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Number & Title 
- Flying With The Clouds

Waynawari   ( PERU )
(best selection_1_by Prince)


New Age - Native American, Andes

My best favorites.
(a Super Fans' collection of Waynawari)




Official Web of Artist (or Music Company):           ( Peru 秘鲁)  



       [两岸首发] [原创] 【新世纪经典 [新宿王子典藏]


 王子注: 120512   

来自秘鲁的Waynawari 融合美洲原住民、安地斯及欧洲的传统文化, 创作出比传统安地斯音乐更加迷人的融合曲风,

     他的曲儿比其他一些大师还要精湛, 结合排箫、美洲长笛、鼓及钢琴的完美诠释, 让人爱不释手, 称得上是新世纪大师级『抚慰心灵的美洲原住民音乐』,

   虽然没他有显赫的『音乐大奖』加持, 但臭屁王子给他『
(毒舌派说:总比那些我懒得介绍的得奖大师们,单调难听, 自怨自艾的长笛好听太多了)


    本集音乐杂志精选自11 张王子典藏Waynawari专辑
    Prince Private Collection (64kb for audition & promotion only)
    Prince's best selection from 11 cds of Waynawari by Prince Collection

Waynawari (Clouds Of Sunset) 2004

Waynawari (Dreaming Melodies) 2006

Waynawari (Fire Thunder & Dance) 2007

Waynawari (Gentle Summerwind) 2011

Waynawari (Mi Estrellita) 2008

Waynawari (Mis Suenos) 2009

Waynawari (Northern Lights) 2006

Waynawari (Rosas Huayta) 2009

Waynawari (The Best Of Panflute) 2006

Waynawari (The Best Of) 2008

Waynawari (The Glen Of Silence) 2005


专辑 Cover 介绍: (2012-05-12)
Waynawari Photo 介绍: (copyright by the Official web)













 [两岸首发] [原创] 【新世纪经典】 [新宿王子典藏_11张]

(Native American, Andes_Waynawari_best_1)  - Flying With The Clouds

王子音乐杂志_0203 (Waynawari 秘鲁美洲原住民, 安地斯音乐大师系列典藏精选曲_1)_

Track List  曲目 (sample for audition & promotion only = 64 kbps) 

101_Waynawari (Mi Estrellita_01)_Para Mi Estellita
(00:00 > 04:20)

102_Waynawari (Clouds Of Sunset_02)_Clouds Of Sunset
(04:20 > 09:24)

103_Waynawari (The Glen Of Silence_03)_The Glen Of Silence
(09:24 > 14:33)

104_Waynawari (Dreaming Melodies_03)_Ayame
(14:33 > 19:14)

105_Waynawari (Northern Lights_08)_Lonley Hawk
(19:14 > 25:05)

106_Waynawari (Fire Thunder & Dance_01)_Lost Song
(25:05 > 31:01)

107_Waynawari (Mi Estrellita_07)_Nights In Red Mountains
(31:01 > 36:11)

108_Waynawari (The Glen Of Silence_07)_The Wedding Day
(36:11 > 40:51)

109_Waynawari (Clouds Of Sunset_01)_Daydreamer
(40:51 > 45:16)

110_Waynawari (Dreaming Melodies_04)_My Soul Will Fly
(45:16 > 49:43)

111_Waynawari (Fire Thunder & Dance_09)_Valle Sagrado
(49:43 > 54:01)

112_Waynawari (Clouds Of Sunset_05)_Me Sweet Indian Child
(54:01 > 61:08)

113_Waynawari (Dreaming Melodies_07)_Unforgiven Sunset
(61:08 > 65:55)

114_Waynawari (The Glen Of Silence_11)_It's No Good Crying
(65:55 > 70:06)

115_Waynawari (Mi Estrellita_06)_Like A Diamond
(70:06 > 74:48)

116_Waynawari (Mis Suenos_03)_A New Morning
(74:48 > 77:59)

117_Waynawari (Northern Lights_02)_Northern Lights
(77:59 > 82:47)

118_Waynawari (The Glen Of Silence_02)_Forget Your Sorrows
(82:47 > 88:32)

119_Waynawari (Mi Estrellita_03)_Dancing In The Forest
(88:32 > 93:07)

120_Waynawari (Mis Suenos_01)_Tree Of Peace
(93:07 > 99:23)

121_Waynawari (The Glen Of Silence_09)_Love At First Sight
(99:23 > 103:55)

122_Waynawari (Clouds Of Sunset_12)_Far Village
(103:55 > 107:46)

123_Waynawari (Fire Thunder & Dance_06)_Ancashina
(107:46 > 112:56)

124_Waynawari (Mis Suenos_08)_Firedrums
(112:56 > 116:44)

125_Waynawari (Mi Estrellita_09)_Flying With The Clouds
(116:44 > 121:19)

-------Total Time 121:19







About Waynawari   (= Teodoro Aliaga Alcarraz)   (Peru 秘鲁)     

  官方网站 (Official Web)   

My name is Teodoro Aliaga Alcarraz, born in a small village called Pacomarka, which belongs to the province Vilcashuamán, district of Ayacucho, Peru.

