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Number & Title 
- Gentle Rain

David Arkenstone
(Music with Nature Sounds)
 - Natural Wonders Series

(best selection_1_by Prince)


New Age - Music with Nature

My best favorites.
(a Super Fans' collection of David)


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Prince_Podcast_0128 (David Arkenstone_
Natural Wonders Series_best_1_by Prince) - Gentle Rain

王子音乐杂志_0128 (David Arkenstone_新世纪音乐大师 Natural Wonders系列精选曲_1)

Track List  曲目 (sample for audition & promotion only = 64 kbps) 

101_David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Gentle Rain_09)_Gentle Rain
       (00:00 > 04:35)

102_David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Healing Waters_03)_Morning Song
       (04:35 > 11:45)

103_David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Journey Of The Whales_04)
       _The Long Journey
       (11:45 > 20:07)

104_David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Ocean Dreams_06)_Heart Of The Sea
       (20:07 > 27:30)

105_David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Tropical Morning_02)_Wake Up Call
       (27:30 > 33:43)

106_David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Ocean Dreams_08)_Watersong
       (33:43 > 41:22)

107_David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Gentle Rain_04)_Water Of Life
       (41:22 > 49:46)

108_David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Healing Waters_05)_Summer Serenade
       (49:46 > 57:08)

109_David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Ocean Dreams_07)_Wind In The Waves
       (57:08 > 63:16)

110_David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Windscapes_04)
       _Kaze No Koe (Voice Of The Wind)
       (63:16 > 72:10)

111_David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Gentle Rain_06)_Storm On The Meadow
       (72:10 > 79:02)

-------Total Time 79:02





Remark by Prince:   天马行空的天籁之音 大卫阿肯斯通

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David Arkenstone

(best selection_1_by Prince)

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David & Diane Arkenstone
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  Prince_Podcast_0129 - Healing Water

David Arkenstone
(Music with Nature Sounds) - Natural Wonders Series
(best selection_2_by Prince)

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About David Arkenstone   (USA 米国)     

  官方网站 (Official Web)     






 (Official Web)   专辑索引  ,


About the music (Music with Nature Sounds) Natural Wonders系列全集6张专辑 

A set of 6 CD's with music tastefully woven through the sounds of nature.
Contains - Ocean Dreams, Gentle Rain, Healing Waters, Tropical Morning, Journey of the Whales and Windscapes.

It was a challenge to integrate music with the powerful sounds of nature, which is really a symphony on its own.

I tried to choose appropriate musical sounds that would blend with, and tastefully enhance the music of nature.

The result is a relaxing journey to soothe the soul. Especially popular for those with young children.

王子注: 这套2006年所发行的 (Music with Nature Sounds) Natural Wonders系列全集 6张专辑, 曲曲都是经典名曲, 且是历久弭新百听不厌.

我曾於2009-3-25两岸首发[Prince Podcast_0085 (David Arkenstone (Gentle Rain) 2006) 大卫这张钢琴曲挺美的,

为免沧海遗珠之憾, 特别推出连续两集Natural Wonders音乐杂志, 与大家共享大师的美乐.........




  王子注: 本集音乐杂志精选自下列6张王子典藏专辑
Prince Private Collection (64kb for audition & promotion only)
                     Prince's best selection from following 6 cds:

        新宿王子典藏 David Arkenstone, Natural Wonders系列全集6张专辑

 (01) David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Gentle Rain) 2006

 (02) David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Healing Waters) 2006


 (03) David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Journey Of The Whales) 2006


 (04) David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Ocean Dreams) 2006


 (05) David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Tropical Morning) 2006


 (06) David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Windscapes) 2006




新宿王子典藏 David Arkenstone 68 + 8 张专辑 年表
                 (Prince Private Collection)
- a Super Fans' collection of David

1987___David Arkenstone (Valley In The Clouds) 1987

1989___David Arkenstone (Island) 1989 [with Andrew White]

1990___David Arkenstone (Citizen Of Time) 1990

1991___David Arkenstone (In The Wake Of The Wind) 1991

1992___David Arkenstone (The Spirit Of Olympia) 1992

1993___David Arkenstone (Chronicles) 1993
1993___David Arkenstone (Robot War) 1993_OST [JP Film]

1994___David Arkenstone (Another Star In The Sky) 1994

1995___David Arkenstone (Quest Of The Dream Warrior) 1995

1996___David Arkenstone (Convergence -A Narada Sampler) 1996
             {with David Lanz}
1996___David Arkenstone (Return Of The Guardians) 1996
1996___David Arkenstone (Troika 1__Goddess) 1996

1997___David Arkenstone (Enchantment A Magical Christmas) 1997
1997___David Arkenstone (Spirit Wind) 1997
1997___David Arkenstone (Troika 2__Dream Palace) 1997

