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(recommend 2015 New Age Albums)

王子新世纪音乐典藏__目录 2015 精选专辑推荐

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recommend 2015 New Albums (New Age Music)
王子新世纪音乐典藏__目录 2015 最新专辑 推荐 精选

Prince_Podcast_0256 (Forever New Age Master_Mike Rowland__best_1) - Reflections Of Passion - Magic Moment (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0258 (Forever New Age Master_Deuter__best_1) - Reflections Of Passion - Flowers Of Silence (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0259 (Forever New Age Master_Deuter__best_2) - Reflections Of Passion - Escape From Gravity (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0260 (New Age Compilation_2015 New Albums_01_best selection by Prince) - Awakened Soul (64kb for audition & promotion only)    Prince_Podcast_0262 (Forever New Age Master_Bernward Koch__best_1) - Reflections Of Passion - Gentle Spirit (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0263 (Native American_ANDES__best_5) - Wishes Of Happiness (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0264 (Forever New Age Master_Logos = Stephen Sicard_best selection_11_by Prince) - Le Message Silencieux (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0265 (Forever New Age Master_Michel Pepe_best selection_7 by Prince) - Les Ailes de Lumiere (The Wings of Light) (64kb for audition & promotion only)
Prince_Podcast_0266 (Forever New Age Master_Michel Pepe_best selection_8 by Prince) - Inspiration (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0267 (Forever New Age Master_Armik_best selection_1 by Prince) - Winds Of Passion (64kb for audition & promotion only)




  【新世纪经典】 [新宿王子典藏] 2015 最新专辑_263 张 (update_160106)  

Adoramus (Sacred Isle) 2015 {Gregorian}
Age Of Echoes (Beyond The Farthest Shore) 2015
Ajeet Kaur (Darshan) 2015
Akiko (Reiki) 2015
Al Gromer Khan (Lalita) 2015
Albert Artemyev (In Rings Of The Saturn) 2015
Albert Artemyev (In Rings Of The Saturn) 2015
Albert Artemyev (Planet-X) 2015
Albert Artemyev (The Voice Of Silver Strings) 2015
Aleksey Kovalenko (Vast Expanses Of Space) 2015
Alexander Jenkins (Bignor) 2015
Alpha Wave Movement (Earthen) 2015
Alpha Wave Movement (System A) 2015
Altan (The Widening Gyre) 2015
Amure (Seventh) 2015
Andrew Forrest (Octaves Of Infinity) 1992 {Remaster 2015}
Andrew Kinsella (Forest Sanctuary) 2015 {MG}
Angelight (Oracle) 2015
Angelight (Warm Of The Rain_The Sky Voice) 2015
Anima (Sacred Alliance) 2015
Arcane (Aphelion) 2015 {= Paul Lawler}
Arcane (Black Knight) 2015 {= Paul Lawler}
Arcane (Landers) 2015 {= Paul Lawler}
Arcane (Perihelion) 2015 {= Paul Lawler}

Ariel Kalma (Meditation In The Forest) 2015
Ariana Saraha (Maiden Of Midnight) 2015
Armik (La Vida) 2015
Armik (Romantic Spanish Guitar_Vol_2) 2015
Asha (Goldenheart) 2015 {Asher Quinn}

Ashaneen (Waves Of Life) 2015 (Real Music}
Avalone (Naghma) 2015

Back To Earth (The Book Of Silence) 2015
Barandalla (Piano Mediterraneo) 2015
Barrule (Manannan's Cloak) 2015
Bernard L'Hoir (She's...) 2015
Bernward Koch (Remembering) 2015
BrunuhVille (Northwind) 2015
Bryan EL (Essence Of Life) 2015
Buddha Bar_17 (CD_1~2) 2015
Byron Metcalf, Steve Roach, Rob Thomas (Monuments of Ecstasy) 2015

Capitanata (Spiritual Body) 2015 {with Grollo}
Catrin Finch (Tides) 2015
Chihei Hatakeyama (Mist_CD_1) 2015
Chihei Hatakeyama (Mist_CD_2) 2015 {Bonus}
Chris Conway (Esprit des Anges) 2015 {with Mo Coulson} 
Chris Michell (In Paradisium) 2015
Chris Michell (Root Chakra) 2015
Corciolli (Infinito) 2015

