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Prince Podcast_0115




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Number & Title 
- The Never Ending Dream

Clifford White
(best selection_1_by Prince)


New Age  - Healing

My best favorites.
(a Super Fans' collection of Clifford)


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Track List  曲目 (sample for audition & promotion only = 64 kbps)

Prince_Podcast_0115 (Clifford White_Best_01_by Prince) - The Never Ending Dream

Track List:

01_Clifford White (Revelation_01)_
The Journey Begins              (00:00 > 06:16)

02_Clifford White (Revelation_05)_Love's Awakening                 (06:16 > 10:05)

03_Clifford White (An Island Called Paradise_01)_Hym-Halaya  (10:05 > 14:51)

04_Clifford White (Ascension_1_01)_Golden Sunrise                (14:51 > 18:22)

05_Clifford White (Ascension_2_The Healing Touch_01)
      _A Blessing                                                                    (18:22 > 24:12)

06_Clifford White (Revelation_09)_Tears Of Innocence              (24:13 > 31:41)

07_Clifford White (The Gods Of Olympus_02)
      _Aphrodite - Goddess Of Love And Beauty                        (31:41 > 39:02)

08_Clifford White (The Life Spring_01)
      _The Last Snows Of Winter                                              (39:02 > 43:23)

09_Clifford White (Ascension_1_04)_Church Of Light                (43:23 > 49:25)

10_Clifford White (Ascension_2_The Healing Touch_04)
     _Sanctuary                                                                      (49:25 > 59:56)

11_Clifford White (Revelation_06)_Forever Green                      (59:56 > 64:15)

12_Clifford White (Spring Fantasy_05)_Evensong                     (64:15 > 68:42)

13_Clifford White (The Gods Of Olympus_08)
     _Dionysus - God Of Wine And Merriment                           (68:42 > 72:30)

14_Clifford White (Revelation_10)_The Never Ending Dream      (72:30 > 77:31)

15_Clifford White (Ascension_2_The Healing Touch_07)
      _The Healing Touch                                                         (77:31 > 86:21)

16_Clifford White (The Life Spring_09)_Plateau                        (86:21 > 90:01)

17_Clifford White (Ascension_1_09)_
Journey's End                 (90:01 > 96:33)

---------------Total Time: 96:33



Prince's best selection from following 7 cds:  

(1985) Clifford White (Ascension_1)                                {New World Music}
(1987) Clifford White (Spring Fantasy)                             {New World Music}
(1989) Clifford White (The Life Spring)                             {New World Music}
(1993) Clifford White (Revelation)                                    {New World Music}
(2003) Clifford White (An Island Called Paradise)             {MG Music}
(2009) Clifford White (The Gods Of Olympus)                  {MG Music}
(2010) Clifford White (Ascension_2_The Healing Touch)   {MG Music}





官方网站  (Official Web)

    (New World Music)
    (MG Music)    

Clifford White's Biography  

In 1985, fledgling new age record label New World Music released a deceptively simple album entitled Ascension by the unknown 17-year-old music composer Clifford White. Ascension was a new age smash hit - selling hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide and quickly established Clifford as a leading composer and producer of the then embryonic UK new age music genre.

During this fertile 80s period Clifford set up a recording studio especially to produce for both established and emerging new age acts, including Stairway (Jim McCarty from the Yardbirds, Loui Cennamo & Jane Relf) and the title track to Chris Michell's best-selling album Dolphin Love. Clifford eventually clocked up writer and producer credits on more than 26 albums for New World Music and Polygram Theta amongst other labels.

Clifford's ongoing passion for the genre was not only limited to its production - Clifford became founder member and secretary of the New Age Music Association (NAMA) - at one point a 40 member strong organisation where top artists such as James Asher, Kevin Kendle, Asha Quinn and Tim Wheater met with lesser known composers and enthusiasts on a regular basis (on a barge in Kings Cross no less!) to discuss and develop the new age music genre.

This in itself led to a number of spin-offs, including the creation of a new age music magazine entitled 'Sound Waves' and a series of collaborative concerts and appearances under the NAMA banner.

Alongside all of this growth and activity, Clifford still found time to write and produce 7 solo albums over a 10 year period (1985-1995) - each one markedly different and with its own particular sound and quality. Working in mainly one of four musical genres, his most recognised style is in part similar to Vangelis or Kitaro and can best be heard on the albums Ascension and Aqua, whereas a more traditionally based classical sound can be enjoyed on Revelation or Nature's Symphony.

Fans of latin-jazz and 'tropical' atmospheres have adored Clifford White's Twilight Paradise and The Lifespring, whilst those who like their music with a bit more 'kick in it' were responsible for making 1995's Myths of the Rock Clifford's best-selling album since Ascension.

