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Happy Valentines Day to all

Armik (La Vida) 2015

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Prince Podcast_0267




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Number & Title 
    Prince_Podcast_0267 - Winds Of Passion

Forever New Age Master
Armik  ( Iran / USA )
(best selection_1_by Prince)



New Age - New Flamenco Guitar, Spannish Guitar, World Fusion,

My best favorites.
(a Super Fans' collection of Armik)




 原本预定于大年初一(160208)发表这次的音乐杂志, 特别选用轻松愉悦的Armik来庆祝丰年,

但因为小年夜(160207)台湾台南市永康区发生了惊人的大地震, 造成一百多人罹难及五六百人受伤, 数百人无家可归, 数十万人停水停电的惨况, 而推迟发表.                  



Official Web of Artist (or Music Company):

(Official Web)         (Iran 伊朗 / USA 米国)
(Non-Official Web)  









Prince_Podcast_0267 (
Armik_Forever New Age Master_best selection_1 by Prince) - Winds Of Passion
王子音乐杂志_0267 (Armik 美籍伊朗裔新世纪Flamenco吉他大师系列45张专辑典藏精选曲_1)

Track List  曲目 (sample for audition & promotion only = 64 kbps) 

101_Armik (Romantic Spanish Guitar_Vol_2_01)_Winds Of Passion
(00:00 > 04:33)

102_Armik (A Day In Brazil_Club Bolero_08)_Tropica
(06:33 > 09:01)

103_Armik (Alegra_01)_Alegra
(09:01 > 13:51)

104_Armik (Amor De Guitarra_03)_Midnight Bolero
(13:51 > 18:44)

105_Armik (Barcelona_03)_Toledo
(18:44 > 23:24)

106_Armik (Souvenir_01)_Gypsy Flame
(23:24 > 28:18)

107_Armik (Besos_05)_Dancing Butterflies
(28:18 > 33:03)

108_Armik (Cafe Romantico_06)_Luceros
(33:03 > 38:10)

109_Armik (Casa de Amor_04)_Golden Waves
(38:10 > 43:53)

110_Armik (Christmas Wishes_10)_Dancing Angels
(43:53 > 46:38)

111_Armik (Desires_Romantic Collection_09)_Romantic Dreams
(46:38 > 51:29)

112_Armik (Flames Of Love_01)_Flames Of Love
(51:29 > 56:02)

113_Armik (Fuego Gitana_The Nuevo Flamenco Collection_11)_Barcelona Sunsets
(56:02 > 61:00)

114_Armik (Guitar Romance_06)_Guitar Romance
(61:00 > 65:43)

115_Armik (Isla Del Sol_09)_Stolen Moments
(65:43 > 70:26)

116_Armik (La Vida_03)_Guitarra Del Amor
(70:26 > 74:56)

117_Armik (Lost In Paradise_02)_Lost In Paradise
(74:56 > 80:09)

118_Armik (Malaga_04)_Reflections Of Paradise
(80:09 > 84:57)

119_Armik (Mar De Suens_02)_Mar De Suens
(84:57 > 89:54)

120_Armik (Mi Pasion_02)_Mi Pasion
(89:54 > 94:44)

121_Armik (MTV History_01)_Pure Paradise
(94:44 > 99:56)

122_Armik (Mystify_04)_Nights In Ibiza
(99:56 > 104:32)

123_Armik (Piano Nights_01)_Piano Nights
(104:32 > 109:40)

124_Armik (Rain Dancer_10)_Zingaro
(109:40 > 114:11)

125_Armik (Rubia_01)_Rubia
(114:11 > 119:41)

-------Total Time 119:41






Armik's Official Web 官方网站  (Iran 伊朗 / USA 米国)




  王子注: 本集音乐杂志精选自下列45张王子典藏专辑
Prince Private Collection (64kb for audition & promotion only)
                     Prince's best selection from following 45 cds:

