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Prince Podcast_0143




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Number & Title 
- On My Mind

Dennis Hart (Germany)
(best selection_1_by Prince)


New Age - Relax, Meditations, Soundtrack

My best favorites.
(a Super Fans' collection of Dennis)





Official Web of Artist (or Music Company):

(Official Web)
(Non-Official Web)  









Prince_Podcast_0143 (Dennis Hart
_best selection_1 by Prince)
- On My Mind
王子音乐杂志_0143 (Dennis Hart 德国冥想及配乐大师20张专辑系列典藏精选曲_1)

Track List  曲目 (sample for audition & promotion only = 64 kbps) 

101_Dennis Hart (Sommertraum_12)_On My Mind                  (00:00 > 04:27)

102_Dennis Hart (Aurora_07)_First Romance                         (04:27 > 08:29)

103_Dennis Hart (Contiki_09)_Fairy - Dance                          (08:29 > 12:30)

104_Dennis Hart (Gravitation_16)_Islas Medas                       (12:30 > 14:29)

105_Dennis Hart (Love Songs_05)_Love - Song                      (14:29 > 18:36)

106_Dennis Hart (Mental Balance_07)_Meditations                (18:36 > 24:24)

107_Dennis Hart (Meridian_14)_Meridian                               (24:24 > 29:11)

108_Dennis Hart (Silbermond_03)_Love Potion                      (29:11 > 32:36)

109_Dennis Hart (Sommertraum_04)_White Clouds               (32:36 > 37:29)

110_Dennis Hart (Spirit Of Life_01)_Spirit Of Life                    (37:29 > 44:28)

111_Dennis Hart (Sternthaler_15)_First Waltz                        (44:28 > 49:45)

112_Dennis Hart (Terra Inco_01)_Bird Of Passage                  (49:45 > 53:51)

113_Dennis Hart (Vision_16)_Congratulations                         (53:51 > 57:28)

114_Dennis Hart (Zauberberg_12)_Evening Song                     (57:28 > 61:46)

115_Dennis Hart (Aurora_01)_Love Affair                                (61:46 > 65:10)

116_Dennis Hart (Gravitation_07)_Silent Day                          (65:10 > 68:17)

117_Dennis Hart (Love Songs_06)_Moondance                       (68:17 > 71:47)

118_Dennis Hart (Mental Balance_11)_Natural State               (71:47 > 74:28)

119_Dennis Hart (Meridian_08)_Rolling                                   (74:28 > 78:43)

120_Dennis Hart (Silbermond_16)_Caravan                             (78:43 > 82:04)

121_Dennis Hart (Songs With The Whales_05)_Born To Be Free  (82:04 > 85:25)

122_Dennis Hart (Spirit Of Life_04)_Harmony                          (85:25 > 88:36)

123_Dennis Hart (Sternthaler_10)_Skyscape                           (88:36 > 92:19)

124_Dennis Hart (Vision_08)_Roadtrains                                 (92:19 > 95:39)

125_Dennis Hart (Contiki_06)_Lotus                                       (95:39 > 99:43)

126_Dennis Hart (Mental Balance_19)_Off The Wind                (99:43 > 105:01)

127_Dennis Hart (Aurora_04)_Guardian Angel                         (105:01 > 108:13)

128_Dennis Hart (Gravitation_08)_Cycles                                (108:13 > 112:03)

129_Dennis Hart (Silbermond_05)_Raindrops                          (112:03 > 116:00)

130_Dennis Hart (Sommertraum_19)_Memories                      (116:00 > 119:56)

-------Total Time 119:56





Dennis Hart's Official Web 官方网站  (Germany 德国)


Dennis Hart 是德国着名的冥想及配乐大师, 1951年生於德国, 他从1960年代中期开始从事音乐创作及演奏摇滚音乐(X Dawn Q band), 之後的几年曾从事科研及高等教育工作.

1982年开始 Dennis Hart 从事专业作曲及演奏 (吉他, 鼓, 钢琴, 键盘及电子合成音乐), 他的曲风从热情奔放到冥想及心灵放松, 丰富了人们的梦想与幻想, 至今已发行20几张新世纪音乐专辑, 并为200部以上电视及电影配乐作曲...

