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(recommend 2013 New Age Albums)

王子新世纪音乐典藏__目录 2013 精选专辑推荐

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recommend 2013 New Albums (New Age Music)
王子新世纪音乐典藏__目录 2013 最新专辑 推荐 精选

Prince_Podcast_0216 (Various Artists 2013_best_1_selection by Prince) - Misty Mountain (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0217 (Various Artists 2013_best_2_selection by Prince) - Barcelona Sunrise (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0218 (Various Artists 2013_best_3_selection by Prince) - Sunrise (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0227 (Forever New Age Master - Medwyn Goodall_best_11_by Prince)  (64kb for audition & promotion only)   Prince_Podcast_0228 (Forever New Age Master_Medwyn Goodall_best_12_by Prince) (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0229 (Fiona Joy Hawkins__best_1) - Sensual Journeys (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0230 (Fiona Joy Hawkins__best_2) - Portrait Of A Waterfall (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0231 (Logos & Michel Pepe 2013_best selection by Prince) -- Amour Universel (Universal Love)  Prince_Podcast_0232 (Forever New Age Master - ERA (composed by Eric Levi - France)__best_1)  - Reflections Of Passion (64kb for audition & promotion only)     Prince_Podcast_0235 (Andreas (= Louie Andreas)_best_1) - Spiritual Journeys__best selection_by Prince (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0236 (Myristica_best_1) - Counting Stars__best selection by Prince (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0237 (Kerani_best_1) - Wonderful Peace__best selection by Prince (64kb for audition & promotion only)   Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all....


  【新世纪经典】 [新宿王子典藏] 2013 最新专辑_282 张 (update_131208)  

王子注:2013年的新世纪音乐界, 特别以老梅(Medwyn Goodall) 的抢钱一哥最为抢眼, 截至2013年12月8日止,老梅及MG Music旗下艺人共发行51张专辑 (如表列蓝色文字标示), 包含:

(1) Medwyn Goodall & Midori = 24 albums
       实在是是老当益壮, 可列入吉尼斯世界纪录了.......

  (2) MG Music Artists = 27 albums
       旗下艺人的东东中,有不少老梅着墨甚深的曲风(尤其是Myristica的), 充分发
       挥揠苗助长, 领头羊的角色.....
汗~~ 毒舌派说滴


Aeoliah (Ascended Victory) 2013
Age Of Echoes (Following The Rain) 2013
Age Of Echoes (Kingdom Of The Sky) 2013

Akshan (The Rise Of Atlantis) 2013
Al Conti (The Blue Rose) 2013
Al Gromer Khan (Far Go) 2013
Al Martino (Blu) 2013
Al Martino (Nei Cieli Della Storia_Live In Capri Island) 2013
Albert Artemyev (Andromeda) 2013
Albert Artemyev (Between Worlds) 2012
Albert Artemyev (Gravitation) 2013
Albert Artemyev (Journey To Dream) 2013
Albert Artemyev (Kepler 22b) 2013
Albert Artemyev (Orion Nebula) 2013
Albert Artemyev (There Where Light Is Born) 2013
Amberfern (AquaEssence_An Ocean Of Calm) 2013
Amure (Earth Is Our Home 2014) 2013
Amure (Experience) 2013
Amy Lauren (On Water) 2013 {Piano}
Andre Rieu (In Love With Maastricht) 2013
Andreas (Reiki Colours) 2013
Andrei Krylov (Relaxing Meditation & Yoga_Music For Classical Indian Guitar & Chanting) 2013
Andrew Kinsella (The Gates of Heaven) 2013 {EP_MG}
Andrew Kinsella (Under The Willow) 2013 {Single_MG}

Ao Music (Hokulea) 2013
Armik (Flames Of Love) 2013
Aroshanti (Zen Relaxation) 2013
Arto Kumanto ( In Touch) 2013 {Piano}
Ascent (Forest Stream) 2013
Ashi (Sacred Space) 2013

