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Number & Title 
- Lavender Skies

Gary Lamb
(best selection_by Prince)

New Age - Piano (Music for the Mind)

My best favorites.
(a Super Fans'
collection of Gary)

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Prince_Podcast_0124 (Gary Lamb__best selection_1_by Prince) - Lavender Skies 香草天空

 王子音乐杂志_0124 (Gary Lamb_米国钢琴大师系列12张典藏精选曲_1)


Track List  曲目 (sample for audition & promotion only = 64 kbps)

101_Gary Lamb (Angel_07)_In The Cathedral
       (00:00 > 05:09)

102_Gary Lamb (A Walk In The Garden_06)_The Night Flight
       (05:09 > 10:27)

103_Gary Lamb (Distant Fields_05)_The Journey And The Wind
       (10:27 > 16:49)

104_Gary Lamb (Imaginations_05)_When You Return To Me
       (16:49 > 22:14)

105_Gary Lamb (Lavender Skies_14)_Lavender Skies
       (22:14 > 27:23)

106_Gary Lamb (Love Theme_01)_Friendship
       (27:23 > 31:31)

107_Gary Lamb (The Language Of Love_04)_A Smile And A Tear
       (31:31 > 34:41)

108_Gary Lamb (Twelve Promise_08)_Dream Of The Nightingale
       (34:41 > 39:13)

109_Gary Lamb (Watching The Night Fall_04)_The Angel's Dance, Pt. 2
       (39:13 > 44:07)

110_Gary Lamb (When East Meets West_02)_When East Meets West
       (44:07 > 50:55)

111_Gary Lamb (Winter Dreams_09)_Winter Dreams
       (50:55 > 54:49)

112_Gary Lamb (Angel_01)_Weeping Angel
       (54:49 > 62:35)

113_Gary Lamb (Love Theme_07)_Never-Ending Love
       (62:35 > 66:09)

114_Gary Lamb (Twelve Promise_11)_Pure And Simple Love
       (66:09 > 69:141)

115_Gary Lamb (Watching The Night Fall_06)_Stories By Moonlight
       (69:11 > 73:42)

116_Gary Lamb (Christmas_02)_Welcome Home
       (73:42 > 76:02)

117_Gary Lamb (Angel_05)_In Search Of Solitude
       76:02 > 81:40)

-------Total Time 81:40




王子注:[两岸首发] [原创]【新世纪经典】[新宿王子典藏]

              Prince's best selection from following 12 cds:

(01) Gary Lamb (A Walk In The Garden) 1989
(02) Gary Lamb (Angel) 1987
(03) Gary Lamb (Christmas) 1990
(04) Gary Lamb (Distant Fields) 1990
(05) Gary Lamb (Imaginations) 1992
(06) Gary Lamb (Lavender Skies) 1999 {Best Of}
(07) Gary Lamb (Love Theme) 1991
(08) Gary Lamb (The Language Of Love) 1995
(09) Gary Lamb (Twelve Promise) 1993
(10) Gary Lamb (Watching The Night Fall) 1989
(11) Gary Lamb (When East Meets West) 1997
(12) Gary Lamb (Winter Dreams) 1991





Biography  About Gary Lamb   (USA 米国)   

非官方网站 (Non-Official Web) ~ Linda Kohanov, All Music Guide

Lamb's music is exemplary of his early musical interests.

The Northern California native grew up listening to R&B and was playing drums in Bay Area rock bands before the age of 20.

Along the way, he dabbled in piano and actually took some time off from the club scene to concentrate on building his chops on that instrument.

He recorded a couple of solo piano albums in the mid-'80s, eventually adding electronic keyboards to the mix on his 1989 release Watching the Night Fall, his first album to get national radio airplay.

His subsequent recordings mix his love of catchy, generally cheerful, pop melodies with his penchant for rock & roll backbeats.



官方网站 (Official Web)    

Gary Lamb was born and raised along the Central California Coast, he is a pianist / composer who always had a deep appreciation and love of nature.