{Armik 美籍伊朗裔新世纪Flamenco吉他大师系列45张专辑典藏精选曲}

[新宿王子典藏] Armik 美籍伊朗裔新世纪Flamenco吉他大师系列45张专辑 年表

2015__Armik (Romantic Spanish Guitar_Vol_2) 2015
2015__Armik (La Vida) 2015
2014__Armik (Romantic Spanish Guitar_Vol_1) 2014
2014__Armik (Mystify) 2014
2014__Armik (Greatest Hits) 2014
2013__Armik (Flames Of Love) 2013
2013__Armik (Alegra) 2013
2012__Armik (Reflections) 2012
2012__Armik (Casa de Amor) 2012
2010__Armik (Besos) 2010

2009__Armik (Serenata) 2009
2008__Armik (Greatest Hits_CD_2) 2008
2008__Armik (Greatest Hits_CD_1) 2008
2008__Armik (Fuego Gitana_The Nuevo Flamenco Collection) 2008
2007__Armik (Guitarrista) 2007
2007__Armik (A Day In Brazil_Club Bolero) 2007
2006__Armik (Mi Pasion) 2006
2006__Armik (Desires_The Romantic Collection) 2006
2006__Armik (Christmas Wishes) 2006
2005__Armik (Mar De Suens) 2005
2005__Armik (Cafe Romantico) 2005
2004__Armik (Treasures) 2004
2004__Armik (Romantic Dreams) 2004
2004__Armik (Piano Nights) 2004
2003__Armik (The Best Of Armik) 2003
2003__Armik (Barcelona) 2008
2003__Armik (Amor De Guitarra) 2003
2002__Armik (Lost In Paradise) 2002
2001__Armik (Spanish Memories) 2001
2001__Armik (Rosas Del Amor) 2001
2001__Armik (MTV History) 2001
2000__Armik (Hit Collection) 2000
2000__Armik (Guitar Masters_Armik) 2000
2000__Armik (Flamenco) 2000

1999__Armik (Very Best) 1999
1999__Armik (Isla Del Sol) 1999
1999__Armik (Brisas De Pamplonita) 1999
1997__Armik (Souvenir) 1997
1997__Armik (Malaga) 1997
1997__Armik (Magic Touch) 1997
(Middle East Version) 与1992年曲目不同
1996__Armik (The Best) 1996 {Label_Brazilia Pelican}
1996__Armik (Rubia) 1996
1995__Armik (Gypsy Flame) 1995
1994__Armik (Rain Dancer) 1994
1992__Armik (Magic Touch) 1992





[新宿王子典藏] Armik 美籍伊朗裔新世纪Flamenco吉他大师系列45张专辑 A ~ Z Index

Armik (A Day In Brazil_Club Bolero) 2007
Armik (Alegra) 2013
Armik (Amor De Guitarra) 2003

Armik (Barcelona) 2008
Armik (Besos) 2010
Armik (Brisas De Pamplonita) 1999

Armik (Cafe Romantico) 2005
Armik (Casa de Amor) 2012
Armik (Christmas Wishes) 2006

Armik (Desires_The Romantic Collection) 2006

Armik (Flamenco) 2000
Armik (Flames Of Love) 2013
Armik (Fuego Gitana_The Nuevo Flamenco Collection) 2008

Armik (Greatest Hits_CD_1) 2008
Armik (Greatest Hits_CD_2) 2008
Armik (Greatest Hits) 2014
Armik (Guitar Masters_Armik) 2000
Armik (Guitarrista) 2007
Armik (Gypsy Flame) 1995

Armik (Hit Collection) 2000

Armik (Isla Del Sol) 1999

Armik (La Vida) 2015
Armik (Lost In Paradise) 2002

Armik (Magic Touch) 1992
Armik (Magic Touch) 1997
(Middle East Version) 与1992年曲目不同
Armik (Malaga) 1997
Armik (Mar De Suens) 2005
Armik (Mi Pasion) 2006
Armik (MTV History) 2001
Armik (Mystify) 2014