Dan Kennedy (Bloom Road) 2015
Dancing Fantasy (Back Home) 2015 {Smooth Jazz}
Danny Becher (Heart To Crown Chakra) 2015
David Arkenstone (Inamorata) 2015 {with Charlee Brooks}
David Arkenstone (Barcelona Nights) 2015
David Lanz (Silhouettes Of Love) 2015 {with Kristin Amarie}
David May (Ajna Chakra Rhythm A) 2015
{Ambient 烂东东}
David May (Back To The Forest) 2015
{Ambient 烂东东}  
David May (Heart Chakra F# Meditation) 2015
{Ambient 烂东东}  
David Osborne (Come Sail Away) 2015
David Osborne (On The Wings Of Love) 2015
David Osborne (Silver Screen Magic) 2015
David Thomas (Samsara_Believe In Love) 2015
David Thomas (Samsara_The Way Of Meditation_Vol_2) 2015
David Thomas (Samsara_The Way Of Meditation_Vol_3) 2015 
David Thomas (Samsara_Vol_12_Noble Spirit) 2015
David Thomas (Samsara_Vol_13_Ethnic Opera) 2015
David Wahler (Spiritus) 2015
David Wright (Beyond The Airwaves_Vol_2) 2015
Deborah Martin (Under The Moon) 2015 {20th Anniversary Edition}
Delerium (Rarities & B-Sides) 2015 
Deuter (Mystic Voyage) 2015___重出江湖的老东东
Deuter (Reiki Hands Of Love) 2015

Deva Premal (Password) 2011
 {2015_Deluxe Version} re-master___重出江湖的老东东
Deva Premal (Songs For The Sangha) 2015 {with Miten & Manose}
Diane Arkenstone (Soul Nektar_2) 2015
DJ Lava (Angel) 2015
Dr.Groover (Theory Of Space) 2015

Edelis (Journey Into The World Of Dreams) 2015
Edelis (The River Of Times) 2015
Elli Holzmann (Ein Tag In Der Natur) 2015
Enam (Voices We Were) 2015 
Ensemble Tbilisi (Kharatia) 2015
Enya (And Winter Came) 2008
   {2015 Remastered Limited Edition}___重出江湖的老东东
Enya (Dark Sky Island) 2015
Enya (The Celts) 1986 创作
 {2015 Remastered Limited Edition}___重出江湖的老东东
Enya (The Memory Of Trees) 1995
 {2015 Remastered Limited Edition}___重出江湖的老东东
Erik Wollo (Blue Radiance) 2015
Ethereal Pilgrim (To The Edge Of The Universe) 2015

Fariborz Lachini (Scent Of Yesterday_30) 2015
Fariborz Lachini (Scent Of Yesterday_31) 2015

Fjordne (Moonlit Invocations) 2015
Forrest Fang (Letters To The Farthest Star) 2015
Frank Steiner Jr (Momentum) 2015

Glenn Main (Into The Blue) 2015 {Electronic}+
Gomer Edwin Evans (El Poder Curativo de los Chacras) 2015
Gomer Edwin Evans (Happy Dreams) 2015
Gomer Edwin Evans (Midnight Lounge) 2015
Gomer Edwin Evans (Sensual Moods) 2015
Gomer Edwin Evans (The Buddha Spirit) 2015
Gomer Edwin Evans (The Spirit Of Asia) 2015
Gomer Edwin Evans (The Very Best Dreams Of Panflute) 2015
Gomer Edwin Evans (The Very Best Of Angel Dreams 2015
Gondwana (AUM) 2015
{Ambient 烂东东}
Govi (The High Road) 2015
Gregorian (Masters Of Chant_The Final Chapter) 2015
Guido Negraszus (Gods Of Eden_Cinematic Adventures) 2015
Guy Sweens (Universal Language) 2015 

Hans Christian (Nanda Devi) 2015 {New Earth}
Harald Nies (Horizon) 2015
Heather Houston (Prayers For The Water) 2015 歌唱

Indra (Archives_Ruby Three) 2015 {Electronic}++
Ishq (Autumn Light) 2015
Ishq (Floracopia) 2015 (Ishq = Yunomi)
Ishq (In A Rainbow Air) 2015
Ishq (Spring Light) 2015

Jack Hertz (Unicorn Dreams Of Electric People) 2015
Jean Michel Jarre (Electronica 1_The Time Machine) 2015
Jean Michel Jarre (Essential Recollectio) 2015
Jean-Michel Jarre (Revolutions) 1988 {Remastered 2015}
Jean-Michel Jarre (Zoolook) 1984 {Remastered 2015}
Jean-Marc Staehle (Vagues d'Amour) 2015
Jesse Cook (One World) 2015
Jim Brickman (Pure Romance) 2015
Joe Hisaishi (Minima_Rhythm II) 2015

