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Number & Title 
- Whispering Sands

Dan Gibson's Solitudes (Canada)
(best selection_1_by Prince)


New Age - Inspired by Nature, Relaxation, Healing,

My best favorites.
(a Super Fans' collection of Dan & Hennie)





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Prince_Podcast_0147 (Dan Gibson's Solitudes
_best selection_1 by Prince)
- Whispering Sands
王子音乐杂志_0147 (Dan Gibson 加拿大大自然的影音大师『Solitudes 孤独系列』音乐典藏精选曲_1)

Track List  曲目 (sample for audition & promotion only = 64 kbps) 

101_Dan Gibson (Andean Dreams_01)_Andean Dreams             (00:00 > 11:56)

102_Dan Gibson (Breaking Through The Mist_01)
       _Dawn Of The Lake                                                          (11:56 > 17:39)

103_Dan Gibson (Polynesian Spa_01)
        _Your Welcome Voice (Au Sa Tamata)                             (17:29 > 22:01)

104_Dan Gibson (Desert Spa_05)_Whispering Sands                (22:01 > 33:00)

105_Dan Gibson (Native Spirit_1)_Great Spirit                           (33:00 > 43:17)

106_Dan Gibson (Zen Relaxation_02)
      _Serenity In Sand And Stone                                             (43:17 > 50:30)

107_Dan Gibson (Relaxation_04)_Path To Enlightenment           (50:30 > 54:55)

108_Dan Gibson (Guitarscapes_01)_Spirit Of The Rockies         (54:55 > 61:39)

109_Dan Gibson (Dolphin Dreams_01)_Adventurous Spirit          (61:39 > 66:11)

110_Dan Gibson (Lakeside Retreat_01)_Lakeside Retreat          (66:11 > 73:04)

111_Dan Gibson (25 Year, Silver Anniv. Collection_03)
       _First Hunt ~ Legend Of The Wolf                                      (73:04 > 79:12)

112_Dan Gibson (Pianoscapes_08)_Alone But For A Friend       (79:12 > 85:21)

113_Dan Gibson (Flute Dreams_03)_Fur Elise (Beethoven)         (85:21 > 94:28)

114_Dan Gibson (Gentle World_03)_Lissadell                            (94:28 > 100:05)

115_Dan Gibson (Inspiration_02)_Wind Walker                          (100:05 > 107:41)

116_Dan Gibson (Asian Spa_03)_Infinite Journey                       (107:41 > 113:34)

117_Dan Gibson (Piano Cascades_01)_Nurturing Rain               (113:34 > 120:06)

-------Total Time 120:06




 Inspired by Nature
Dan Gibson's Solitudes with Various Artists
      Hennie Bekker (Composer)  & Various Artists

Dan Gibson (Montreal, January 19, 1922 – March 18, 2006) was a Canadian photographer, cinematographer and sound recordist.

During the late 1940s, Dan Gibson took photographs and made nature films, including Audubon Wildlife Theatre.

He produced many films and television series. It was through this film-making that Dan learned how to record wildlife sound. He pioneered techniques of recording, and also helped design equipment to optimize results, including the “Dan Gibson Parabolic Microphone”.

Some of his early recordings of the 1950s and 1960s were released on LP records, and started his Solitudes series, which was introduced in 1981.

Dan is well regarded for his contributions to the Friends of Algonquin Park, and his ongoing support for the Algonquin Park Residents Association.

Having a lease of land in Algonquin Provincial Park gave Dan and his family (Wife: Helen, Children: Mary-Jane or "Kirkie," Holly, Dan, and Gordon) a unique opportunity to connect with nature, and it certainly fueled his passion for the study, preservation and interaction with wildlife.

In 1994, Dan was awarded The Order of Canada for his environmental works. In 1997, Dan was awarded the Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award at the Juno Awards ceremony in Hamilton, Ontario.

In 2004, he released his first DVD, Natural Beauty, which was originally shot in High Definition.


about Hennie Bekker (Composer for 14 albums)

Hennie Bekker is an award winning, multi-platinum selling musician whose eclectic career spans decades, continents, generations and genres.

Best known for his New Age sound on the Solitudes, Kaleidoscope and Hennie Bekker's Tranquility album series, he was also a creative force behind BKS, one of Canada’s most successful techno / dance bands.