Armik (Piano Nights) 2004

Armik (Rain Dancer) 1994
Armik (Reflections) 2012
Armik (Romantic Dreams) 2004
Armik (Romantic Spanish Guitar_Vol_1) 2014
Armik (Romantic Spanish Guitar_Vol_2) 2015
Armik (Rosas Del Amor) 2001
Armik (Rubia) 1996

Armik (Serenata) 2009
Armik (Souvenir) 1997
Armik (Spanish Memories) 2001

Armik (The Best Of Armik) 2003
Armik (The Best) 1996 {Label_Brazilia Pelican}
Armik (Treasures) 2004

Armik (Very Best) 1999







About Armik   ( Iran 伊朗 / USA 米国 )

Armik (Armik Dashchi) is an Iranian-Armenian flamenco guitarist and composer.
Several of his albums have reached Billboard's Top New Age Albums chart.

Birth name : Armik Dashchi
Born : Iran
Origin : Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Genres : New Age, New Flamenco, Instrumental, World
Occupation(s) : Musician, Guitarist, Composer
Instruments : Guitar
Years active :1991–present
Labels : Baja/TSR Records, Bolero Records

(  )


  官方网站 (Official Web)       
(Non-Official Web)  




Biography Armik( )

Armik, a prolific composer of bravura guitar works, enjoys great popularity around the world. Launching his solo career in 1994, Armik drew upon his jazz roots and flamenco passions to create a revolutionary twist on the emerging Nuevo flamenco sound.

His invaluable compositions and performances cover an entire range of provocative melodies honed throughout his formative years to his delicate balancing of flamenco and classical guitar to the Latin and jazz influences that listeners hear in his music today.

As a guitarist, he is one of the most adulated virtuosos of the Nuevo Flamenco genre, having attained this stature by virtue of his commanding presence among Billboard Magazine’s Top Ten New Age Artists of 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Armik was born in Iran of Armenian descent. When he was just seven years old, he pawned his watch for a classical guitar, which he hid and practiced on in the basement.

Formal music lessons followed and Armik completed a rigid instructional regimen in just two years. At 12, he was a professional recording artist. While his early career focused mostly on jazz,

Armik discovered the beauty and passion of Flamenco while visiting Spain during the 1970s when he saw the legendary Paco de Lucia perform. Driven by a fire for the tradition that has defined his musical life ever since, the young musician immediately switched from his Jazz guitar for an in-depth journey to the heart of Spanish music.

In 1981 Armik moved to Los Angeles to pursue this new direction, playing with other artists live and in the studio.

By 1994 he released his solo debut album RAIN DANCER, a critical and commercial success that he followed with 1995’s GYPSY FLAME (GOLD in Australia).

At this point, Armik’s reputation as a professional recording artist of Nuevo flamenco was such that expert Spanish luthier Pedro Maldonado created an instrument for him, the Rubia;

Armik’s 1996 album was recorded with, and named after it. The following year saw the release of MALAGA, and his fifth album, ISLA DEL SOL, appeared in 1999, followed by ROSAS DEL AMOR in the spring of 2001.

Armik, the internationally renowned Nuevo flamenco guitarist/composer/producer continues to blaze his guitar virtuosity around the world as the owner of the Bolero Records imprint, which was established in 2002. Since its inception, all of Armik’s recordings have charted above the top ten rung on the Billboard New Age ladder of success;

DESIRES, The Romantic Collection (2006),
MI PASION (2006),
FUEGO GITANA, The Nuevo Flamenco Collection (2008),
SERENATA (2009),
BESOS (2010),
CASA DE AMOR (2012),
ALEGRA (2013),
MYSTIFY (2014),
and LA VIDA (2015).



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Prince_Podcast_0017 (Bindu_Best_01)






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