BBJSAM (Chamanic Lounge) 2013 {EP} 一般
Bernward Koch (Day Of Life) 2013
Bertrand Loreau (Nostalgic Steps) 2013 {Electronic}
Bjornemyr (Reiki For Children) 2013
Bliss (So Many Of Us) 2013
Blue Seas Grand Orchestra (Poetry Of The Natures_2 CD) 2013
Brian Crain (Life Is...) 2013
Buddha Bar_15 (2 CD) 2013

Capercaillie (At The Heart Of It All) 2013
Capitanata (Armonia Dell'anima_Vol_2) 2013
Capitanata (Harmony Of The Soul_Vol_2) 2013
Chad Lawson (The Piano) 2011 {Piano}
Chad Lawson (The Space Between) 2013 {Piano}
Chinmaya Dunster (Meditation Ragas) 2013
Chris Spheeris (Respect) 2013 {with Paul Voudouris}
Christopher Phillips (Piano Chill Songs Of James Taylor) 2013 {Piano}
Clannad (Christ Church Cathedral) 2013
Clannad (Nadur) 2013 {Celtic}
Claudia Mastrorilli (L'attesa) 2013 {Piano} Italy, 不错
Corciolli (Messengers Of Light_Vol_3) 2013
Corciolli (Pegadas Na Areia) 2013
Corey Heuvel (Bliss From Within) 2013
Craig Karolus (Journey Of Divine Instrumentation) 2013
Cult In Cerimonia (Native Spirit) 2013
Culturite (Indigenous Nationhood Movement) 2013 (Native American)
Curtis Macdonald (When Dreams Come True) 2013
Cut In Cerimonia (Native Spirit) 2013

Damien Dubois (La Source de Vie) 2013
Daniel Gil (Landscape Of The Soul) 2013 一般 Ambient
Danny Wright (Barbra Streisand_A Piano Tribute) 2013
Danny Wright (Full Of Love) 2013
Danny Wright (Moods Of Indigo) 2013
Daveed (Blue Moon) 2013
David Antony Clark (Spirit Dance) 2013
David Arkenstone (Loveren) 2013 {with Charlee Brooks}
David Arkenstone (Native Visions) 2013 {Ah Nee Mah}
David Bradley (A Little Grace) 2013 {MG}
David Bradley (Finding Calm) 2013
David Bradley (Garden Of Peace) 2013 {Samples & Singles}

David Darling (Light From The Super Earth) 2013 {with Friends}
David Helpling (Found) 2013 {with Jon Jenkins}
David Lanz (Cristofori's Dream) 2013 (Re-Envisioned)
David Lanz (Movements Of The Heart) 2013
David Nevue (Open Sky) 2013
David Thomas_Samsara (Vol_4_Once Upon A Time Buddha) 2013
David Wahler (Secret Dream) 2013
Dean Evenson (Dream Space) 2013
Deep Forest (Deep Africa) 2013
Deep Forest (Deep India) 2013 {with Rahul Sharma}
Delerium (Music Box Opera_2 CD) 2013 {Deluxe Edition)
Dennis Hawk Music (Maha Lakshmi) 2013 (Native American) 一般
Dennis O'Neill (Die Heilkraft Der Meere) 2013
Deuter (Dream Time) 2013
Deva Premal (A Deeper Light) 2013 {with Miten with Manose}
Diane Arkenstone (Union Road) 2013
Dr. Sergei Shaboutin (Yoga_Ocean Of Harmony) 2013

Enigma (Metamorphosis__Reworked Bootleg) 2013
Era (Arielle Dombasle by Era) 2013
Erik Berglund (Chant Of Miracles) 2013
Erik Wollo (Celestia) 2013 {EP}
Erik Wollo (Silent Currents_Live At Sstars End_3) 2013
Ernest Lyons & Chris Mills (Sanctuary_Dawn Vol_8) 2013
Eternal Love (Fable) 2013

