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Number & Title 
- Reflections Of Passion
(Happy Valentines Day to all)

Forever New Age Master
Asha (Asher Quinn = Denis Quinn)
(best selection_4_by Prince)


New Age - Relax, Healing, Love Song

My best favorites.
(a Super Fans' collection of Asher)


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              Forever New Age Master』- Reflections Of Passion Series


虽然王子音乐杂志的主题是『新世纪音乐 - 领航员』, 主要介绍[两岸首发]的新世纪音乐, 引领大家进入更多未知的美丽音乐领域, 不再以管窥天,

但对於『新鲜人』以及『永远的新世纪音乐大师』是不公平的, 因此特自(July 30, 2011)起, 陆续间隔性的介绍一些『新世纪音乐大师』的『传世经典名曲』, 也藉此机会让自己能『温故知新』, 重燃往日的激情 - Reflections Of Passion.....


  ASHA (= Asher Quinn = Denis Quinn)

他的本名是 Asher Quinn, 但却经常改名.....
   1987 Asha (Open Secret) 是用 Asha Quinn
   1989 ~ 1995 都是用 Denis Quinn
(但其中1993__Asha (A Concert Of Angels) 是用本名 Asher Quinn)
   1996 ~ 2004 都是用 Asha 昵称
   2005 Asha (East Of East) 起他又回复使用本名 Asher Quinn 至今, 但因 Asha 简单好记, 因此大部分老粉丝仍
      沿用 Asha 昵称

ASHA 与老梅一样都曾是英国『New World Music』的着名新世纪音乐大师(钢琴家 & 作曲家), 也是 New Age 音乐界中独树一格的『新世纪情歌大师』.

Asha的音乐优美动听, 配上精湛的钢琴与吉他演奏, 再加上爱唱情歌去挑动人心, 想必在现实生活中与臭屁王子一样的多采多姿.....

因此在前两集王子音乐杂志中, 很少去介绍他的情歌, 免得引发听友们不必要的误会与联想,
这回乘着西洋情人节顺风车, 推陈出新他的迷人曲儿, 喝高了不负责

祝大家 Happy Valentines Day!!


 [两岸首发] [原创] 【新世纪经典】 [新宿王子典藏_30张]

本集音乐杂志精选自下列30张王子典藏专辑 Prince Private Collection (64kb for audition & promotion only)
Prince's best selection from following 30 cds:

[新宿王子典藏] ASHA (=Asher Quinn =Denis Quinn) 30张专辑年表
                (Prince Private Collection) - a Super Fans' collection of Asher 

2011__Asha (O Great Spirit) 2011 {= Asher Quinn}
2010__Asha (The Songs Of Asher Quinn_CD_2) 2010 {= Asher Quinn}
2010__Asha (The Songs Of Asher Quinn_CD_1) 2010 {= Asher Quinn}
2010__Asha (Songs Of Love And Chains_2 CD) 2010 {= Asher Quinn}
          西洋经典老歌 口水歌

2010__Asha (Falling Through Time) 2010 {= Asher Quinn}
2009__Asha (Forgotten Language Of The Heart_CD_2) 2009 {= Asher Quinn}
2009__Asha (Forgotten Language Of The Heart_CD_1) 2009 {= Asher Quinn}
2008__Asha (Serpent In Paradise) 2008 {=Asher Quinn}
2008__Asha (In Concert_Live At Violet Hill) 2008 {= Asher Quinn}
2007__Asha (High Planes Music) 2007 {= Asher Quinn}
2005__Asha (This Love) 2005 {= Asher Quinn}
2005__Asha (Stardance) 2005 {= Asher Quinn}
2005__Asha (Sketches Of Innocence) 2005 {= Asher Quinn}
2005__Asha (East Of East) 2005 {= Asher Quinn}
2004__Asha (Silent Night) 2004
2002__Asha (Love Songs To Remember) 2002 {Best Of}
2002__Asha (Chosen By You) 2002 {Best Of}
1999__Asha (Music For Love) 1999
1997__Asha (Love Is The Only Prayer) 1997
1996__Asha (Resurrection) 1996
1996__Asha (Prophecy) 1996 {The Vocal Collection}
1996__Asha (Maranatha) = (Resurrection) 1996
1996__Asha (Celestine_The Insturmental Collection) 1996
1995__Asha (Marriage Of The Sun And Moon) 1995 {= Denis Quinn}
1994__Asha (Field Of Stars) 1994 {= Denis Quinn}
1993__Asha (The Art Of Love) 1993 {= Denis Quinn}
1993__Asha (Single As Love) 1993, 2002
1993__Asha (A Concert Of Angels) 1993 {= Asher Quinn}
1992__Asha (Fiery Moon) 1992, 1999 {= Denis Quinn}
1991__Asha (Amadora) 1991 {= Denis Quinn}
1990__Asha (Wings Of Fire) 1990 {= Denis Quinn}
1989__Asha (Mystic Heart) 1989 {= Denis Quinn}
1987__Asha (Open Secret) 1987, 2001 {= Asha Quinn}