  王子注: 本集音乐杂志精选自下列203张王子典藏专辑
Prince Private Collection (64kb for audition & promotion only)
                     Prince's best selection from following 203 cds:

[新宿王子典藏] Dan Gibson 加拿大大自然的影音大师『Solitudes 孤独系列』音乐典藏精选曲 203 张专辑 年表 A ~ Z Index

Dan Gibson (25 Year, Silver Anniversary Collection) 2006
Dan Gibson (A Breath Of Spring)
Dan Gibson (A Celtic Christmas Story) 1998
Dan Gibson (A Natural Wonder_Niagara Falls)
Dan Gibson (Alaska_A Wild Wonder) 2001
Dan Gibson (Algonquin Suite) 1998
Dan Gibson (Amazing Grace From Scotland) 2002
Dan Gibson (American Wilds) 1999
Dan Gibson (Among The Giant Trees Of The Wild Pacific Coast) 1981
Dan Gibson (Andean Dreams) 2004
Dan Gibson (Angel's Embrace)
Dan Gibson (Angels of the Sea) 1999
Dan Gibson (Angelsong By The Sea) 2003
Dan Gibson (Angelsong_Choral Classics By The Sea) 2003
Dan Gibson (Appalachian Mountain) 1994
Dan Gibson (Arctic Echoes)
Dan Gibson (Asian Spa) 2004
Dan Gibson (Atlantic Suite)
Dan Gibson (Australian Odyssey) 1996
Dan Gibson (Bach In The Bath)
Dan Gibson (Bach_Forever By The Sea) 1998
Dan Gibson (Beethoven_Forever By The Sea) 1997
Dan Gibson (Best Of Solitudes_CD_1) 2001
Dan Gibson (Best Of Solitudes_CD_2) 2001
Dan Gibson (Beyond The Sea) 2006
Dan Gibson (Blue Sky Classics) 2008
Dan Gibson (Brazilian Breeze) 2005 {with Ron Allen Socan}
Dan Gibson (Breaking Through The Mist) 1990
Dan Gibson (Cabana) 2008
Dan Gibson (California Dreaming) 2007
Dan Gibson (Call Of The Loon) 1993
Dan Gibson (Canada From Sunrise To Sunset) 2003
Dan Gibson (Canada)
Dan Gibson (Caribbean Dream)
Dan Gibson (Celtic Awakening)
Dan Gibson (Celtic Christmas Story) 1998
Dan Gibson (Celtic Reverie)
Dan Gibson (Celtic Serenity) 2005
Dan Gibson (Central Park) 2006
Dan Gibson (Christmas Classics) 2002
Dan Gibson (Christmas In The Country)
Dan Gibson (Christmas Wish)
Dan Gibson (Christmas Wonder) 1996
Dan Gibson (Classical Bliss) 2001 {Nature's Spa Series}
Dan Gibson (Classical Garden)
Dan Gibson (Classical Romance)
Dan Gibson (Classical) 2008
Dan Gibson (Colorado Natural Splender)
Dan Gibson (Country Retreat)
Dan Gibson (Dance Of The Hummingbird) 1998
Dan Gibson (Debussy Forever By The Sea)
Dan Gibson (Deep Blue Discovering The Coral Reef)
Dan Gibson (Desert Spa) 2006
Dan Gibson (Deviant On Ice) 1999 {与Rain Dance相同}
Dan Gibson (Discovering The Wild World) 2000
Dan Gibson (Dock Of The Bay) 2006
Dan Gibson (Dolphin Dreams) 2006

Dan Gibson (Echoes In The Glen) 2001
Dan Gibson (Emerald Forest)
Dan Gibson (European Spa) 2004 {Nature's Spa Series}
Dan Gibson (Evening By The Lake) 2007
Dan Gibson (Exploring Nature) 1998
Dan Gibson (Favorite Selections_1) 1993
Dan Gibson (Favorite Selections_2) 1996
Dan Gibson (Florida Dreams)
Dan Gibson (Flute Dreams) 2007
Dan Gibson (Forest Cello) 2004
Dan Gibson (Forest Guitar) 2002
Dan Gibson (Forest Piano) 1996
Dan Gibson (Fountain Of Youth) 2001 {Nature's Spa Series}
Dan Gibson (Frog Song) 2003

Dan Gibson (Garden In Provence) 2002
Dan Gibson (Gentle World) 2008
Dan Gibson (Gentle World_African Glory) 2007
Dan Gibson (Grand Canyon) {A Natural Wonder}
Dan Gibson (Great Lakes Suite) 1991 {with Hennie Bekker}
Dan Gibson (Guardians Of Atlantis)
Dan Gibson (Guitarscapes_The Best Of Solitudes) 2008