Right Angles
Perhaps to end on a high, after the release of Myths of the Rock in 1995, Clifford stepped out of the limelight to pursue an alternative career by launching 21st Century Design - a web site design agency.

In a matter of a few short years this grew to become 21st Century New Media Ltd - now a successful company specialising in offering web site solutions and Internet, Film and TV related training courses, plus the production og covermount CD-ROMs for the likes of GQ and New Woman magazines, as well as developing fully-fledged e-commerce applications and online software for internet businesses. Clifford remained at the helm of 21st Century throughout the 90s and the 00s and continues on even now in his role as Creative Director of the company.

Best Of
In 2003 Clifford was approached by New World Music to do a 'best of' compilation of his works entitled An Island Called Paradise. Reactions to the album were as positive as they had ever been and the album continues to sell well on the label. Prompted by this Clifford began to reconsider a return to his 'roots'...

In early 2005 Clifford met up with Medwyn Goodall - a legend in the world of new age music with over two million album sales to his credit - who was coincidentally launching a new age record label of his own.

With their mutual commitment to the genre in evidence, Clifford's company quickly organised the development of Medwyn's new record company website MG Music, which has since has been doing record business in sales of new age CD's and albums via the web.

In 2009 Clifford finally returned to producing music with the epic album The Gods Of Olympus and again in 2010 with The Healing Touch. Clifford also continues to promote the genre in general with his creation of the busy social forum The New Age Music Network and he also manages the popular music website portal The New Age Music News.



Clifford White's Solo Albums
      (  )

Ascension_2_The Healing Touch (2010)
A beautiful and sublime release and sequel to the hit 'Ascension' which started Clifford's career 25 years ago. The music has grace and is subtle and gentle - perfect for relaxation and healing. Superbly produced with shimmering sounds and themes that flow together effortlessly.

The Gods Of Olympus (2009)
A powerful and epic album which explores the great and enduring legends of Greek mythology. 14 varied tracks span over 70 minutes of superb electronic music. Quickly becoming a bestseller at MG Music, this superb album is currently receiving rave reviews from all over the world.

The Best of Clifford White, 1985 - 1995 (2006)
Spanning a decade of musical innovation, this compilation features some of Clifford White's most contemporary compositions from The Lifespring (1989), Twilight Paradise (1991), Revelation (1993) and Myths of the Rock (1995).

Myths of the Rock (1995)
A powerful and compelling exploration of the Aboriginal myths of the Dreamtime, Myths of the Rock focuses around Ayers Rock and its bizarre mythology. Featuring a wealth of world instruments, Myths of the Rock investigates the deeper meanings and symbols of the ancient Dreamtime era.

Nature's Symphony (1994)
Conceived of as a modern 'Four Seasons', Nature's Symphony is a carefree roller-coaster ride of uplifting and inspiring themes and rhythms which blend Classical, Jazz and Latin styles into a whirlwind of joyous musical expression.

Aqua (1994)
Gentle and refreshing, Aqua mixes a light cocktail of tropical rhythms with cool and refreshing textures, making it an ideal album for relaxing, unwinding and de-stressing. A journey of aquatic bliss that submerges the senses.

Revelation (1993)
Reaching the heavenly realms with gentle winds and angel choirs, Revelation unfolds with the stateliness of a stairway to heaven. Mature and sophisticated, these elegant and endearing pieces of unique music touch tender emotions and remind us of our dreams.

Twilight Paradise (1991)
Twilight Paradise exudes a dreamy-smooth tropical warmth, reminiscent of sparkling seascapes and cool, balmy evenings by the shoreline. A heady mix of exotic instruments and Latin influenced rhythms, sultry keyboards and saxophones.

Intuition (1991)
Recorded during a single weekend, this unique album takes us on a timeless voyage of beauty, serenity and reflection. A collection of gentle and peaceful improvisations which effortlessly blend together to create an uplifting album of calming moods and textures ideal for relaxing, unwinding and dreaming.

The Lifespring (1989)
Like crystals in water, The Lifespring is collection of bright, refreshing and revitalising jewels of musical delight, that explore the ever-changing currents and streams of our lives.

Spring Fantasy (1987)
A playful and mischievous depiction of Springtime, Spring Fantasy captures the optimism and excitement of a fairy story, mixing washes of colour and splashes of sound into a joyful and carefree collection of Dali-esque tracks.

Ascension_1 (1985)
Ascension is a hauntingly beautiful composition. It is emotionally positive, creating a warm and inviting environment of lush harmonies interlaced with light and sensitive melodies. A serene and uplifting album, Ascension brings you a divine gift: inner calm and serenity.





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