Track List  曲目 (sample for audition & promotion only = 64 kbps)

3401_Asher Quinn (Forgotten Language Of The Heart_2_16)_Sailing On The Silk Blue Sea
(00:00 > 05:42)

402_Asher Quinn (O Great Spirit_05)_Bird Of Paradise
(05:42 > 11:11)

403_Asha (The Art Of Love_09)_Piano Moon
(11:11 > 14:26)

404_Asher Quinn (The Songs Of Asher Quinn_1_03)_Prayer For The World
(14:26 > 19:15)

405_Asher Quinn (Forgotten Language Of The Heart_1_19)_House Of Spirits (与 Celestine_07 不同)
(19:15 > 24:00)

406_Asher Quinn (The Songs Of Asher Quinn_2_04)_Red Man's Love (比 Prophecy_04 长2分)
(24:00 > 34:53)

407_Asha (Love Is The Only Prayer_03)_Hymn Of The Universe
(34:53 > 40:04)

408_Asher Quinn (O Great Spirit_12)_Blessings On Your Soul (Mariachi mix) {bonus track}
(40:04 > 43:31)

409_Asha (Marriage Of The Sun & Moon_06)_The Marriage Of The Sun And Moon
(43:31 > 47:00)

410_Asha (A Concert Of Angels_05)_Lionel's Song
(47:00 > 53:53)

411_Asha (Prophecy_06)_Talitha Cumi
(53:53 > 60:13)

412_Asha (The Art Of Love_11)_Xerokambos
(60:13 > 62:51)

413_Asher Quinn (East To East_11)_East Of East
(62:51 > 67:21)

414_Asher Quinn (In Concert_Live At Violet Hill_22)_Have Mercy On Me
(67:21 > 71:16)

415_Asher Quinn (The Songs Of Asher Quinn_1_02)_Return To Your Soul
(71:16 > 76:01)

416_Asha (Celestine_09)_Appassionata
(76:01 > 81:16)

417_Asha (Serpent In Paradise_03)_Time Of Spiritual Emergency
(81:16 > 88:48)

418_Asher Quinn (This Love_02)_My Redeemer
(88:48 > 91:54)

419_Asha (Fiery Moon_01)_Come Away, Come Away 长曲
(91:54 > 110:39)

420_Asha (A Concert Of Angels_03)_Star Child
(110:39 > 119:06)

-------Total Time 119:06



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   more information please visit  更多资料请叁考:

Prince's New Age Music Collection


『Forever New Age Master』

 ASHA (= Asher Quinn = Denis Quinn)  (UK)

New Age, Healing (Piano, Guitar & Love Songs)

『永远的新世纪音乐大师』- 新世纪钢琴,吉他与情歌







Prince's best selection from following 19 cds: {New World Music & Others}

(01) Asha (A Concert Of Angels) 1993

(02) Asha (Celestine) 2004

(03) Asha (Chosen By You) 2002

(04) Asha (Field Of Stars) 1996

(05) Asha (East Of East) 2005

(06) Asha (Fiery Moon) 1999

(07) Asha (Love Is The Only Prayer) 1998

(08) Asha (Love Songs To Remember) 2002 (Best Of)

(09) Asha (Marriage Of The Sun & Moon) 2003

(10) Asha (Music For Love) 1999

(11) Asha (Mystic Heart) 1999

(12) Asha (Amadora) 1991

(13) Asha (Open Secret) 2001

(14) Asha (Prophecy) 1996

(15) Asha (Resurrection) 2000

(16) Asha (Serpent In Paradise) 2008

(17) Asha (Single As Love) 1993

(18) Asha (The Art Of Love) 1993

(19) Asha (Wings Of Fire) 1990


   Asha's   Biography    
              ( )

               { Asha = Denis Quinn = Asher Quinn }

Asher has sold over half a million albums since his debut recording Open Secret in 1987, and four of them - Open Secret, Mystic Heart, Wings of Fire and Concert of Angels - have topped new-age and ambient album charts right around the world. His early albums were released under the name of Denis Quinn, and the bulk of them under the name Asha.

Combining instrumental and piano-based compositions with... uniquely, at the time... a few spiritual love-songs, Asher quickly found a niche in the rapidly expanding new age market, and drew comparisons with Peter Gabriel, Phillip Glass and film score composers Ennio Morricone and Hans Zimmer.

Increasingly this decade Asher has moved more towards the troubadour tradition of gentle ballad singing, still with a strong spiritual feel, and his poetic, prophetic and shamanic lyrics have drawn favourable comparisons with those of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, whilst his voice remains uniquely pure, tender and intimate... defying any comparison at all!


