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Prince Podcast_0150




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Number & Title 
- Celtic Christmas

Celtic Christmas Music
(best selection_5_by Prince)


New Age - Christmas, Healing,

My best favorites.
(a Super Fans' collection)



                                                                                 Cliffs of Moher (Ireland)


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Prince_Podcast_0150 (X'mas_05
_best selection by Prince)
- Celtic Christmas
Celebration Of Life - for Helen & Orphan who come
                                    from Cyclone Floods Burma (Myanmar)

王子音乐杂志_0150 (新世纪圣诞系列典藏精选曲_5)

Track List  曲目 (sample for audition & promotion only = 64 kbps) 

501_David Arkenstone (Celtic Christmas_06)_We Three Kings  (00:00 > 04:42)

502_Jeff Victor & Friends (Celtic Christmas_'Tis The Season_CD_1_02)
     _O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
                                         (04:42 > 08:51)
503_Kim Robertson & Virginia Kron (Celtic Christmas_2_02)
     _The Darkness Is  Falling, Away In A Manger
                    (08:51 > 13:12)

504_Patricia Spero (Celtic Christmas Harp_03)_Gabriel's Message
                                                                                           (13:12 > 16:54)

505_Liam O'flynn (Windham Hill_Celtic Christmas_1_04)_The Winter's End
                                                                                           (16:54 > 20:12)

506_Jeff Victor & Friends (Celtic Christmas_'Tis The Season_CD_1_03)
     _In The Bleak Midwinter
                                                   (20:12 > 24:10)

507_Nightnoise (Windham Hill_Celtic Christmas_1_08)
     _Snow On High Ground  
                                                 (24:10 > 27:53)

508_Kim Robertson & Virginia Kron (Celtic Christmas_2_03)
     _A la Nanita Nana 
                                                          (27:53 > 30:24)

509_Jeff Victor & Friends (Celtic Christmas_'Tis The Season_CD_1_05)
     _Carol Of The Bells
                                                         (30:24 > 33:55)

510_Jeff Victor & Friends (Celtic Christmas_'Tis The Season_CD_1_09)
     _Wassail Song
                                                                 (33:55 > 36:55)

511_Johnny Cunningham (Windham Hill_Celtic Christmas_1_11)
     _King Holly, King Oak 
                                                     (36:55 > 41:12)

512_Kevin Burke & Michea (Windham Hill_Celtic Christmas_2_10)
     _The Star Of The County Down
                                         (41:12 > 45:40)

513_Patricia Spero (Celtic Christmas Harp_09)_Away In A Manger
                                                                                            (45:40 > 48:42)

514_Jeff Victor & Friends (Celtic Christmas_'Tis The Season_CD_1_10)
     _God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
                                        (48:42 > 52:21)

515_Jeff Victor & Friends (Celtic Christmas_'Tis The Season_CD_2_02)
     _O Come All Ye Faithful
                                                    (52:21 > 56:40)

516_Brian Dunning & Jeff Johnson (Windham Hill_Celtic Christmas_2_13)
                                                                          (56:40 > 59:04)

517_Aine Minogue (Windham Hill_Celtic Christmas_2_14)
     _The Dove's Return 
                                                          (59:04 > 62:04)

518_Kim Robertson & Virginia Kron (Celtic Christmas_2_06)
     _Jesos Ahatonhia
                                                             (62:04 > 64:33)

519_Jeff Victor & Friends (Celtic Christmas_'Tis The Season_CD_2_04)
     _Bring A Tourch, Jeanette Isabella
                                     (64:33 > 68:33)

520_Jeff Victor & Friends (Celtic Christmas_'Tis The Season_CD_2_05)

_Greensleeves                                                                  (68:33 > 72:49)

521_Lisa Lynne (Windham Hill_Celtic Christmas_3_04)
     _Circle Of Joy
                                                                  (72:49 > 77:34)

522_Snuffy Walden (Windham Hill_Celtic Christmas_3_05)
     _Sails Of Galway
                                                             (77:34 > 82:19)

523_Kim Robertson & Virginia Kron (Celtic Christmas_2_08)
     _Silent Night
                                                                    (82:19 > 86:02)

524_Jeff Victor & Friends (Celtic Christmas_'Tis The Season_CD_2_10)
     _Silent Night
                                                                    (86:02 > 89:33)

525_Jeff Victor & Friends (Celtic Christmas_'Tis The Season_CD_2_12)
     _It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
                                        (89:33 > 92:53)

526_Patricia Spero (Celtic Christmas Harp_14)_Cradle Song
    (92:53 > 95:16)

527_Lisa Lynne (Windham Hill_Celtic Christmas_3_09)_Home  (95:16 > 100:06)

528_Patrick Cassidy (Windham Hill_Celtic Christmas_3_12)
                                                                          (100:06 > 105:45)

529_Kim Robertson & Virginia Kron (Celtic Christmas_2_13)_Pastourelle
                                                                                            (105:45 > 108:04)