(两岸几乎很少人听过) 这次乘着大师 Dennis Hart 2010 刚出炉的两张最新精选辑问世:

Dennis Hart (Love Songs) 2010 {Best Of Vol_3}
Dennis Hart (Chillout) 2010 {Best Of Vol_4}

总算是帮大师精选了一张『Dennis Hart 个人音乐杂志』(#143), 免得有人说偶藏私.....




  王子注: 本集音乐杂志精选自下列20张王子典藏专辑
Prince Private Collection (64kb for audition & promotion only)
                     Prince's best selection from following 20 cds:

[两岸首发] Prince's best selection from 20 cds: {Dennis Hart 德国冥想及配乐大师系列20张专辑典藏精选曲_1}

[新宿王子典藏] 德国冥想及配乐大师 Dennis Hart 20 张专辑 年表

1988__Dennis Hart (Sommertraum) 1988
1989__Dennis Hart (Terra Inco) 1989
1989__Dennis Hart (Vision) 1989
1990__Dennis Hart (Spirit Of Life) 1990
1990__Dennis Hart (Sternthaler) 1990
1991__Dennis Hart (Meridian) 1991
1992__Dennis Hart (Gravitation) 1992
1993__Dennis Hart (Contiki) 1993
1994__Dennis Hart (Wolkenreise) 1994
1995__Dennis Hart (Zauberberg) 1995
{Best Of_Vol_1}
1995__Dennis Hart (Clouds And Dreams) 1994
{Best Of Vol_2}
1998__Dennis Hart (Aurora) 1998, 2000
1999__Dennis Hart (Silbermond) 1999
2001__Dennis Hart (Songs With The Whales) 2001
2004__Dennis Hart (White Nights) 2004
2008__Dennis Hart (Mental Balance) 2008
2008__Dennis Hart (Veermaster) 2008
2008__Dennis Hart (Zeitenwende) 2008
2010__Dennis Hart (Chillout) 2010
{Best Of Vol_4}
2010__Dennis Hart (Love Songs) 2010
{Best Of Vol_3}



[新宿王子典藏] 德国冥想及配乐大师 Dennis Hart 20 张专辑 A ~ Z Index

Dennis Hart (Aurora) 1998, 2000
Dennis Hart (Contiki) 1993
Dennis Hart (Gravitation) 1992
Dennis Hart (Mental Balance) 2008
Dennis Hart (Meridian) 1991
Dennis Hart (Silbermond) 1999
Dennis Hart (Sommertraum) 1988
Dennis Hart (Songs With The Whales) 2001
Dennis Hart (Spirit Of Life) 1990
Dennis Hart (Sternthaler) 1990
Dennis Hart (Terra Inco) 1989
Dennis Hart (Vision) 1989
Dennis Hart (Wolkenreise) 1994
Dennis Hart (Zauberberg) 1995
{Best Of_Vol_1}
Dennis Hart (Chillout) 2010
{Best Of Vol_4}
Dennis Hart (Clouds And Dreams) 1995
{Best Of Vol_2}
Dennis Hart (Love Songs) 2010
{Best Of Vol_3}
Dennis Hart (Veermaster) 2008
Dennis Hart (White Nights) 2004
Dennis Hart (Zeitenwende) 2008







About Dennis Hart   (Germany 德国) 

Biography of Dennis Hart:  

- 德文翻译英文 by Google

Composer - Musician - Producer
Working since 1978 in their own studio. In addition many TV and film music 16 CD releases
Lives in the countryside near Lüneburg.

In cooperation and coordination with Greenpeace Germany was the unusual CD "Songs With The Whales" . voices as if from another world, the unique marine mammals, the killer whales, the humpback and sperm whale, combine with einfühsamen, man-made sounds to a previously unheard harmony.

Dennis Hart - born in 1951 - plays the music since the mid-60s, a central Rollee.

                                                      Dennis Hart_1968_with band (X Dawn Q)

After some years of scientific study and work in higher education in 1982 he takes the leap to freelance composer and musician.

As a multi-instrumentalist Dennis Hart plays guitar and drums as well as piano and other keyboards.

The modern multi-channel technology enables the Parts of the various instruments currently rehearsing this one after a complete title to mix it.

The repertoire ranges from Dennis Hart of quiet, almost meditative pieces of shimmering sound collages to rhythmic pop songs.

His rich, warm and imaginative music provides pleasant entertainment and relaxation on the road and at home in the evening - will accompany you on your travels, personal dreams and fantasies.

