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Number & Title 
- Whispers In The Trees

Paul Sills  (  UK 英国  )
(best selection_1_by Prince)


New Age - Relaxation

My best favorites.
(a Super Fans' collection of Paul)





Official Web of Artist (or Music Company):    ( UK 英国     










Prince_Podcast_0172 (Paul Sills
_best_1) - Whispers In The Trees

王子音乐杂志_0172 (Paul Sills 英国MG新世纪音乐大师系列典藏精选曲_1)

Track List  曲目 (sample for audition & promotion only = 64 kbps) 

101_Paul Sills (Openland_03)_Awakening (Part 2)
(00:00 > 06:17)

102_Paul Sills (Legend Of The White Horse_02)_Whispers In The Trees
(06:17 > 11:47)

103_Paul Sills (Walking Across Heaven_06)_Walking Towards Heaven
(11:47 > 20:27)

104_Paul Sills (Astral Doorways_01)_Cloud Dancing
(20:27 > 24:03)

105_Paul Sills (Legend Of The White Horse_08)_White Stones
(24:03 > 30:00)

106_Paul Sills (Openland_09)_Silent Dawn
(30:00 > 35:55)

107_Paul Sills (Walking Across Heaven_02)_Footsteps In The Clouds
(35:55 > 42:42)

108_Paul Sills (Astral Doorways_03)_Pathway
(42:42 > 50:18)

109_Paul Sills (Openland_06)_Chasing The Stream
(50:18 > 53:59)

110_Paul Sills (Legend Of The White Horse_10)_The Legend Of The White Horse
(53:59 > 59:51)

111_Paul Sills (Walking Across Heaven_08)_Kingdom
(59:51 > 67:00)

112_Paul Sills (Astral Doorways_06)_Angelic Graces
(67:00 > 72:06)

113_Paul Sills (Openland_05)_Barefoot Winter
(72:06 > 78:10)

114_Paul Sills (Legend Of The White Horse_07)_The Iron Gates
(78:10 > 84:40)

115_Paul Sills (Openland_04)_Barefoot Autumn
(84:40 > 91:11)

116_Paul Sills (Astral Doorways_12)_First Light
(91:11 > 98:39)

117_Paul Sills (Legend Of The White Horse_01)_Heathland
(98:39 > 106:25)

118_Paul Sills (Openland_11)_The Openlands
(106:25 > 112:07)

119_Paul Sills (Walking Across Heaven_03)_With Silent Angels
(112:07 > 117:10)

120_Paul Sills (Astral Doorways_11)_Awakening (Part 1)
(117:10 > 121:30)

-------Total Time 121:30







本集音乐杂志精选自下列 4 张王子典藏专辑
Prince Private Collection (64kb for audition & promotion only)
Prince's best selection from following 4 cds:

【新世纪经典】 [新宿王子典藏 4 cds]  Discography -
Paul Sills

老梅以及Clifford White的拍档, 英国MG Music新世纪音乐大师 Paul Sills系列, 还不错听.

[新宿王子典藏 4 cds] Discography - Paul Sills

Paul Sills (Astral Doorways) 2007
Paul Sills (Legend Of The White Horse) 2011
 - 这张专辑中似乎看到老梅的影子
Paul Sills (Openland) 2007
Paul Sills (Walking Across Heaven) 2008





About Paul Sills   (  UK 英国  ) 

Official Web of Artist (or Music Company):         

  Non-Official Web 非官方网站:


 Biography    - Paul Sills      

about Paul Sills

Music has always been at the forefront of Paul's life. He took an interest in the guitar at school when he was 11 years old but apart from this he has never taken any formal musical instruction rather preferring to let his style and talent develop on it's own.

He discovered a passion for writing and recording music in Singapore when his father gave him access to instruments and a 4 track recorder.

The evolution of Paul's music to the instrumental new age style was initiated by the discovery of
Medwyn Goodall's CD, CLAN. This emotional and moving CD infused a passion for the genre and serves as a constant source of inspiration.

In 2003 he wrote his first four new age albums based on stories and poems. It was due to the outstanding quality of his work that he was soon recognized (by those who were fortunate enough to hear his music) as an artist of high caliber.

This reputation progressed until he had submitted various tracks on the MG forum and was asked to submit his performances to MG Music management.