530_Phil Cunningham (Windham Hill_Celtic Christmas
     _Silver Anniversary Edition_02)_Newton Hill
                        (108:04 > 111:44)

531_Liam O'Flynn (Windham Hill_Celtic Christmas_Silver Anniversary Edition_07)
     _Sliabh na Mban                                                               (111:44 > 116:36)

532_David Arkenstone (Celtic Christmas_08)_Wassailing          (116:36 > 120:38)

-------Total Time 120:38




                                                                                  Bagan, Burma (Myanmar)



           Celebration Of Life
 (for Helen & Orphan who come from Cyclone Floods Burma (Myanmar)

上一集音乐杂志 Prince_Podcast_0149 是 献给我在新加坡的好友『Helen』,  前两天(12/16)她又继续爱心旅程,到饱受水灾肆虐的缅甸, 为一群流离失所的孤儿们(300多人),办一场雪中送炭的圣诞餐会,
她那无怨无悔无私的爱心, 温暖了世界许多偏远国度之苦难与贫穷的角落.....

本集音乐杂志『借花献佛』 献给正在缅甸的Helen以及叁加圣诞餐会的那些饱受水灾肆虐流离失所的孤儿们, God bless them.....

        From home to home, and heart to heart, from one place to another.
        The warmth and joy of Christmas, bring us close to each other.

                 本集音乐杂志就精选『Celtic Christmas』的曲儿, 让您品味一下
                 爱尔兰的圣诞是啥感觉先 ... ... ...



Prince Private Collection (64kb for audition & promotion only)

About Cyclone Nargis Floods Burma (Myanmar)

           Cyclone Nargis Floods Burma_080512


          [ post from ]

  Cyclone Nargis (JTWC designation: 01B, also known as Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Nargis), was a strong tropical cyclone that caused the worst natural disaster in the recorded history of Burma (officially known as Myanmar). The cyclone made landfall in the country on May 2, 2008, causing catastrophic destruction and at least 138,000 fatalities. The Labutta Township alone was reported to have 80,000 dead, with about 10,000 more deaths in Bogale. There were around 55,000 people missing and many other deaths were found in other towns and areas, although the Burmese government's official death toll may have been underreported, and there have been allegations that they stopped updating the death-toll after 138,000 to minimize political fallout. The feared 'second wave' of fatalities from disease and lack of relief efforts never materialized. Damage was estimated at over $10 billion (USD), which made it the most damaging cyclone ever recorded in this basin.

Nargis is the deadliest named cyclone in the North Indian Ocean Basin, as well as the second deadliest named cyclone of all time, behind Typhoon Nina of 1975. Including unnamed storms like the 1970 Bhola cyclone, Nargis is the 8th deadliest cyclone of all time, but an uncertainty between the deaths caused by Nargis and those caused by other cyclones (like the 1991 Bangladesh cyclone), could put Nargis as 7th deadliest or higher, because the exact death toll is uncertain. Nargis was the first tropical cyclone to strike the country since Cyclone Mala made landfall in 2006, which was slightly stronger, but had a significantly lower impact. According to various reports, Indian authorities had warned Burma about the danger that Cyclone Nargis posed 48 hours before it hit the country's coast.

Relief efforts were slowed for political reasons as Burma's military rulers initially resisted large-scale international aid. U.S. President George W. Bush said that an angry world should condemn the way Burma's military rulers were handling the aftermath of such a catastrophic cyclone. Burma's military junta finally accepted aid a few days after India's request was accepted. Continued hampering of relief efforts was the fact that only ten days after the cyclone nearby central China was hit by a massive earthquake, known as the Sichuan earthquake which measured 7.9 in magnitude and it alone had taken 87,476 lives, and caused 85 billion dollars in damage (USD), making it the costliest disaster in Chinese history and third costliest disaster ever known. Furthermore, some donated aid items were found to be available in the country's black market, and Myanmar's junta warned on May 15 that legal action would be taken against people who traded or hoarded international aid.

The cyclone name "Nargis" (نرگس [ˈnərɡɪs]) is an Urdu word meaning daffodil; the word has its roots in the Persian name Nargess, which has the same meaning. The first named storm of the 2008 North Indian Ocean cyclone season, Nargis developed on April 27 in the central area of Bay of Bengal. Initially it tracked slowly northwestward and, encountering favorable conditions, it quickly strengthened. Dry air weakened the cyclone on April 29, though after beginning a steady eastward motion Nargis rapidly intensified to attain peak winds of at least 165 km/h (105 mph) on May 2 according to IMD observations; the JTWC assessed peak winds of 215 km/h (135 mph), making it a weak Category 4 cyclone on the SSHS. The cyclone moved ashore in the Ayeyarwady Division of Burma at peak intensity and, after passing near the major city of Yangon (Rangoon), the storm gradually weakened until dissipating near the border of Burma and Thailand.





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