In his own studio since then create more than 200 soundtracks for film and television, and his 19 CDs.

Important distribution partner book club is also in 1991, Bertelsmann - where most of its CDs were introduced to a wide audience.

There are also a number of cooperation agreements with Lufthansa, Greenpeace, etc. - his CDs as the giveaways or customer gifts use.

His music is often represented on TV - whether in production or the old man as Derrick, A Case for Two, the NDR-Baltic report or various advisory broadcasts.

The repertoire ranges from Dennis Hart of quiet, almost meditative pieces of shimmering sound collages to rhythmic pop songs about.

On his 19 CDs - most with more than 70 minutes of playing time - you will surely find the right music for your own travel video.

For questions or orders please contact to the CD folder specified in the address of the representative to Dennis Hart GmbH.

After the CD era is in the fall of 2007, the new Dennis Hart Veermaster released CD.

A uniquely compelling sound world full of great feelings, hypnotic rhythms and enchanting melodies.

Influenced by harmonica and accordion sounds - this CD takes a world tour under sail on. Passat, Padua, Viking, Sea Cloud and other great sailing Clipper lead the listener through the powerful world of the oceans and the forces of nature - can smell of salt and remote islands of our own imagination to inspire.




Discography of Dennis Hart:


(1) Official Web 官方网站

(2) Non-Official Web 非官方网站 (Itunes)

(3) Music by Dennis Hart Film and Television (Selection):
德国配乐大师 Dennis Hart 电影及电视配乐 (节录部分代表作)