As a small boy, Asher says he used to listen to Radio Luxembourg under the bedclothes, and liked Buddy Holly, Rick Nelson and Elvis. He says: "I remember feeling quite concerned about Bobby Vee singing Take good care of my baby; I thought to myself 'Yeah, I hope they do... she's only small'. I was about 6 at the time."


Asher attended the Latymer School in London, which, with its sister school Godolphin, had a great theatrical tradition, and remembers Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman being in different years. Several friends and contemporaries went on to achieve success in the arts and the media like comedian Mel Smith, film director Paul Marcus, cellist Raphael Wallfisch and journalist Cassandra Jardine. Doing comic turns in revues gave him his first taste for writing and performing.

Asher says: "I used to play pounding Rolling Stones songs on the piano at teenage parties, and then ambient improvised stuff as the night wound down, but I was extremely shy and used to try and impress girls by playing the piano instead of chatting them up."

At around this time, Asher's cousin began going out with a Charterhouse schoolboy called Anthony Phillips, who was in a school band called Genesis... they were introduced and struck up a friendship around music, football, cricket and Monty Python. Anthony was to produce Asher's early albums, some 15 years later.

As a child, Asher says he loved Cliff and the Shadows, then the Beatles, but above all Bob Dylan. "Hearing Blowing in the wind aged about 9 made me want to write and play songs like that. For me it wasn't enough just to listen to great songs... I had to try and DO something about them."

Formative years

Asher writes: "As a student I had a German girlfriend, Ursula, who studied at the University of Gottingen. She had a little bedsit, and in the evenings we would listen to a crackly radio broadcasting from central Europe, and I grew to love the songs of people like Leonard Cohen, Fairport Convention, Van Morrison and French/Greek singer Georges Moustaki.

Ursula also introduced me to baroque and chamber music (especially the mournful Italians Vivaldi and Albinoni), art and films... Kandinsky, Chagall, Miro, Picasso and Matisse; their paintings were full of the kind of images I wanted to convey in my songs. Seeing Fellini's Roma made me realise you could combine the ordinary and the extraordinary in popular art, like Dylan did in song.

There was a 'beat' club called the Blue Note (they're always called the Blue Note), and we used to go down there to hear new acts. I dreamed of becoming a singer/songwriter, having my own songs on the radio and of performing at the Blue Note.

I remember also hearing, around that time, Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells and I was amazed; one whole track lasting 20 minutes with different episodes, moments of great beauty and eccentric humour... a real kind of mythic quest in music. It completely revolutionised how I came to write songs and compose music."

At his own university, East Anglia, he was contemporary with comedian and grumpy old man Arthur Smith (who, he remembers, produced a bouquet of flowers out of thin air as a magic trick at the degree ceremony). The university had a great creative writing reputation, and Asher was taught by such luminaries as novelists Angus Wilson, Vic and Lorna Sage and Malcolm Bradbury, and it also spawned a generation of writers and poets, like Ian McEwan and Hugo Williams. Contemporary American literature featured strongly, and Asher was introduced to the writings of Leonard Cohen, and the beat poets like Jack Kerouac who helped fire his imagination.

Other musical influences

The majority of Asher's albums pre-2005 have been marketed as new age music, probably because he wrote many instrumental tracks, and because they tended to have a spiritual feel. The artist himself says: "I just write love-songs... they are often very personal, and mostly for my wife and children. Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen are my 2 great heroes, both nice Jewish boys, like me! I once waited outside a hotel in Kensington, all night, just to meet Dylan when he emerged. I was 41 at the time (not really).

With 'Len' I had a much more intimate acquaintance. As a fan backstage I shared a pizza with him after he performed in Oxford in 1976. My mates and I had the pizza and he eyed it... pizza is a great way to meet your heroes! I was driving a 3-wheeled Robin Reliant (my first car), and I was so dazzled by the meeting that I forgot where I left it. Hours later, still scouring the streets of Oxford, I met Cohen again. 'I've lost my car' I told him; 'Christ, I hope you find it' he replied. I was about to chat to him about cricket and the meaning of life, but when I looked up, he'd gone..."

Asher says other major musical influences have been Bruce Springsteen, Tim Hardin, Arlo Guthrie and Canadian Daniel Lanois, as well as the folk melodies of Celtic, Jewish, Middle-Eastern and South-American songs, in particular. He also had an enduring crush on the gamin French chanteuse Francoise Hardy, reputedly equally shy by all accounts, and still harbours an ambition to duet with her...

When asked about his favourite songs of all time, Asher says: "It's a toss-up between the Stranglers' Golden brown ('a Baroque sea shanty sung by dark, possessed men lured onto the rocks'), and Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah sung by Jeff Buckley. My favourite album is Acadie by Daniel Lanois.




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