Fantasia Roma (Dreamscapes_Vol. 2) 2013
Fariborz Lachini (Scent Of Yesterday_18) 2013
Fariborz Lachini (Scent Of Yesterday_19) 2013
Fiona Joy Hawkins (600 Years In A Moment) 2013
Frank Klare (Area Of Dreams) 2013
Frequenze Vibrazionali (Messaggi dal Cosmo nel Tempo) 2013

Gandalf (Dreamweaver) 2013
Gao An (Ultimate King Of Piano_Ocean Of Maldives) 2013 {Piano}
George Skaroulis (Passions) 2013
Golana (Love & Kindness) 2013 {Native American}
Gomer Edwin Evans (Healing Dreams) 2013
Gomer Edwin Evans (Zeit Fur Traume) 2013
Govi (Pure At Heart) 2013
Greg Maroney (Hope Resides) 2013
Gregorian (Masters Of Chant Chapter_9) 2013

Hans Peter Neuber (Mystik und Traum) 2013
Hans Peter Neuber (Piano Inspirations) 2013
Hans Peter Neuber (Tomare Rakhibo_O my beloved Supreme) 2013
Hans Zimmer (Man Of Steel_2 CD) 2013 {OST}
Hans Zimmer (Rush) 2013
Hearts Of Space (AMBIcon) 2013 {Music Conference May 3-4-5, 2013}
Huva Laba (Om Cycle, Meditation Calm & Light) 2013

Iasos (Celestial Soul Portrait) 2013
Isaac Shepard (Knights And Damsels) 2013 {Piano}
Isis & Cobra (The Goddess Spiral Meditations) 2013 {The Music by Medwyn Goodall}

James Johnson & Aperus (Ecotone) 2013 {Ambient, 一般}
Javi Canovas (Desert Dawn) 2013
JD Emmanuel (Time Traveler) 2013
Joe Hisaishi (Ni No Kuni_Wrath Of The White Witch_2 CD) 2013 {Game OST}
John Cavoretto (Awakening) 2013
Jon Richards (Tibetan Spirit) 2013 {MG}
Jonathan Goldman (The Divine Name I Am) 2013

Kamarius (Wine Of The Mystic) 2013
Karterpiller (Velvet Coast) 2013
Karunesh (New Year_Soothing Lounge Music For Party Animals) 2013
Kerani (Echo Of Our Souls) {Single} 2013 {with Medwyn Goodall}
Kerani (The Journey) 2013
Kerani (Wings Of Comfort) 2013

Kevin Hartnett (Holistic Meditation) 2013
Kitaro (Final Call) 2013
Kitaro (Tamayura) 2013
Kitaro (The Kitaro Quintessential) 2013
Klaus Schulze (Shadowlands_2 CD_Bonus Track Version} 2013

Laliya (Just Like River) 2013
Laurent Goby (Prevolution_Meditation & Relaxation) 2013 一般
Llewellyn (Celtic Music For Relaxation) 2013 {with Conway}
Llewellyn (Moon Spells) 2013
Llewellyn (Musica Para Dormir) 2013
Llewellyn (Native American Prayer) 2013
Llewellyn (Reiki Gold_Full Album Continuous Mix) 2013
Llewellyn (Reiki Music_Vol_1) 2013 {with Niall}
Llewellyn (Sleep Music) 2013
Llewellyn (Wolf Lore) 2013
Logos (Feminin Sacre) 2013
Louis Landon (Sedona On My Mind) 2013 {Solo Piano}
Ludovico Einaudi (In A Time Lapse) 2013
Lumiere Tales (Elven Forest) 2013