- 德文翻译英文 by Google

NDR: Baltic Report - 1992-2002 theme music
BR: marine habitat I - sharks, manta rays and Big Bucks
BR: marine habitat II - friends, enemies, Nerds
BR: marine habitat III - warning, camouflage, Trickery
ARD: Wonders of the Earth - Blue Caves in the Atlantic
ARD: Wonders of the Earth: Images of Belize
ARD: Wonders of the World: Magical reef
ARD: wonders of the world: Angel Falls - The highest waterfall in the world
ARD: Wonders of the Earth - The big sea otters in the cold
ARD: Old Comrades * awarded the Grimme Prize
ARD / GFF Geissendörfer Film: Boomerang Boomerang (film)
ARD: Cultures in Tuff - With the hot air balloon by Cappadocia
ARD: Travel Guide - Tahiti
ARD: Images from Science - Mushrooms
ARD: Guide Services - Biotümpel
WDR: The gear I Guildforg
WDR: The Guildford Gang II
WDR: The Guildford Gang III
ZDF: Raccoons - new residents in our forests
ZDF: Old Man: At any price
ZDF: Derrick: Kiss moth killer
ZDF: Derrick: Death on the edge
ZDF: Derrick: A strange day in the country
ZDF: A Case for Two - shameful ....
ZDF: A Case for Two - A beautiful ........
ZDF: dynamite series - "... until you fall asleep on duty."
ZDF: The world of mid-century - The East is red and busy
ZDF: a journey through our bodies - with the blood through the heart and lungs
ZDF: wanderlust Extra
NDR: Adebar and CO
NDR: Hanse view: Inselurkaub Bornholm
NDR: Hanse view: The Zeesenboot by Boddenlandscape
MDR: The slow end industrial division of labor, I.
MDR: The slow end industrial Arbeitsteilung.II.
MDR: The slow end industrial division of labor III.
MDR: The slow end industrial Arbeitsteilung.IV.
NDR: Ummanz - Spring Island.
NDR: stage: Nature: Ranger in the sign of the owl
SFB: Excursion to the Berlin area
ARD: ARD-Buffet
WDR: Hobbythek - Shared passions.
NDR: Hanse views - German and Polish - Big Air and German songs
SWF: On foot through the South Pacific - A Riffwanderung on Rangiroa.
N-TV: Beautiful and vital - Maldives Special
SWF: On foot through the South Seas - mountains of Tahiti
NDR: Island Features - News from Usedom
WDR: Setting NRW - Controversial from the region
WDR: National level - The Hermann Monument
BR: Total live - The Electro-Smog as an ecological risk
BR: Solveig's Homecoming - adventurer Rollo Gebhard.
SWF: Makatea - The island of the white cliffs
HR: Nix's get out - Alsace - Travel Report
NDR: anti-smoking spot
BR: Total live.
WDR: KUK - Wizard Vittus Witt.
WDR: green oases in the city
NDR: N3 half past six - Sportlight
WDR: Tetiaroa - Marlon Brando's island
BR: The Office - with a healthy diet for high blood pressure
BR: The Office: With a healthy diet for gout
BR: The Office - Diabetes and Genetic Engineering
BR: The Office - broadcast for eyeglass wearers
BR: Without us, nothing is running.
WDR: stage: Nature - Islands beastly good.
WDR: It's so green - semen for beginners
WDR: country level - from environmentalists to the Eco-Manager
WDR: Current hour - Portrait Dennis Hart
WDR: How green is the green dot
WDR: acid green - Waschbbären and raccoon dogs
BR: Our country - farmers in new ways - alternative agriculture
SFB: Evening News - Lilienthal Report
WDR: Current hour - sundew
WDR: Series - Albatros
BR: Space-Night titled "Blue Planet"
WDR: Science Show - Virus - Warning contagion
NDR: A ground squirrel Year
WDR: rats in the South Seas paradise
NDR: where the roof is calling ...
NDR: Gift for the Teichuhn
N-TV: N-TV Travel
WDR: inner world of a think tank
WDR: gravel pits - havens from 2 Hand
NDR: Vintage Apartments in Forest
NDR: Maritime - Under the wings of "Grief".
Inter Nations / Curt Cappel: A Year with badgers
Air France: Charles de Gaulle - the airport and transport links
TV-Link / FAZ: Time Management
Audatex: The Audatex system
Ikea: Ikea 88 summer fashion fabric program
Miele vacuum cleaner compact - Pantomime
Miele: Domotechnika 1989
Rover: Come to Montego - Product introduction
RUN: manufacturing program
Oetker: Show Companies
Nixdorf: Text System 8840
Mercedes-Benz Atego - Model Introduction
Robbe Robby models
Schüco: Iscotherm
Schüco system perfection - Company Schüco
West Game: West German Casinos
Karstadt: Jean-cinema advertising
EMR: 75 years of electricity
EMR: energy for prosperity ....
Rethmann: IFAT 1993
Humana: health is no accident
Humana: Baby food - Multivision
Nestle: foundation for life
West Game: How to get Kopfcroupier
Herford district: Wittekind country Herford
Flohr-Otis: Stadthagen: it `s landscape - it` s culture - it `s industries
Plastolan Preparation Program
Live help Lippstadt: The establishment
Pitann: The Michaelshof in Rostock
Hausch: Sail Impressions
Ploog: Eider leader for pleasure craft operators
Ado: Ado Curtain - Christmas Special
Fiege forwarding: Image Film
Bayer: Cypro Products
Bayer: beta blockers (long version)
Bayer: beta blockers (Summary)
Bayer: Calcium antagonists
Bayer: udder health - mastitis in cattle
Bayer: respiratory infections
Bayer: coronary and closures
Bayer: Emergency and Rescue I
Bayer: Emergency and Rescue II
Bayer: Emergency and Rescue III (series won the Golden Rose Berlin)
Bayer: prostate cancer
Bayer: Calcium and atherogenesis
Bayer: VNW - preload, afterload, wall stress
Bayer: Bacterial urinary tract infections
Bayer: Silent myocardial ischemia
Bayer: Cypro - Creating a new confidence
Bayer: the new dimension I
Bayer: The New Dimension II
Bayer: The New Dimension III
Bayer: Cyprobay - Practice
Bayer: Cipro - Clinic
Bayer: The myocardium in oxygen deficiency
Bayer: Cyprobay at baktieriellen infections
Cassella:: preload as a therapist's Principle
Hoechst: Relationships - hypertension and myocardial infarction
Hoechst: Nick of Time
Hoechst: Solutions
Cassella: Vigilance
Behring: In safe hands - the handling of cytotoxic drugs
Behring: recognizing, binding, protection
Roussel: circulatory disorders
Roussel: Catheter and local thrombolysis
Nemetschek: CAD Computer Animation 2
German Post AG: World Travel on paper - stories about the stamps
Nemo Submarines: Nemo - Unterwasserlebnis Mallorca
BMG-Ariola: Hits on video with Dennis Hart "Venture" CD Meridian







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