It was then that Paul's talent was recognized by Medwyn Goodall and encouraged into what promises to be somedeeply innovative debut albums and an even more successful professional career.


Celestial Music of Paul Sills

Composing musician Paul Sills of the United Kingdom has a celestial New Age album composed from a brand new viewpoint in his already skillful approach to celestial music. It now appears Paul has taken his new arrangement to the next level, and like earlier perceptive albums, Devas – Natures Spirit becomes his third release that in no shape, form or fashion could ever be termed commonplace.

Devas – Natures Spirits is the third great album written, performed and produced by MG Music label artist Paul Sills and by all accounts, Devas is a thoughtful departure from his second Walking Across Heaven release which created a beautiful sound sanctuary where instrumentals of piano, flute, acoustic guitar, and distant choral vocals rose to transform each song into one having an anthem like quality.

Paul Sills is a long standing MG Music Label artist and representative member of the Medwyn Goodall circle of friends, highly revered for their outstanding music and singular expression each label artist is known for producing, and again he has proven this to be true for the third time around.

Astral Doorways was Paul’s imaginative first endeavor exploring the divine and surreal side of music. All three are powerful albums, symbolic of the outer confines in synthesized ambient music that simply become a natural choice for those who love a memorable journey into the vast territories of electronic resonances while residing in a deeper realm in relaxing music.

Paul Sills and I had a recent interview and insightful discussion together on his early music career and life at MG Music, so I hope you will want to find out more about Paul at our websites. Many visitors know I have published reviews on both of his earlier albums essentially because I enjoy listening to his intensely divine brand of electronic music that consistently has a dreamy keyboard based melody and prominent celestial atmosphere.

Devas – Natures Spirits with 12 songs total is precisely what I had anticipated and had hoped to experience from this Medwyn Goodall label artist recognized for producing Electronic ambient music that is by definition, wonderfully unique and singular in style when placed alongside many of his counterparts in the electronic music category.

First song Sacred Waters is the gentle inception to a deeper Dolphina, where piano and percussion parts reproduce the familiar Paul Sills expressive touch many of us have come to appreciate. Tidal sounds mark the gentle layering of acoustic guitar strums mixed with piano intervals in Memories Of The Ocean and the steady piano rhythms mixed with dreamy electronic modulations on Footprints In The Mist are likewise a wonderful reflection.

A Sketch Of Spring contains a truly exciting transformation in composition which originates with the lighter melody before a keyboard sequence modification in the arrangement reveals a fascinating cascade of piano runs and half step key changes in both lower and upper octaves, modifying this piece into one of majestic design.

Choosing a broad pathway along his journey in nature inspired celestial music, this newest release from Paul Sills resides at a comfortable plateau in ambience, where deep orchestrations incorporated with light melodies and rhythms admirably blend into a pleasingly dreamy atmosphere. Paul by definition, has singularly created a deeper realm in sound, far beyond the commonplace methodology in what we regularly hear and experience from top producers of celestial music.

Visit the  profile page (  )  for Paul Sills to sample / purchase and then our page dedicated to Paul Sills.

An Interview with Paul Sills

MG Artists / Clifford White & Paul Sills



Discography - Paul Sills 


[新宿王子典藏 4 cds] Discography - Paul Sills

2011__Paul Sills (Legend Of The White Horse) 2011 [两岸首发]
官网专辑介绍: A new and exciting new digital release by Paul Sills. A medieval like atmosphere with his trademark sounds and layers of ambience take you on a journey of the senses. Quite possibly his finest work to date.

2008__Paul Sills (Walking Across Heaven) 2008
官网专辑介绍: Inspired by stories from the ‘afterlife’ There are people who have experienced ‘physical’ death and glimpsed what lies beyond this life, and been greeted by departed loved ones, only to be revived to share what they witnessed. There are also mediums and pyschics who have insight into the world of spirit. This music is based on such accounts and musically is a reflection of another world that exists just beyond our own.

The music is wonderfully imaginative and inspiring, with a great sense of peace, wonder and above all a message of love and hope.

2007__Paul Sills (Openland) 2007
[两岸首发] 官网也没有

2007__Paul Sills (Astral Doorways) 2007
官网专辑介绍: Gentle, subtle, ethereal, mystical and relaxing. Step through the doorway to another spiritual realm with this melodic and graceful music.







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