Dan Gibson (H2O_A Solitudes Ambient Experience) 2008 {with Chris Phillips}
Dan Gibson (Harmony) 1989
Dan Gibson (Heart Of Summer) 1998
Dan Gibson (Home) 2007

Dan Gibson (Illumination) 2007 {with Daniel May}
Dan Gibson (In the Midst Of Angels) 2001
Dan Gibson (Inspiration) 2008
Dan Gibson (Island Paradise)
Dan Gibson (Island Retreat)

Dan Gibson (Jazz by Twilight)
Dan Gibson (Journey with the Whales)
Dan Gibson (La Nature Du Quebec) 1999
Dan Gibson (Lakeside Retreat) 2002
Dan Gibson (Land Of The Loon) 2001
Dan Gibson (Legend Of The Wolf)
Dan Gibson (Listen To The Loon)
Dan Gibson (Listen To The Mockingbird)
Dan Gibson (Loon Echo Lake) 1997
Dan Gibson (Lullabies & Butterflies)
Dan Gibson (Lullibies From Nature's Nursery)
Dan Gibson (Luna Y Mar) 2006
Dan Gibson (Mantra Mode) 1991
Dan Gibson (Mediterranean Spa) 2009
Dan Gibson (Mellow_Relaxation For A New Generation) 2003
Dan Gibson (Memories Of Summertime) 2000
Dan Gibson (Mmusique For Massage)
Dan Gibson (Moon River) 2000
Dan Gibson (Moonlight Sonata) 2005 {with Yuri Sazonoff}
Dan Gibson (Morning Has Broken)
Dan Gibson (Mountain Sunrise)
Dan Gibson (Mozart_Forever By Sea) 2006
Dan Gibson (Mysterious Places) 2009
Dan Gibson (Native Spirit) 2003
Dan Gibson (Natural Beauty) 2008
Dan Gibson (Natural Concentration)
Dan Gibson (Natural Massage Therapy)
Dan Gibson (Natural Meditation)
Dan Gibson (Natural Relaxation)
Dan Gibson (Natural Sleep Inducement) 1998
Dan Gibson (Natural Stress Relief) 1998
Dan Gibson (Natural Wonders In The World) 2009
Dan Gibson (Nature's Ballet) 1995
Dan Gibson (Nature's Glory)
Dan Gibson (Nature's Spa = Stress Free) 2001
Dan Gibson (Niagara Falls) 2004
Dan Gibson (Nurturing Rain) 2003 {Nature's Spa Series}
Dan Gibson (Ocean Odyssey) 2008
Dan Gibson (Pachelbel Forever By The Sea) 1995
Dan Gibson (Pacific Grace)
Dan Gibson (Pacific Suite) 1990
Dan Gibson (Peaceful Classics)
Dan Gibson (Piano Cascades) 1998 {with John Herberman}
Dan Gibson (Piano Cove) 1998
Dan Gibson (Piano Songbirds) 2003
Dan Gibson (Pianoscapes_The Best Of Solitudes) 2008
Dan Gibson (Polynesian Spa) 1999
Dan Gibson (Precious Earth) 2008

Dan Gibson (Raindance) 1997
Dan Gibson (Reflection With The Sounds Of Nature) 1997
Dan Gibson (Rejuvenate Naturally) 2007 {with Dr. Lee Bartel}
Dan Gibson (Relax Naturally) 2009
Dan Gibson (Relax The Body) 2006 {with Rob Piltch}
Dan Gibson (Relaxation) 2008
Dan Gibson (Rhythms Of The Sea) 1997 {Eight Piano}
Dan Gibson (Rocky Mountain Retreat) 2005
Dan Gibson (Rocky Mountain Suite) 1993
Dan Gibson (Rolling Thunder)

