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Prince Podcast_0146




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Number & Title 
- Timeless Tide

Paul Brandenberg (Swiss)
(best selection_2_by Prince)


New Age , Relaxation, Meditation,

My best favorites.
(a Super Fans' collection of Paul)





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Prince_Podcast_0146 (Paul Brandenberg_
best selection_2 by Prince)
- Timeless Tide
王子音乐杂志_0146 (Paul Brandenberg 瑞士新世纪音乐梦幻逸品典藏精选曲_2)

Track List  曲目 (sample for audition & promotion only = 64 kbps) 

201_Paul Brandenberg (Islas_06)_The White Isle                       (00:00 > 03:33)

202_Paul Brandenberg (Downstream_07)_Time                          (03:33 > 09:12)

203_Paul Brandenberg (Blue Vision_02)_Echaton Land              (09:12 > 13:57)

204_Paul Brandenberg (Der Kanton Schwyz_06)
       _Suito Part 6 (Schwyz III)                                                 (13:57 > 16:35)

205_Paul Brandenberg (Downstream_02)_Seasons                   (16:35 > 21:23)

206_Paul Brandenberg (Lanzarote_09)_Mirador                         (21:23 > 25:21)

207_Paul Brandenberg (Mystic Islands_04)_Timeless Tide         (25:21 > 29:14)

208_Paul Brandenberg (Silver Moon_02)_Silver Moon                 (29:14 > 33:09)

209_Paul Brandenberg (Impressions Of Light_02)_Rea
長曲       (33:09 > 53:11)

210_Paul Brandenberg (Islas_07)_Waves Of Harmony                (53:11 > 56:14)

211_Paul Brandenberg (Blue Vision_03)_Kyoto                         (56:14 > 60:20)

212_Paul Brandenberg (Der Kanton Schwyz_09)
       _Suito Part 9 (Intro I)                                                        (60:20 > 63:10)

213_Paul Brandenberg (Downstream_04)_Words                       (63:10 > 66:58)

214_Paul Brandenberg (Lanzarote_13)_End Of Vision                (66:58 > 70:26)

215_Paul Brandenberg (Mystic Islands_05)_Las Palmas            (70:26 > 74:56)

216_Paul Brandenberg (Silver Moon_10)_Meditation
長曲           (74:56 > 91:51)

217_Paul Brandenberg (Blue Vision_09)_Blue Sky                     (91:51 > 94:23)

218_Paul Brandenberg (Downstream_06)_It's Nice                     (94:23 > 99:18)

219_Paul Brandenberg (Islas_11)_Divine Light                           (99:18 > 104:13)

220_Paul Brandenberg (Silver Moon_08)_Morning Light              (104:13 > 109:49)

-------Total Time 109:49






Paul Brandenberg's Official Web 官方网站  (Swiss 瑞士)

您可能仅在一两张音乐合集中听过瑞士新世纪音乐大师 Paul Brandenberg 的曲儿, 两岸几乎未曾见过他的专辑,

Paul Brandenberg 的曲风平易近人, 堪称是新世纪音乐
『梦幻逸品』, 在寒冬将至前, 让大师的美乐温暖您的心,

总算是帮大师精选了两张『Paul Brandenberg 个人音乐杂志』(#145 & #146), ....




  王子注: 本集音乐杂志精选自下列11张王子典藏专辑
Prince Private Collection (64kb for audition & promotion only)
                     Prince's best selection from following 11 cds:

[两岸首发] Prince's best selection from 11 cds: {Paul Brandenberg 瑞士新世纪音乐大师梦幻逸品系列8张专辑典藏精选曲_2}

[新宿王子典藏] 瑞士新世纪音乐大师 Paul Brandenberg  11 张专辑 年表

1899__Paul Brandenberg (Downstream) 1989 {Piano Solo}
1989__Paul Brandenberg (Impressions Of Light) 1989
1994__Paul Brandenberg (Lanzarote) 1994
1994__Paul Brandenberg (Silver Moon) 1994
1995__Paul Brandenberg (Der Kanton Schwyz) 1995
1996__Paul Brandenberg (Mystic Islands) 1996
1997__Paul Brandenberg (Islas) 1997
1999__Paul Brandenberg (Blue Vision) 1999
2005__Paul Brandenberg (River Of Dreams) 2005
2006__Paul Brandenberg (Flow) 2006
2007__Paul Brandenberg (Time) 2007