Kamala (Heart Of The Mystic) 2015 女歌
Karunesh (A Journey To India) 2015
Karunesh (Beyond Time) 2004 {remaster 2015
Karushanti (Silence Meditation) 2015
Kathryn Kaye (Patterns Of Sun And Shade) 2015 {Piano}
Keiya (Hello Sun Hayee) 2015
Keiya (New Energy) 2015
Kerani (Equilibrium) 2015
Kevin Kendle (Illumination) 2015
Kim Clement (Freedom For The Soul) 2015
Kimberly M. Rankin (Universal Peace & Blessings) 2015 {Single}
Kip Mazuy (Ambient Piano Meditations) 2015 一般, 不予介绍
Klaus Schulze (La Vie Electronique_16_CD_1) 2015
Klaus Schulze (La Vie Electronique_16_CD_2) 2015
Klaus Schulze (La Vie Electronique_16_CD_3) 2015
Klaus Schulze (La Vie Electronique_16_CD_4) 2015
Klaus Schulze (La Vie Electronique_16_CD_5) 2015
Koon (It Is In Our Hands) 2015 {Electronic}
Kory Caudill (Tree Of Life) 2015
Kosuke Nishimura (Cafe Musics J-Oldies) 2015
Kuba (Broken Softly) 2015 一般

L'Enigme Sacree (Deo Universe) 2015 男歌
Leo Rojas (Das Beste) 2015 {Native American_ANDES}
Levantis (Romantic Psychology_1) 2015
Limeflower Pavement (The Story Unfolds) 2015
Lindsay Barn (Balance & Harmony) 2015 {Healing}
Liquid Bloom (The Face of Love_A Guided Spirit Journey) 2015
Llewellyn (Ancient Lands) 2015 {=Mundos Antiguos = Mondes Anciens}
Llewellyn (Mundos Antiguos) 2015
{= Mondes Anciens = Ancient Lands}
    请注意: 这张专辑有三个名字(因发行地区语系而异) -
法国 / 米国 / 英国
Llewellyn (Healing Rainfall) 2015 {=Les Precipitations de Guerison}___EMPTY
Llewellyn (Les Precipitations de Guerison) 2015 {= Healing Rainfall}
Llusha (Promised Lands) 2015 女歌
Logos (La Voie Du Sage_Tao II) 2015
Logos (Meditation_Pour Une Nouvelle Conscience) 2015
Ludovico Einaudi (Taranta Project) 2015


Ma Chang Sheng (Mi Jing Tian Yin) 2015 馬長勝 密境天音
Marcus Viana (Pleiadian Connections) 2015
Mark McGuire (Beyond Belief) 2015
Mars Lasar (Piano Moods From Mars 2) 2015
Martin Floracks (Chillout-Lounge) 2015
Medwyn Goodall (A Promise Of Angels_2) 2015 {= Midori }
Medwyn Goodall (Beautiful World) 2015
Medwyn Goodall (Island Paradise) 2015 {= Midori }
Medwyn Goodall (Manitou The Great Spirit) 2015 {Shoshone Dream_rem}

Medwyn Goodall (Music With Birdsong) 2015
{= Midori } 单一长曲, 不予介绍Medwyn Goodall (Music With Gentle Rain) 2015______{=Midori}
Medwyn Goodall (Renaissance) 2015
Medwyn Goodall (Spirit Journey) 2015
Medwyn Goodall (The Wisdom Of Ages) 2015
Mesbah Ghamsari (Bazgasht Be Atash_Back To The Fire) 2015
Michael Bailot (Viva Santa Maria) 2015 男歌
Michael Dulin (My Beloved) 2015
Michael Giuliano (The 7 Scrolls) 2015
Michel Pepe (Ocean De Lumiere) 2015
Michele McLaughlin (Undercurrent) 2015 {Piano}
Mike Howe (Lichens) 2015
Mike Oldfield (The Best Of_1992-2003_CD_1) 2015
Mike Oldfield (The Best Of_1992-2003_CD_2) 2015
Mike Rowland (First Light) 2015 {with Jana Dugal}
 {=(Symphony Of Light) 2000}___[借尸还魂的西贝东东]
Mike Rowland (Fly On Silver Wings) 2015
 {= (Silver Wings Suite) 1995}___[借尸还魂的西贝东东]
Mike Rowland (Listen To Your Heart) 2015
  {= (My Elfin Friends) 1998}___[借尸还魂的西贝东东]
Mike Rowland (Magic Moment) 2015
  {= (Dream Of Fairies & Angels) 2005}___[借尸还魂的西贝东东]
Mike Rowland (Titania) 2015
  (=Titania The Fairy Queen) 1987}___ [借尸还魂的西贝东东]