Dan Gibson (Sax By The Sea) {Nature's Harmony}
Dan Gibson (Seaside Retreat)
Dan Gibson (Seaside_Solo Piano) 2008
Dan Gibson (Secrets Of The Jungle) 1999
Dan Gibson (Sensual Pleasure)
Dan Gibson (Shorelines Classical Guitar) 1999
Dan Gibson (Siesta Beach)
Dan Gibson (Sleep Deeply_Scientifically Designed) 2006
Dan Gibson (Solitudes Woodland Strings) 2001 {with Howard Baer}
Dan Gibson (Solitudes_Homeward Bound) 2004
Dan Gibson (Somewhere Over The Rainbow)
Dan Gibson (Songbird Symphony) 2002
Dan Gibson (Songbirds At Sunrise) 1996
Dan Gibson (Songbirds At Sunset) 2006 {with Charles Cozens}
Dan Gibson (Songbirds By The Stream)
Dan Gibson (Soothing Massage) 2003
Dan Gibson (Soothing Surf) 1999
Dan Gibson (Southwest Suite)
Dan Gibson (Spa) 2008
Dan Gibson (Spring Awakening) 2001
Dan Gibson (Stargazing)
Dan Gibson (Storm On Wilderness Lake) 1981
Dan Gibson (Strauss Waltzes) 1993
Dan Gibson (Stream Of Dreams) 1997
Dan Gibson (Stress Free) 2001 {= Nature's Spa}
Dan Gibson (Summer Thunder) Lifescapes
Dan Gibson (Sunshowers) 2000
Dan Gibson (Tahiti_Voices Of Paradise) 2008
Dan Gibson (T'ai Chi_Music For Wellness) 2005
Dan Gibson (The Best Of Solitudes 20th Anniversary Collection_CD_1) 2002
Dan Gibson (The Best Of Solitudes 20th Anniversary Collection_CD_2) 2002
Dan Gibson (The Classics) 1991
Dan Gibson (The Classics_2) 1992
Dan Gibson (The English Country Garden)
Dan Gibson (The Nature Of Canada) 1995
Dan Gibson (The Sound Of The Surf) 1981
Dan Gibson (Thunder Spirit)
Dan Gibson (Thunderstorm In The Wilderness) 1995
Dan Gibson (Thunderstorm With Panflute)
Dan Gibson (Tibetan Wonder)
Dan Gibson (Tranquil Cove) 2003
Dan Gibson (Tranquil Moods) 1995
Dan Gibson (Tthe Classics Exploring Nature)

Dan Gibson (Voices Of The Land) 1996
Dan Gibson (Walking Through The Forest) 1980
Dan Gibson (Waterscapes) 2001
Dan Gibson (What A Wonderful World) 2004 {with Bob De Angelis}
Dan Gibson (Where Eagles Soar)
Dan Gibson (Whispering Woods) 1997
Dan Gibson (Wild Wolf_Mysterious Beauty) 2002
Dan Gibson (Windsong) 2002
Dan Gibson (Women Of Ireland)
Dan Gibson (Woodland Harp) 2001
Dan Gibson (Woodland Summer)

Dan Gibson (Yoga) 1999

Dan Gibson (Zen Escape) 2002 {Nature's Spa Series}
Dan Gibson (Zen Relaxation) 2006




About Dan Gibson 's Solitudes (Biography)
(Canada 加拿大)

About Solitudes
Solitudes, the very first music line of Somerset Entertainment, was launched in 1981 by company founder Dan Gibson. Dan's ardent appreciation of nature, coupled with his many talents in the film-making and sound collection arenas, is what began the Solitudes story.

Sadly, on March 18, 2006, Dan Gibson passed away in his Toronto home. To his credit, and among several other noteworthy accomplishments, Dan left behind a beautiful legacy of nature sounds, libraried forever within the Solitudes music label. 25 years after the first nature sound-only program was launched, Solitudes now enjoys world-wide recognition as the premium music label featuring quality sound programs dedicated to showcasing the natural world. All of this success is because of the passion of Dan Gibson. He will be dearly missed by all whom he touched, but he will certainly not be forgotten.

The present-day Solitudes music line features both soothing music blended seamlessly with nature sounds as well as nature sound-only albums. All aimed at exploring wildlife and discovering destinations, the Solitudes label mainly features original, instrumental compositions with albums themed for relaxation, health & wellness, nostalgia and with musical styles ranging from new-age to classical to Celtic and other world influences. Equally important to the Solitudes music label is the series of nature sound-only titles. Programs range from a collection of bird or frog sounds, to entire "sound journeys" such as the beginning and end of a gentle, yet powerful thunderstorm.

The Solitudes music line releases approximately 12 high-quality recordings per year and continues to lead the way in the relaxation, new-age and nature sound music categories. Solitudes titles are currently available at leading independent specialty and gift retailers and at the Solitudes secure online store.

Dan Gibson first fell in love with wildlife and the wilderness during his summers at Camp Ahmek in Ontario, Canada. Along with camp director Taylor Statten, Naturalist Stuart Thompson instilled in young Dan a profound appreciation for nature and a yearning to discover more.