[新宿王子典藏] 瑞士新世纪音乐大师 Paul Brandenberg 11 张专辑 A ~ Z Index

Paul Brandenberg (Blue Vision) 1999
Paul Brandenberg (Der Kanton Schwyz) 1995
Paul Brandenberg (Downstream) 1989 {Piano Solo}
Paul Brandenberg (Flow) 2006
Paul Brandenberg (Impressions Of Light) 1989
Paul Brandenberg (Islas) 1997
Paul Brandenberg (Lanzarote) 1994
Paul Brandenberg (Mystic Islands) 1996
Paul Brandenberg (River Of Dreams) 2005
Paul Brandenberg (Silver Moon) 1994
Paul Brandenberg (Time) 2007



About Paul Brandenberg   (Swiss 瑞士)

Biography of Paul Brandenberg:

        ( }
                             (德文翻译英文 Translated by Google) 


Paul was born in central Switzerland and grew up there. Even as a boy he discovered the Music as his passion.

The piano was his favorite instrument to. He first played "both" be Instrument and keyboards in a band. But soon he went his way consistently alone.

In 1983 he recorded his first single "Far Away" on. This opened him the way for his musical future. After two albums with the melodic rock "Skyway“ - Band he definitely closed this chapter and produced songs for movies and meditation alone.

"Downstream" (recorded 1989) - a wonderful, wonderful album - "only" piano music with no other instruments - in the listener a feeling sparked unprecedented way on. Two albums of instrumental relaxation - meditation and music followed.

1994's first big success came with his fourth album "Lanzarote". The Canary Islands with more than 100 volcanoes gave the album its name.

It is an exceptional album that Paul with Swiss musicians recorded together. The booklet contains photographs of the island.

Michel Richter wrote the poems to each song. Almost there was gold in Switzerland, on the island itself and in Germany the album was very well received.
The Canary Islands residents themselves are proud of it.

Two year later, his seventh album, "Mystic Island" finally earned success. Passionate, touching songs and melodies taken the hearts of listeners and listener.

Paul traveled to the Canary Islands and Spain, where he once held moods in beautiful images again, that he designed the booklet.

Judge Michel wrote the lyrics in both German and in English. More than 50,000 times, which sold the album. It received the 1998 gold in Spain and only just missed platinum.

1997 followed by "Islas" . 1999 "Blue Vision" and 2001 "Lanzarote Dreams & Meditation Vol 1", three albums with meditative instrumental music.


2005 Paul composed "River Of Dreams". This is his eleventh album - out the roots of his beautiful, passionate "only" piano music back to how "Downstream" 16 years ago. The simplicity of a single instrument, the grand piano touch.

Again, in collaboration with the lyricist Michel, whose music and poetry of Paul's feelings with striking words describes the results booklet.

Paul Brandenberg had the courage for a second time, a piano album with no record other instruments, and this in a world of electronic, computerized music.

Alle Songs,except one are original compositions (like most of his songs through the years), genuine and purely from his heart and his soul.

Paul's sounds pave the way to unknown images and remote landscapes in the soul of every listener.It opens a new dimension wherever hear him play the crowd.

2006 Paul Brandenberg composed his twelfth CD, entitled "FLOW". Flow represents the feeling of something entirely absorbed in to relax while ourselves and around us to forget the world.

The soulful, beautiful melodies touch and let us dream. The harmonious, flowing synthesizer album, Paul has produced in his studio. Once again, Judge Michel has subtle poetry in English in the booklet, with its traces.


"Time" is Paul Brand's 13th CD, which he composed in 2007 and arranged. It is a moving album that the traces of time on wonderful way reflect. The harmonious arrangements can stay in the present and stop.

Moving lyrics in English by Michel Richter accompany the harmonious journey through time.

Nominations and awards:

1996 - Mystic Island (1998 Golden Album in Spain)



Discography of Paul Brandenberg: 

 (德文翻译英文 Translated by Google) 

(01) 1983 - Far Away
(02) 1984 - Skyway (ROCK)
(03) 1989 - Downstream
(04) 1989 - Impressions Of Light
(05) 1994 - Lanzarote
(06) 1994 - Silver Moon,
1995 - Der Kanton Schwyz (The canton of Schwyz) 官网无
(07) 1996 - Mystic Island (1998 Golden Album in Spain)
(08) 1997 - Islas
(09) 1999 - Blue Vision
(10) 2001 - Lanzarote Dreams & Meditation Vol 1
(11) 2005 - River Of Dreams
(12) 2006 - Flow
(13) 2007 - Time




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