I grew up in modest circumstances surrounded the nature of the Andes. There were 6 children, I am the oldest of four sisters and one brother.

My parents planted in fields, and possessed animals. With 8 years ago I went to school in our town, where there was previously no school.

I've always loved music and learned piece by piece to play independently and Quena flute, instruments, which I have myself made of bamboo and wood. I often played traditional songs at school events.

At age 12 I moved to the city of Ayacucho, where I worked at my uncles went to school and continue to play their own music practiced and learned. I recorded part in traditional celebrations and festivals.

When I was 15 years old, I came to Lima, the capital of Peru, where I worked and studied. I began to study electronics at the Institute, but I could not make a conclusion, I very much and work hard and take care of my siblings and my mother had. But I constantly had to learn the music in mind and wanted more and more.

Thanks to this strong interest, I met in time for many people, famous and less familiar traditional folk music good music that fascinated me and spurred.

I also met some friends of the University of San Marcos know and joined a troupe of San Marcos Sikuris. There I learned a lot in this band, as well as in the study.

In 1983 I joined with friends then the Centro Cultural Rikchary Comas, where we set up a volunteer in our neighborhood for many indigent children and young people, a cultural center. Interested children and young people were there the opportunity to learn to play instruments, dance or theater.

We had 4 workshops: music, dance, theater and a Sikuri group. The man thanked him with much appreciation our purely cultural function with no intention of personal gain or the like.
With Rikchary Comas, we participated in many cultural activities and performances held in various regions and towns of Peru, with the proceeds of our performances helped needy villages and poor children.

With this group I was together until 1987. Then I played in various dance and music groups, such as: the group Sunitalla, at the Cultural Park, the Cultural Tawantinsuyo of Cuzco.

In 1988 I was part of the group Los heraldos of Peru with Augurio Madero - a well-known folk artists of that time in Peru. Later, friends and I founded the cultural association Llaqtamanta Peru, where we made our first recording of traditional music and dances.

We traveled a lot throughout Peru, played at various stages of Peru. In addition, I founded the group Perullaqta and there was a reception with music from various Latin American countries.

In early 1990 I met a friend who was already in Europe. He asked me if I was interested in a tour of Europe with the group Inkary and I was curious.

We had gigs in Luxembourg and Germany, then Holland and Belgium. Later the group Markamasi, Peru, in Bamberg, Germany, and this new group has toured throughout Germany and some neighboring countries.

In 1992 we made a recording in Hamburg, so we went on tour in Europe. We traveled to Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Denmark up to 1995, Then I went to 2003, a musical break.

End of 2003, I could not be without my music and decided to go back to the musical path. The music was always in my heart.

Thanks to my great friend and fellow German Mario Spindler of Mauntix studio I realized my first recording of instrumental music meditation, "Clouds of Sunset," a remembrance of times past in a modern style.

Thanks to the great response of European audiences for my first CD, 2005 a second CD, "The Glen of Silence". This was followed by 2006's CD "Northern Lights" and "Dreaming Melodies".

In the same year I also brought a CD with songs on the world-famous pan flute played out "The Best Of Panflute".

In early 2007 I traveled with a film crew from Central and South America, to capture many beautiful nature scenes and impressions for a video production.

I hope to implement later this year, a DVD can be. In June 2007 they released my latest CD "Fire Dance and Thunder".

Many thanks to my friends and the public. Other projects I will share here. (June 26, 2007)







 (Official Web)   专辑索引  ( Peru 秘鲁 )



[两岸首发] [原创] 【新世纪经典】 [新宿王子典藏_11张]

 [新宿王子典藏 11张] 张专辑 年表       


2004__Waynawari (Clouds Of Sunset) 2004
2005__Waynawari (The Glen Of Silence) 2005
2006__Waynawari (Dreaming Melodies) 2006
2006__Waynawari (Northern Lights) 2006
2006__Waynawari (The Best Of Panflute) 2006
2007__Waynawari (Fire Thunder & Dance) 2007
2008__Waynawari (Mi Estrellita) 2008
2008__Waynawari (The Best Of) 2008
2009__Waynawari (Mis Suenos) 2009
2009__Waynawari (Rosas Huayta) 2009
2011__Waynawari (Gentle Summerwind) 2011


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专辑 Cover 介绍: (2012-05-12)




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