In 1946, Dan founded his own company (Dan Gibson Productions Ltd.) and began his career in the production of nature films and TV series. Without stock libraries from which to source background sounds, Dan was left with the task of capturing nature's sounds himself. His groundbreaking work in synchronizing sounds with visual content succeeded in transporting the viewer into the wilderness. This later earned him two Canadian Film Awards (now called Genies) for best movie soundtracks. After nearly 40 years in the film production business, Dan decided to embark on a whole new career. At the age of 59, when most people are considering retirement, Dan launched his brave new venture: Solitudes.

While producing films in the late 1960's and early 1970s,Dan found time to release a few records featuring the sounds of nature. The LPs did not initially attract widespread interest, but by the late 1970's, sales were growing handsomely, fuelled by rising sales in California and the emerging green movement across North America.

In 1981 Dan founded the Solitudes line, named after his favorite song by Duke Ellington, "In My Solitude". Dan also continued to broaden and enrich his library of recordings. In every season and in every type of weather, he listened to and recorded nature's voices - from moonlit, northern forests to sun-baked deserts in the southwest, from crashing Pacific coasts to snake-infested swamps in Florida.

Upon returning from these expeditions, Dan sculpted geographically accurate listening experiences that represented a dynamic journey. He also endeavored to create imaginative programs for his listeners. Dan wanted Solitudes albums to tell stories and lead the listener from one locale to another. As a result, these albums can be heard over and over again - a true testament to the artistic skill of the producer.

In 1986, Gordon Gibson joined his father at Solitudes. After releasing 12 titles featuring only nature sounds, a new Solitudes album combining nature sounds with music was released. Gordon believed that a carefully arranged musical score could enhance and complement the natural sounds and create an even more inspiring listening experience. After considerable discussion, Dan agreed on the condition that the music harmonize, rather than compete with his nature sounds.

Throughout the 1990's awareness of the Solitudes line grew rapidly and distribution developed worldwide. More recently, Solitudes has acquired a diverse appeal. Beyond the basic appreciation of nature, customers have identified the therapeutic value of the albums and have begun to use it for stress relief, sleeping assistance and meditation. Today, it is used in hospitals, prisons and schools. Other labels have witnessed Solitudes' success and attempted to emulate the product. In a meaningful way, Dan Gibson was the pioneer of this growing industry.

In April 1994, Dan was named to the Order of Canada by the Governor General of Canada. The distinguished civilian honor was presented to Dan for his work in "filming and recording nature and for his role in creating public awareness of conservation, wildlife and our natural heritage."

Another honor was bestowed upon Dan at the Canadian Juno Awards in 1997 when he was presented with the Walt Grealis Lifetime Achievement Award. This honor celebrated Dan's lifetime of work in the music and recording industry.

Dan continued to live by the ideas and principles he promoted in each of his films, TV specials and albums up until his recent passing on March 18, 2006. He continuted to support and inspire support for many environmental causes, and, as recent Director of the Friends of Algonquin, he helped raise money for the educational interpretive program of his beloved Algonquin Provincial Park. Even in a bay near his cottage, Dan and friends constructed and maintain a floating nest to protect a loon family from the threat of fluctuating water levels.
As an educator, activist and artist, Dan Gibson succeeded in promoting public awareness for the beauty and preservation of our wildlife and natural environment. We trust your enjoyment of Solitudes is enriched by understanding the history and dedication of the man who created it.



Discography    Inspired by Nature: Solitudes - founder Dan Gibson)



about Hennie Bekker (Composer)

Hennie Bekker is an award winning, multi-platinum selling musician whose eclectic career spans decades, continents, generations and genres.

Best known for his New Age sound on the Solitudes, Kaleidoscope and Hennie Bekker's Tranquility album series, he was also a creative force behind BKS, one of Canada’s most successful techno / dance bands.

Awards 1997 Juno Award - Best Dance Recording - Astroplane (BKS)
1996 Much Music Video Award - Best Dance Video - Astroplane (BKS)

Juno Nominations

1997 - Instrumental Artist of the Year
1996 - Best Dance Recording
1996 - Instrumental Artist of the Year
1995 - Instrumental Artist of the Year
1994 - Best Dance Recording

Billboard Top 20
Living in Ecstacy (BKS)
Composer of the first 14 albums in the Series
Triple Platinum CDs
The Classics
Double Platinum CDs
Harmony, Spring Rain
Platinum CD’s
Summer Breeze
Breaking Through The Mist
The Classics II
Christmas Classics
Favorite Selections
Gold CD’s
Pacific Suite
Great Lakes Suite
Rocky Mountain Suite
Appalachian Mountain Suite
Alqonquin Suite
Strauss Waltzes



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