker by indigenous people
as well as a pioneer soundtherapist by medical practitioners and international doctors.

Many therapists use Kailash Kokopelli's INNER WORLD MUSIC for its relaxing and healing qualities.

Kailash is one of the first German didgeridoo players who helped introducing the didgeridoo to the western world.

In 1996 he organised the Dreamtime Festival as the first international didgeridoo gathering in Switzerland. Kailash has over 10 years of experience in the therapeutic sound and healing effect of the vibrational harmonic frequencies of the didgeridoo.

Many have found relieve and healing during the individual and group sound massage sessions as well as in the Healing Sound Celebrations, Shamanic Journeys and Concerts.

The SONGDANCES and SOUNDSCAPES of the didgeridoo, Native American flute, crystal singing bowls, drums and spiritchanting have been medicine for the heart and soul of Kailash's international audience from all walks of life.


Inspired by his time with Native American medicine people and his participation in ceremonies & dances, Kailash weaves shamanic elements into his meditative & dynamic INNER WORLD MUSIC, Kailash Kokopelli carries sacred sound, song & dance as a medicine for the people.

As a planetary citizen he is a wanderer between the worlds, a peace and earth dancer promoting world peace through sharing keys to inner peace and healing.

Kailash Kokopelli has appeared in different radio and T.V. shows in Europe, New Zealand and the USA and is working also with children, handicapped and old people worldwide.

He has been performing marriage, birth and cristening ceremonies and offers help for dying people.

..."Like a white wolf travelling the length and breadth of his territory,

Kailash is a messenger travelling all over the world.

Through his music and his sacred instruments, he invites us to open our hearts and our consciousness for the well being of Mother Earth.

If you meet him on the path of your life, don't miss the chance to get to know him.
Meeting Kailash is a gift for the self and for the life that surrounds us.

Thanks to our brother Anishnabe, which means "true being"..."



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This is a non-profit personal website, if any text, images or music (64kb for audition & promotion only) here are in some form of violation of copyright infringement.
Please forward the author - Shinjuku Prince the valid proof and I will happily remove them as requested. Thanks.