Marc Francois Marcel Hebbelinck (Harp Meditation Between Flowers) 2013
Marika Takeuchi {Impressions) 2013 {Piano}
Matthew Lien (Where Does Love Go) 2013
Medwyn Goodall (A Celtic Caress) 2013 {= Midori (Celtic Sunrise) 1996}
Medwyn Goodall (Call Of The Forest) 2013
{= Midori}
Medwyn Goodall (Dream Catcher) 2013
{= Midori}
Medwyn Goodall (Echo Of Our Souls) {Single} 2013 {with Kerani}
Medwyn Goodall (Emerald) 2013
{ = Midori}
Medwyn Goodall (Equanimity_Sensuous Soulful Soothing) 2013
{= Midori}
Medwyn Goodall (Incense_2) 2013
{= Midori}
Medwyn Goodall (Music For Children_The Light Of The Moment) 2013
Medwyn Goodall (Music For Dreams & Wonder_Realm Of Dreams) 2013
Medwyn Goodall (Music For Inspiration_Inca Gold) 2013
Medwyn Goodall (Music For Joy & Energy_Light In The Rhythm) 2013
Medwyn Goodall (Music For Perfect Sleep) 2013
Medwyn Goodall (Music For Relaxation & Healing_Bliss) 2013
Medwyn Goodall (Music For Sleep & Rejuvination_Golden Slumbers) 2013
Medwyn Goodall (Music For The Goddess_She) 2013
Medwyn Goodall (Music For The Imagination_Dragons In The Mist) 2013
Medwyn Goodall (Sanskrit) 2013 {Single}
Medwyn Goodall (Spirit Of The Panpipes) 2013
{= Midori}
Medwyn Goodall (The Forest Awakening) 2013
{= Midori}
Medwyn Goodall (The Goddess Spiral Meditations) 2013 {Vocal by Isis & Cobra}
Medwyn Goodall (The Very Best Of Celtic-Irish-Medieval) 2013
Medwyn Goodall (The Very Best Of Music For Spa) 2013 {with Friends}
Medwyn Goodall (The Very Best Of Relaxation) 2013 {with Friends}
Medwyn Goodall (Turtle Island) 2013

Michael Hoppe (Grace) 2013
Michael Whalen (All The Things I Could Not Say) 2013 {Piano}
Michel Pepe (La Cascade Feerique) 2013
Mick Douglas (Astral Projection) 2013
Mick Douglas (Deep Relaxation) 2013
Mick Douglas (Music For Lovers) 2013
Mick Douglas (Music For Meditation) 2013
Mick Douglas (The Power Of Spring) 2013
Mike Howe (Heading West) 2013
Mike Oldfield (Moonlight Shadow_The Collection) 2013
Mike Oldfield (Tubular Beats) 2013
Moon Mirror (Transference) 2013
Moya Brennan & Cormac De Barra (Affinity) 2013
Myristica (Little Oak) 2013 {MG}  老梅着墨甚深的曲风
Myristica (Sea Of Dreams) 2011 {MG}
Myristica (To The Moon And Stars) 2013 {MG}

Mythos (Journey) 2013

Nader Sharif (Narrators Aqua Agon 1st Edition) 2013
Niall (Nativos Americanos Flauta) 2013 (Native American Panpipe)
Nicholas Gunn (Beyond Grand Canyon) 2013
Nicholas Gunn (Twenty Years Of Discovery) 2013
Nicolas Dri (100 Minutes Zen) 2013
Nicolas Jeandot (Metamorphose) 2013
Nils Frahm (Spaces) 2013
Niyaz (Sumud_The Acoustic EP) 2013
Nzmusic (Paradise) 2013

Omar Akram (Daytime Dreamer) 2013
Oneohtrix Point Never (Russian Mind) 2013
Oscar Rocchi (Mediatic Era) 2013

Parijat (Prayer To Love) 2013
Patroux (Dreams Of Fantasy) 2013
Patroux (Sparkles) 2013
Paul Avgerinos (Meditate) 2013
Paul Avgerinos (Relax) 2013
Paul Avgerinos (Yoga) 2013
Paul Sills (Devas) 2013
Paul Sills (Meridian) 2013
Paul Sills (Towards Enlightenment) 2013
Paul Sills (White Light) 2013

