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Number & Title 
- Passage To Infinity

Abysis Projects - Devapath  (Netherlands)
(best selection_1_by Prince)


New Age - Meditation, Flamenco Guitar,

My best favorites.
(a Super Fans' collection of Devapath)





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Prince_Podcast_0155 (Abysis Projects - Devapath)
_best selection_1 by Prince) - Passage To Infinity

王子音乐杂志_0155 (Abysis Projects - Devapath) 从Flamenco吉他到奥修冥想大师的迷思)

Track List  曲目 (sample for audition & promotion only = 64 kbps) 

101_Abysis Projects (West Meets East_01)_Granada-Bombay
                                                                                            (00:00 > 05:21)

102_Abysis Projects (Montar El Viento_01)_Montar El Viento
       (Riding On The Wind)                                                      (05:21 > 09:26)

103_Abysis Projects (The Universe Will Never End_08)
       _Little Birma Buddha                                                       (09:26 > 13:59)

104_Abysis Projects (Sufi Sound_06)_The Call Of The Sufi        (13:59 > 27:22)

105_Abysis Projects (Montar El Viento_04)_The First Time       (27:22 > 32:37)

106_Abysis Projects (Sufi Sound_01)
       _Allah Yu Turgus Um Urgus                                             (32:37 > 47:01)

107_Abysis Projects (The Universe Will Never End_09)
       _Para Montse                                                                 (47:01 > 50:01)

108_Abysis Projects (West Meets East_05)
       _Air Minor (By Way Of Passion)                                       (50:01 > 60:04)

109_Abysis Projects (Montar El Viento_02)
      _Moonlight In Her Eyes                                                     (60:04 > 64:41)

110_Abysis Projects (The Universe Will Never End_06)
      _4th Chakra                                                                     (64:41 > 71:52)

111_Abysis Projects (West Meets East_06)
      _Entre Dos Chapatis                                                        (71:52 > 76:29)

112_Abysis Projects (Montar El Viento_05)
      _Tarantas De Corazon                                                      (76:29 > 80:34)

113_Abysis Projects (The Universe Will Never End_10)
      _Passage To Infinity                                                         (80:34 > 86:36)

114_Abysis Projects (Montar El Viento_08)_Innocent Proposal  (86:36 > 92:03)

115_Abysis Projects (Sufi Sound_02)_Tarana                           (92:03 > 106:14)

116_Abysis Projects (West Meets East_07)_The Abyss           (106:14 > 111:40)

117_Abysis Projects (Montar El Viento_09)
      _Recuerdos De Cataluna                                                  (111:40 > 117:16)

-------Total Time 117:16





Prince Private Collection (64kb for audition & promotion only)
                     Prince's best selection from following 4 cds:


Abysis Projects (Montar El Viento) 2003
Abysis Projects (Sufi Sound) 2002
Abysis Projects (The Universe Will Never End) 2000
Abysis Projects (West Meets East) 2002

[两岸首发]  {Abysis Projects - Devapath) Flamenco 吉他大师系列典藏精选曲_1}

Devapath was strongly influenced by flamenco music and decided to take lessons in Spain to improve his style.  




从Flamenco吉他到奥修冥想大师的迷思 -- 毒舌派说的

武功高强的 Flamenco 吉他大师, 自从到印度去交流深造, 并发表了一些融合的曲儿後, 就神秘的从人间蒸发了, 让不少乐迷为之叹息......


曾几何时印度蹦出一个西方面孔的Osho 奥修冥想大师(和他的灵修伴侣 - 墨西哥美女), 居然被称为是『國際呼吸治療大師』,创立了『親密與愛之旅—呼吸治療營』- magic journey from sex to love.

『号称集20多年呼吸治療經驗,擅長用音樂的情境氛圍來引導學員進入更深的內在探索,讓人自由敞開呼吸,並在每一次呼氣、吸氣的轉換中,引領你與內在靈性的神秘覺知相遇,让你學習到深層呼吸的自我療癒方式,體驗自然能量與內在無限激盪,找到新的力量與支持,轉向親密與愛的美麗… 。 』,欧买尬, 这是啥东东啊!! 好像是.......#@$%&

『獅子心 - 静心 Lion's Heart Meditation』 专辑… 。哈哈!!


Anyway, 我还是喜欢他的Flamenco吉他




About Abysis Projects - Devapath   (Netherlands 荷兰)

 Abysis Projects - Devapath)'s Official Web 官方网站
(Flamenco 吉他大师)
Non-Official Web : 非官方网站 (!/page_object/page_object_bio/artist_683466

(Osho 奥修冥想大师)

Abysis Projects
Published by Mark Antony at 11:45 am under CD Reviews
(  )

Talented guitarist from Holland, Devapath was influenced early on by flamenco guitarist Vicente Armijo, and later travelled to India, meeting flute player Milind Date. These influences combined to form the East, West fusion of rhythms and styles, forming a unique style and sound, the Abysis Projects sound. This is perhaps best displayed in the great track Granada Bombay I am offering this track here, because I believe it to be commercialy unavailable.

At times, Abysis Projects music floats across the seas to the middle East, with tracks like “Little Burma Buddha” from the album Travels in Sound and Science, which oozes mystical atmosphere, with the Pipes taking up an anguished melody, vying with guitar for melody and counterpoint. From the same album, “Ignivomo” is a classic Abysis work, featuring guitar melody and accompanying Violin, later the Flute, developing into a more rhythmic middle section, only for the plaintive melody to return. “Para Montse” is a plaintive guitar duet.

The Album The Universe Will Never End features mostly soft, dreamy, landscape settings, the opening track “Air Minor, By Way Of Passion”, 10 minutes of repeated arpeggio accompanyment on guitar, with melody taken by guitar, many embellishments like trills and flamenco like ornaments. Later, Horns join in with the melody making a lush sounding track which sets the album scene.

Other albums currently available are Sufi Sound, and the very evocative Monte El Viento, both those albums having tracks that evoke exotic places like Cassablanca, Cataluna, and the Orient.

Classical guitar solos by Barrios, Piazzola, and Baden Powell have also been interpreted by Devapath, hopefully soon these recordings will also be available. If you enjoy world music with exotic rhythms and influences, not to mention haunting guitar melodies, lavish Flute and Pipes, then Abysis Projects is something you will cherish.




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