Especially the mountains and coastal regions of Carmel, Big Sur, and the Monterey Bay where he spent many days of his youth.

From an early age, Gary was called a musical prodigy, being able to play any instrument that he wanted to try.

By the time he was 12, Gary was conducting a 100 piece orchestra at his school in Pacific Grove, California. His love of surfing and the ocean deepened in his teenage years and he went on to teach himself piano and drums.

His attraction to the piano first became evident to his mother when Gary was only 4 years old. He called her into his aunt's parlor to show her an original piece of music.

To this day, those that knew Gary as a young boy still marvel at his outstanding and natural musical talents.

Gary Lamb's composing, recording, and performing excellence became immediately evident with the release of his still top-selling debut, "A Walk In The Garden" (1987). This impressionistic solo piano offering was a break-out recording and gave the New Age genre a classical twist. Gary's gift for melody has remained a premiere trait on all of his 12 CDs of original compositions.

Following this debut came the classic
"Watching The Night Fall" (1989). This CD with its wonderful melodies and subtle, thoughtful orchestrations garnered national acclaim for the pianist and his next recording, "Distant Fields" (1990) achieved Top 10 status on Billboard Magazine's instrumental music charts.

By now his music was being aired on national television and radio and was beginning to find its way into the hearts of listeners of all ages. Medical and educational professionals soon discovered the wonderful attributes of Gary's music and the benefit it could have by being played within their respective working environments.

"Distant Fields" was followed by another Top 10 CD, "Love Themes" (1991). The original melodies on this recording have become classics for many fans and the music has been played at many a wedding ceremony. Love seems to the motivating force behind this great composer's works.

"Winter Dreams" and the energetic "Imaginations" also highlighted the prolific years of 1991 and 1992 as the elegant style of Gary Lamb's music began to find an international audience.

"Twelve Promises" (1993) features 12 compositions and 12 musicians accompanying Gary on more unique musical statements. And this CD led the way for the classic original piano/violin duet album of 1994 "Angel". 1995 brought the return of Gary's solo piano style with the beautiful and sophisticated "Language Of Love" CD. "When East Meets West" (1997) is an eclectic blend of exotic instrumentation that features top musicians from the contemporary instrumental music community.

"Return To Eden" (1999) is Gary's exploration into the subtle nuances, character and tonalities of the acoustic grand piano. Surely the grand piano is Gary Lamb's favorite of all instruments and he uses it as a master artist would paint on a canvas. Gary's timeless musical statements continue to bring joy to people of all ages and nationalities.

"By The Light Of The Moon" (2001) is a splendid collection of unique piano melodies orchestrated with cello, french horn, violins and flute.

Educators and other professionals discovered the tremendous benefits Gary's music had for the mind. With it's ideal tempo and composition, Gary's music found it's way into many classrooms and other settings where there is a high premium on relaxed alertness.

In 2004, Gary collaborated with Kagan Publishing, a leading educational publisher, in creating the
Music for the Mind series. The series features six of Gary's original 12 CD's most appropriate for the educational environment and other settings using music to enhance cognitive functioning.

Credits and Affiliations include:
Twelve original piano based instrumental albums. Four of these achieved positions on the Billboard charts, two of which hit the Top Ten.

Gary's music has been placed on shows such as "The Today Show," "Good Morning America," "ABC's Wide World of Sports," "Melrose Place," "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," "Entertainment Tonight," "Guiding Light," and "Hard Copy."

Gary has also provided music for in-flight programming on United, American, Delta, TWA, and Continental Airlines. Recognition and special musical acknowledgments have come from corporations such as Radius, IBM, Marriott, Disney, Silicon Graphics, National Semiconductor, Apple Computers, SuperMac, Bose, PG&E, and Sony Music's Columbia House.





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This is a non-profit personal website, if any text, images or music (64kb for audition & promotion only) here are in some form of violation of copyright infringement.
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