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                                               White Park Bay, Ireland


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Number & Title 
- A Night In Ireland

Helen O'Hara

(best selection_by Prince)



New Age - Celtic Violin & Harp  

My best favorites.
(a Super Fans' collection of Helen)

 ( New World Music )

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Track List  曲目 (sample for audition & promotion only = 64 kbps)

01_Helen O'Hara (A Night In Ireland_06)_Hills Of Calheiros            (00:00 > 02:44)

02_Helen O'Hara (Southern Hearts_07)_Fiesta                             (02:44 > 06:41)

03_Helen O'Hara (A Night In Ireland_04)_Women Of Ireland           (06:41 > 12:03)

04_Helen O'Hara (Southern Hearts_01)_Love & Respect               (12:03 > 17:14)

05_Helen O'Hara (Southern Hearts_03)_Southern Hearts               (17:14 > 20:27)

06_Helen O'Hara (A Night In Ireland_01)_The Dawning Of The Day (20:27 > 24:01)

07_Helen O'Hara (Southern Hearts_02)_Elegy                              (24:01 > 27:58)

08_Helen O'Hara (Southern Hearts_04)_Elegy II                            (27:58 > 43:44)

09_Helen O'Hara (A Night In Ireland_05)_The Curragh Of Kildaire    (43:44 > 47:38)

10_Helen O'Hara (Southern Hearts_05)_Romanza                         (47:38 > 51:24)

11_Helen O'Hara (A Night In Ireland_09)_Carrickfergus                   (51:24 > 56:12)

12_Helen O'Hara (Southern Hearts_06)_Ceide                               (56:12 > 60:14)

13_Helen O'Hara (A Night In Ireland_10)_Hills Of Calheiros (reprise)(60:14 > 62:24)

------ Total Time 62:24

                               music is a


                               of what life is to be;

                                       the rainbow of


translated out of seeing

                                       into hearing.......




quote  偷个懒, 以下引用网路文摘

海伦(Helen O' Hara)生于1955年,在家中7个孩子里排行老六,父母亲很喜欢古典音乐并鼓励他们学习乐器,还带他们去欣赏音乐会与聆听60年代的流行乐。10岁的时候决定成为音乐家,自那时开始便没有再考虑从事其它行业。

虽然她学习的是古典音乐,但却想透过流行音乐更自由的表达自己的想法,在24岁时面临选择Bilboo交响管弦乐团或Dexys午夜信使乐团,于是她在1982-1987年成为Dexys的小提琴手,并参与多部电视电影的作曲,亦是著名乐手们力邀的对象。在Dexys期间对海伦有很大的影响,接触一些音乐,例如爱尔兰的现代与传统音乐、乡村音乐或是像James Brown这类的美国黑人音乐。

Southern Hearts】是海伦于1990年发行的首张作品,邀请多位乐手(团)参与,如:Nicky Hopkins(是滚石乐团许多优秀作品的钢琴手)、Woody Woodmansey(前戴维鲍伊鼓手)、B.J. Cole(踏板钢棒吉他手)。

1998年推出【A Night In Ireland】,仍然是一张绝美迷人的专辑,13首作品中有8首是重新诠释爱尔兰传统名曲,由小提琴、竖琴、钢琴与手风琴所交织的浓浓欧洲优雅音符,美不胜收。


Helen O'Hara ( New World Music )

Solo Discography:

Southern Hearts (= Romanza) (1990) - New World Music CD 212
A Night in Ireland                   (1998) - New World Music CD 450

Fully orchestrated music including Violin, Celtic Harp, Guitars, Keyboard and Cello. Superbly performed, this is a masterpiece of sheer artistry, enchantment and

Full of passion. The excellence and passion of Helens violin presents a heart-moving experience.

Irish music at its best. Helen is joined on this remarkable recording by friends and fellow musicians; Nicky Hopkins (who features on many of the Rolling Stones best
albums), ex David Bowie drummer Woody Woodmansey, the pedal steel guitarist B.J. Cole and several exquisite contributions from Robin Williamson of the Incredible String Band.



Helen O'Hara (born Helen Bevington 3 January 1955) is a British musician, formerly a member of the band Dexys Midnight Runners between 1982 and 1987 including performing on songs such as the single Come on Eileen from the Too-Rye-Ay album.

Since leaving the band she had been working with rock performers such as Graham Parker, Tanita Tikaram and Mary Coughlan. She also recorded a New Age album with keyboardist Nicky Hopkins.

Early years

Helen O'Hara began her music career in her home town of Bristol joining Gunner Kade, a band led by Ken Pustelnik, drummer from The Groundhogs. She then joined a band called Wisper who combined their solo career with backing various artists.

Wisper evolved into Uncle Po who won the BBC's 'Quiz Kid' band competition in 1977, subsequently releasing a single on the BEEB label 'Use My Friends' (so rare a copy sold 2006 on Ebay for over £80). Uncle Po included Rob Williams on guitar (The Fans) and Gavin King on vocals (Private Dicks).

Dexys Midnight Runners

Helen left Uncle PO in late 1977 to study music at Birmingham School of Music (now UCE Birmingham Conservatoire), graduating in 1982 with an offer to join the Madrid Philharmonic.

However, she had also been offered a place with Dexys - the result of a session she and two other violinists from the university had carried out as part of Kevin Rowland's decision to revamp the band's sound and image.

Rowland has said that he saw Helen standing at a bus stop with her violin case and stopped to meet her. The more prosaic truth is that of the three violinists at the session she was the only one with any rock 'n' roll experience and therefore the only one to be able to play a solo by feel.

This she did well enough to be immediately drafted in. Within months she was touring the USA as "Come On Eileen" reached No. 1 in the charts. With the singles, "Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile)" (a Van Morrison cover) and "Let's Get This Straight (From The Start)" maintaining their popularity, the group continued to tour until 1983 with a nucleus of Rowland, Adams, O'Hara and Shelton augmented by other musicians.

In 1985 she was part of the nucleus of the band that wrote and recorded Don't Stand Me Down.


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This is a non-profit personal website, if any text, images or music (64kb for audition & promotion only) here are in some form of violation of copyright infringement.
Please forward the author - Shinjuku Prince the valid proof and I will happily remove them as requested. Thanks.