Nadama (Waves Of Love) 2015
Naren (Sangita Yoga) 2015
New Age Style (Enigmatic 21) 2015
Nicholas Gunn (Sacred Journeys) 2014 {The Collection}
Nickos Chortis (Elements) 2015
Niyaz (The Fourth Light) 2015

Oliver Scheffner (Sunlight Dreams) 2015
Ottmar Liebert (Waiting n Swan) 2015

Patrick Kelly (In A New Light) 2015
Paul Avgerinos (Grace) 2015
Paul Cardall (40 Hymns For Forty Days_CD_1) 2015
Paul Cardall (40 Hymns For Forty Days_CD_2) 2015
Paul Ellis (The Hidden Camera) 2015
Paul Sills (Awake And Dreaming) 2015
Peter Kater (Elements Series_Etheria) 2015
Peter Kater (Heart Of Silence) 2015 {with Michael Brant DeMaria}
Peter Kater (Love) 2015
Peter Mergener (Take Off) 2015 {=1992 + New Tracks}
Peter Pearson (Dreams That Never End) 2015 {Smooth Jazz}
Peter Phippen (UnEarthed) 2015 {with David Roll}
{Native American}
Phil Thornton (Tribale) 2015

Phildel (Qi) 2015
Philip Jeck (Cardinal) 2015 {Electronic}
Pulsar (Intersection Of The Worlds) 2015
Pulsar (We Are In Different Worlds) 2015
Pulse Emitter (Digital Rainforest) 2015

Quinn (Pax Intrantibus) 2015

Rachel Grimes (The Clearing) 2015
Rainbow Suzy (Golden Dawn) 2015
Rainbow Suzy (Natures Treasures) 2015
Rajendra Teredesa (Crosswinds_World Flute Conversations) 2015
Rick Sparks (Endless) 2014 {Piano}
Robert Carty (Canyon) 2015
Robert Scott Thompson (Morning Of The World) 2015
Robert Slap (Atlantis Trilogy_Brave New World) 2015

Sacred Earth (Kutumba) 2015
Samaya (Loka Samasta) 2015
Secret Garden [Korean Counterfeit goods_Always There) 2015 {Single}
     (with & Lim Hyung Joo} 2015___[鱼目混珠的西贝东东] 韩国仿冒货
Shastro (Zen Moments) 2015 {with Raphael}
Simrit (From The Ancient Storm) 2015
Simon Scott (Insomni) 2015 {Ambient} 一般
Steve Orchard (Retreat_A Meditation) 2015
Steve Orchard (Still The River Flows) 2015
Steve Roach (Bloodmoon Rising_Night 3) 2015
Steven Solveig (Soulwalker) 2015
Stive Morgan (Men's Conversation) 2015 {with Moon Haunter}

Terje Isungset (Meditations) 2015
Terry Oldfield (On Fire) 2015
Terry Oldfield (Spirit Of Australia) 2015
{=Australia_Waking The Spirit_2002}___ [借尸还魂的西贝东东]  
The Many Rivers Ensemble (Blood Moon) 2015 {with Hang Massive}
Tomas Lanquist (On Faery Wings) 2015

Variant (Oceans End) 2015
Vasim (Criminal Past_Red Album) 2015

Wim (Enchanted Journey) 2015
Wolfgang Gsell (Airy Boundaries) 2015
Wolfgang Gsell (Twilight_Music For Inner Balance) 2015
Wolfgang Ohmer (Hang Magic) 2015
Wychazel (Beltane Moon) 2015
Wychazel (Gregorian Retreat) 2015
Wychazel (Tibetan Bowls_2) 2015
Wychazel (White Wolf Spirit II) 2015

Yiruma (Piano) 2015
Yoga (Pure Yoga_Chill Out) 2015
Yoga (Pure Yoga_Hatha) 2015
Yoga (Pure Yoga_Mantra) 2015
Yoga (Pure Yoga_Pilates) 2015
Yoga (Pure Yoga_Shinshin) 2015
Yoga (Pure Yoga_Sivananda) 2015
Yoga (Pure Yoga_Yin) 2015
Yukie Nishimura (My Stories) 2015

Zhang Yi (Strings Of Love) 2015 {Violin} 張藝 


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update_150508_终于看到几张象样的东东了, 来发个Podcast先.....


update_150416_放眼今(2015)年所出版的New Age 新专辑迄今(150416), 没有令人惊艳的好东东 (除了Deuter - Mystic Voyage外) , 几乎是乏善可陈……
好几次想编个Podcast, 但却提不起劲来….或许是我太忙了


对不起众家姊妹兄弟们了 (都怪我不願意爛芋充數)......


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