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 [新宿王子典藏] (Prince Favorites Piano_Various Artists_2016-1 & 2)  52 张精选曲


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Prince Podcast_0272



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Number & Title 
    Prince_Podcast_0272  - Dreamland

Prince Favorites Piano_Various Artists
(best selection_2016-2_by Prince)

New Age - Piano, Healing, Relax,

My best favorites.
(a Super Fans' collection )



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 [两岸首发] [原创] 【新世纪经典】 [新宿王子典藏]


本集音乐杂志精选自下列52张王子典藏专辑 Prince Private Collection (64kb for audition & promotion only)
Prince's best selection from following 52 cds:


Prince Favorites Piano_Various Artists_2016- 52 张   A ~ Z  Index
   (Prince Private Collection) - a Super Fans' collection   

Amy Lauren (Sulla Riva) 2016
Ann Sweeten (Where Butterflies Dance) 2016
Bernward Koch (Touched By Love) 2016
Blank & Jones (Silent Piano_Songs For Sleeping) 2016

Brad Jacobsen (Pastorale_Solo Piano Hymns) 2016
Carolyn Southworth (By The Sea) 2016
Craig Urquhart (Calm Seas) 2016
Danny Wright (Unconditional Love) 2016


David Hicken (Stories Of You) 2016
David Hicken (The Art Of Piano) 2016
David Lanz (Norwegian Rain) 2016
Didier Merah (Eden) 2016

Didier Merah (Sacred Forest) 2016
Dominique German (God's Peace) 2016
Eamonn Karran (Celtic Skies) 2016
Emily Rowe (Daydream) 2016

Fariborz Lachini (Scent Of Yesterday_35) 2016
Fariborz Lachini (Scent Of Yesterday_36) 2016
Fariborz Lachini (Scent Of Yesterday_37) 2016
Frantz Amathy (Season Of Love) 2016

Gary Girouard (The Naked Piano_Transitions) 2016
Greg Maroney (Quiet Piano Improvisations_Vol_1) 2016
Greg Maroney (The Light Within) 2016
Hisham Kharma (Al Yaqeen) 2016

Ian Michaels (Renaissance) 2016
Jim Brickman (Freedom Rings) 2016
Jim Brickman (Hope_Deluxe Edition) 2016
Jim Brickman (Soothe_Vol_2_Sleep) 2016

Joe Bongiorno (Love's Light) 2016
John Adorney (A World Awakens) 2016
John Fluker (11_11) 2016
Jordan (Variations) 2016

Laura Sullivan (Timeless _The Most Relaxing Classical Music Ever) (2016)
Lisa Downing (The Wisdom Of My Shadow) 2016
Louis Landon (Ebb And Flow_Solo Piano} 2016
Louis Landon (Healing Hearts_3_Solo Piano) 2016

Marc Enfroy (Crossroads) 2016
Michael Logozar (Wonder) 2016
Myristica (Star_Filled Skies) 2016
Paul Cardall (A New Creation) 2016

Peter Kater (Heart Of The World_Colorado's National Parks) 2016 {TV OST}
Peter Kater (Resonance) 2016
Philip Wesley (Beyond Cloud Nine) 2016
Renara Akhoundova (Gratitude) 2016

Robert Thies & Damjan Krajacic (Blue Landscapes II_Discoveries) 2016
Sean Christopher (Mystique) 2016
Shoshana Michel (Dancing On The Wind) 2016
Steve Kohl (A Time Of Reflection) 2016

Steven Halpern (Relaxation Suite 2.0) 2016
Subramanya (Ripples Of Light) 2016
The Piano Guys (Uncharted) 2016 {Deluxe Edition}
Wim Mertens (Dust Of Truths) 2016



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Prince_Podcast_272 (Prince Favorites Piano_Various Artists_2016-2)
- Dreamland 

王子音乐杂志_0272 (王子最爱的新世纪钢琴典藏精选曲_2016-2)


Track List  曲目 (sample for audition & promotion only = 64 kbps) 

16301_John Fluker (11_11_07)_Moments
(00:00 > 03:56)

16302_Gary Girouard (The Naked Piano_Transitions_06)_Forbidden Love
(03:56 > 07:26)

16303_Ian Michaels (Renaissance_03)_The Hem
(07:26 > 10:37)

16304_Jim Brickman (Freedom Rings_02)_Battle Hymn Of The Republic
(10:37 > 12:59)

16305_Jim Brickman (Hope_Deluxe Edition_03)_Distant Rain
(12:59 > 17:56)

16306_Jim Brickman (Soothe_Vol_2_Sleep_02)_Tranquility
(17:56 > 23:15)

16307_Joe Bongiorno (Love's Light_08)_Forever My Angel
(23:15 > 28:07)

16308_John Adorney (A World Awakens_08)_The Nesting Place
(28:07 > 32:12)

16309_Jordan (Variations_04)_Times Past
(32:12 > 35:34)

16310_Laura Sullivan (Timeless _01)_Canon and Gigue In D Major (Remastered)
(35:34 > 40:39)

16311_Lisa Downing (The Wisdom Of My Shadow_02)_Tragic Dream
(40:39 > 44:38)

16312_Louis Landon (Ebb And Flow_Solo Piano_01)_Love Scenes
(44:38 > 49:54)

16313_Louis Landon (Healing Hearts_3_Solo Piano_01)_Standing In The Light
(49:54 > 54:41)

16314_Marc Enfroy (Crossroads_01)_Crossroads
(54:41 > 57:44)

16315_Michael Logozar (Wonder_06)_Dreamland
(57:44 > 61:32)

16316_Paul Cardall (A New Creation_11)_Eden Za Drugim
(61:32 > 64:52)

16317_Peter Kater (Resonance_02)_Twilight Star
(64:52 > 71:28)

16318_Robert Thies & Damjan Krajacic (Blue Landscapes II_Discoveries_12)_Morning Sky
(71:28 > 73:31)

16319_Shoshana Michel (Dancing On The Wind_01)_When Leaves Dance
(73:31 > 78:17)

16320_Steven Halpern (Relaxation Suite 2.0_11)_Pianissimo
(78:17 > 82:50)

16321_Subramanya (Ripples Of Light_06)_Awakening
(82:50 > 87:49)

16322_The Piano Guys (Uncharted_Deluxe Edition_08)_Holding On
(87:49 > 91:15)

16323_Shoshana Michel (Dancing On The Wind_03)_Dancing On The Wind
(91:15 > 94:59)

16324_Danny Wright (Unconditional Love_06)_Leslie's Theme
(94:59 > 99:01)

16325_Myristica (Star_Filled Skies_04)_Two Skies
(99:01 > 103:36)

16326_Peter Kater (Heart Of The World_Colorado's National Parks_25_Heart Of The World
(103:36 > 106:17)

16327_Hisham Kharma (Al Yaqeen_04)_Al Iman Wal Asr
(106:17 > 111:13)

16328_Steve Kohl (A Time Of Reflection_07)_Journey Through The Mist
(111:13 > 116:14)

16329_Sean Christopher (Mystique_10)_Close To Me
(116:14 > 120:01)

-------Total Time 120:15


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