1998___David & Diane Arkenstone (Celtic Moon) 1998 [Enaid & Einalem]
1998___David & Diane Arkenstone (Celtic Romance) 1998 [Enaid & Einalem]
1998___David & Diane Arkenstone (The Spirit Of Mesa Verde) 1998 [Ah Nee Mah]
1998___David Arkenstone (Celtic Book Of Days) 1998
1998___David Arkenstone (Eternal Champion) 1998
1998___David Arkenstone (Guardians Of Destiny) [with Frank Klepacki] 1998
             {Game OST}
1998___David Arkenstone (Himalayan Passage) 1998
1998___David Arkenstone (Lands Of Lore 2_Guardians Of Destiny) OST 1998
             {with Frank Klepacki}

1999___David Arkenstone (Citizen Of The World) 1999
1999___David Arkenstone (Troika 3__Faeries) 1999

2000___David & Diane Arkenstone (African Skies) 2003 [Adventure Cargo]
2000___David & Diane Arkenstone (Spirit Of The Southwest) 2000 [Ah Nee Mah]
2000___David Arkenstone (Caravan Of Light) 2000
2000___David Arkenstone (Troika 4__Shaman) 2000
2000___David Arkenstone (Visionary -Vol_1) 2000 {Best Of}
2000___David Arkenstone (Visionary -Vol_2) 2000 {Best Of}

2001___David & Diane Arkenstone (Ancient Voices) 2001 [Ah Nee Mah]
2001___David & Diane Arkenstone (Music Inspired By Middle Earth) 2001
             [Middle Earth Orchestra]
2001___David & Diane Arkenstone (Reflections From The Wine Country) 2001
             [Marquis Ensemble]
2001___David & Diane Arkenstone (Spirit Of The Canyon) 2001 [Ah Nee Mah]
2001___David & Diane Arkenstone (Trance World) 2001 [Earth Trybe]
2001___David Arkenstone (Emperor Battle For Dune) 2001 {OST_with V.A.}
2001___David Arkenstone (Frontier) TV OST 2001

2002___David & Diane Arkenstone (Avalon_A Celtic Legend) 2002 [Enaid]
2002___David & Diane Arkenstone (Rhythm Of The Earth) 2002 [Earth Trybe]
2002___David & Diane Arkenstone (The Grand Circle) 2002 [Ah Nee Mah]
2002___David Arkenstone (American Journey) 2002
2002___David Arkenstone (Sketches From An American Journey) 2002
2002___David Arkenstone (Spirit Of Tibet) 2002

2003___David & Diane Arkenstone (Echoes Of Egypt) 2003 [Adventure Cargo]
2003___David & Diane Arkenstone (Spirits Of The Rainforest) 2003
             [Adventure Cargo]
2003___David Arkenstone (Oddysea, A Musical Voyage) 2003
2003___David Arkenstone (Spirit Of Ireland) 2003
2003___David Arkenstone (Troika 5__Kingdom Of The Sun) 2003

2004___David Arkenstone (Atlantis_A Symphonic Journey) 2004
2004___David Arkenstone (Caribbean Dreams) 2004

2005___David Arkenstone (Best Of David Arkenstone) 2005

2006___David Arkenstone (Celtic Sanctuary) 2006 {with Kathleen Fisher}
2006___David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Gentle Rain) 2006
2006___David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Healing Waters) 2006
2006___David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Journey Of The Shales) 2006
2006___David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Ocean Dreams) 2006
2006___David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Tropical Morning) 2006
2006___David Arkenstone (Natural Wonders_Windscapes) 2006

2007___David Arkenstone (Myths And Legends_CD_1) 2007
2007___David Arkenstone (Myths And Legends_CD_2) 2007

2008___David Arkenstone (Be Thou My Vision_Celtic Hymns) 2008
2008___David Arkenstone (Christmas Lounge) 2008 {Chillout}
2008___David Arkenstone (Echoes Of Light And Shadow) 2008
2008___David Arkenstone (LIVE) 2008
             {with Nicholas Gunn, Johannes Linstead, Loren Gold}
2008___David Arkenstone (Spirit Of The Drum_Firedance) 2008

2009___David Arkenstone (Caribbean Nights) 2009

2010___David & Diane Arkenstone (The Best Of David & Diana Arkenstone) 2010


另有 8 张 David Arkenstone 前妻 Diane Arkenstone 的

1998___Diane Arkenstone (Celtic Nights) 1998 [Enaid & Einalem]
2000___Diane Arkenstone (Healing_The Wellness Series) 2000
2000___Diane Arkenstone (Stories) 2000
2001___Diane Arkenstone (Aquaria_A Liquid Blue Trancescape) 2001
2001___Diane Arkenstone (The Healing Sprit) 2001
2002___Diane Arkenstone (Jewel In The Sun) 2002
2005___Diane Arkenstone (The Best Of) 2005
2006___Diane Arkenstone (Following The Equator) 2006






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