Peia (Four Great Winds) 2013 {Songs}
Peia (The Dance Of Devotion) 2013
Perfect Yogi (Vipassana Meditation) 2013
Peter Kater (Illumination) 2013
Phil Thornton (Visions Of Tibet) 2013

Raphael (Nomadic Love) 2013 (with Shakya)
Richard Ackrill (The Light Of India) 2013 {MG Music}
Richard Bone (Images From A Parallel World) 2013
Richard Clayderman (Romantique) 2013
Rigel Centaurus (One Year on Numiba 32) 2013
Rino Axt (Die Spur des Windes) 2013
Roaring Empyrean (To Earth's Heart) 2013
Robert Carty (Beautiful Depths) 2013
Robert Carty (Spore) 2013
Robert Fox (Still Waters) 2013
Rodrigo Rodriguez (The Road Of Hasekura Tsunenaga) 2013
Runestone (The Very Best Of) 2013
Rushingwind & Mucklow (Strong Horse) 2013 {pre-order} {Native American}

Sarah Brightman (Dreamchaser) 2013
Schiller (Opus_CD_1) 2013 (Limited DeLuxe Edition)
Schiller (Opus_CD_2) 2013 (Limited DeLuxe Edition)
Schiller (Opus_CD_3) 2013 (Limited DeLuxe Edition)
Schiller (Opus_CD_4) 2013 (Limited DeLuxe Edition)
Schiller (Sonne_Chill Out Edition) 2013
Shajan (Music For Reiki & Meditation_4_Deep Healing Elements) 2013
Shastro (Be The Light) 2013
Shy-Anne Hovorka (Vew Tunes) 2013 {Native American Song}
Siddhartha (Lake Of Dreams) 2013
Snatam Kaur (Sat Nam!_Songs From Khalsa Youth Camp) 2013
Stanton Lanier (Open Spaces) 2013
Stephen DeRuby (Awakening) 2013 {Native American Flute}
Stephen Gibbons (Time Stands Still) 2013
Steve Moore (Positronic Neural Pathways) 2013 一般电音
Steve Orchard (As I Walked Out One Midsummers Morning) 2013
Steve Orchard (Beyond The Realm Of Angels) 2013
Steve Roach (Future Flows) 2013
Steve Roach (Rasa Dance_The Music Of Connection) 2013
Steve Roach (Today) 2013 {Single}
Steven Halpern (Deep Theta 2.0) 2013
Steven Halpern (Listen & Lose Weight) 2013
Stive Morgan (In My Dreams) 2013

Tangram (Lustbient) 2013
Terry Oldfield (Peaceful Hearts) {with Soraya}2013
The Basedgod (Tears 4 God) 2013
The Greatest Ever Native American Music (Vol_3_Eternal Flames) 2013
The Greatest Ever Native American Music (Vol_4_Spirit Of The Wolf) 2013
The Gyuto Monks (Chants The Spirit Of Tibet) 2013
The Harmony Group (Aromaterapia II) 2013
The Harmony Group (Kamasutra I) 2013
The Healing Breath (SPA_The Healing Breath) 2013
The Ken Myers Project (The Science Of Whispers) 2013
Threefold (The Very Best Of) 2013
Tina Guo (Eternity) 2013

Ulf Puhls (A Journey To The Green Plains Of The Mind) 2013

Various Artists (Sounds Of Silence_20 Full Relaxed Audiotrax) 2013
Volex Tagamine (The Passage Of Time) 2013

Wmri (Tenth Anniversary) 2013
Wouter Veldhuis (Blue Forest) 2013 很一般, Ambient
Wychazel (Call Of The Ocean) 2013
Wychazel (Temple Of Light) 2013
Wychazel (Temptation) 2013 {MG Music}
Wychazel (White Wolf Spirit) 2013 {MG Music}

Yakuro (Colors Of The Worlds) 2013
Yiruma (Blind Film) 2013
Yogi Cameron (Mantras For Sadhana) 2013

Ziggy B. Freeman (Sunrise And Sunset) 2013


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