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(recommend 2016 New Age Albums)

王子新世纪音乐典藏__目录 2016 精选专辑推荐

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recommend 2016 New Albums (New Age Music)
王子新世纪音乐典藏__目录 2016 最新专辑 推荐 精选


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  【新世纪经典】 [新宿王子典藏] 2016 最新专辑_221 张 (update_161201)  

2002 (Celtic Fairy Lullaby) 2016

Agnes Obel (Citizen Of Glass) 2016
Ajeet Kaur (Haseya) 2016 女歌
Al Conti (Mystic) 2016
Al Gromer Khan (Chakra Noir) 2016
Al Jewer (Transmigration) 2016 {with Andy Mitran}
Albert Artemyev (Music Of The Rain) 2016
Albert Artemyev (Outside The Borders) 2016
Alexander Gecko (When You Believe) 2016
Alio Die (Seamlessly Bliss) 2016
Amethyste (Alien Moon) 2016
Amure (Geo_CD_1) 2016
Amure (Geo_CD_2) 2016
Amy Lauren (Sulla Riva) 2016
Anaya Music (Eternity) 2016 {with Live Symphony Orchestra}
Andre Rieu (Magic Of The Waltz) 2016
Ann Sweeten (Where Butterflies Dance) 2016
Annwn (Enaid) 2016 {Celtic 女歌}
Armik (Romantic Spanish Guitar_Vol_3) 2016
Asian Zen Spa Music Meditation (Sampler_30 scenes) 2016

Bedtime Baby (Bedtime Baby Music) 2016
Bella Gaia (Beautiful Earth) 2016
Bernward Koch (Touched By Love) 2016
Billy Esteban (Passion) 2016
Biosphere (The Hilvarenbeek Recordings) 2016
Blank & Jones (Pure Lounge Chilling Club Sounds) 2016
Bob Lowey (The Journey_An Emotional Soundscape) 2016
Brad Jacobsen (Pastorale_Solo Piano Hymns) 2016
BrunuhVille (Age Of Wonders) 2016
Buddha Bar (A Trip To India_CD_1) 2016
Buddha Bar (A Trip To India_CD_2) 2016
Buddha Bar_18 (CD_1) 2016
Buddha Bar_18 (CD_2) 2016

Cecile Corbel (Vagabonde) 2016
Chihei Hatakeyama (The Storm Of Silence) 2016 {with Dirk Serries} {Ambient}
Chronotope Project (Passages) 2016
Cirque Du Soleil (Toruk_The First Flight_AVATAR) 2016
Crown Of Eternity (When The Music's On) 2016
Cynthia Hart (I Remember) 2016

Daniel Kobialka (The Remembrance Of One) 2016 {with Suzanne Hanser}
Danny Rayel (Blue Skies) 2016
Danny Wright (Unconditional Love) 2016
Darshan Atmosphere (Spirit Voyage) 2016
David Arkenstone (Beneath A Darkening Sky) 2016
David Arkenstone (Parisian Nights) 2016
David Arkenstone (Songs From The Aqua Lounge) 2016
David Arkenstone (The Fairy Garden) 2016
David Arkenstone (Winter Fantasy) 2016 {with Charlee Brooks}
David Clavijo (From The Depths) 2016
David Darling (Gratitude) 2016
David Hicken (Stories Of You) 2016
David Hicken (The Art Of Piano) 2016
David Hollandsworth (Edge Of Forever) 2016
David Hollandsworth (Voices Of Peace) 2016 女歌
David Lanz (Norwegian Rain) 2016
David Parsons (Puja) 2016
David Thomas (Ani Yun Wiya_Iindian Nation) 2016 {Native American}
David Thomas (Samsara_Vol_14_Awakening To Love) 2016
David Wahler (Becoming Bliss_One Hour Series) 2016
Deep Forest (Evo-Devo) 2016
Deuter (Immortelle) 2016
Deva Premal (Cosmic Connections Live) 2016 {with & Miten, Manose) 2016
Didier Merah (Eden) 2016
Didier Merah (Sacred Forest) 2016
Dominique German (God's Peace) 2016

Eamonn Karran (Celtic Skies) 2016
Elevation (Days Of Elijah) 2016
Emily Rowe (Daydream) 2016
Enigma (The Fall Of A Rebel Angel) 2016
Erik Scott (In The Company Of Clouds) 2016
Erik Wollo (Silent Currents_4_Star’s End 2015) 2016

Fabrice Tonnellier (Chakras Relaxation) 2016
Fariborz Lachini (Scent Of Yesterday_35) 2016
Fariborz Lachini (Scent Of Yesterday_36) 2016
Fariborz Lachini (Scent Of Yesterday_37) 2016
Forrest Fang (The Sleepwalker's Ocean_CD_1) 2016
Forrest Fang (The Sleepwalker's Ocean_CD_2) 2016
Franci (Symphony Of My Dreams) 2011
Frantz Amathy (Season Of Love) 2016
Fritz Mayr (Heart Of The Universe) 2016

Gandalf (All Is One_One Is All) 2016
Gary Girouard (The Naked Piano_Transitions) 2016
Geoff Hall (Understanding The Signs) 2016
Glen Parker (Always And Ever) 2016
Gomer Edwin Evans (Celtic Legends Of Ireland) 2016
Gomer Edwin Evans (Mystical Eastern Beauty) 2016
Gomer Edwin Evans (Tibetan Chant Meditation) 2016
Govind Das & Radha (Lunar Mantras) 2016
Greg Joy (Light Of Day) 2016
Greg Maroney (Quiet Piano Improvisations_Vol_1) 2016
Guy Sweens (Pathways) 2016 {=The Passion For Music_2003}

Harmonic One (Meditation Music_Vol_I) 2016
Hennie Bekker (Beyond Dreams) 2016
Hisham Kharma (Al Yaqeen) 2016
Hybrid Palms (Pacific Image) 2016

Ian Michaels (Renaissance) 2016
Idan Raichel (At The Edge Of The Beginning) 2016 歌
Ishq (Nutopia) 2016

Jairamji (Time Traveller) 2016
James Asher (Inner Spaces) 2016
Jeff Pearce (Follow The River Home) 2016
Jeffrey Parks (This Human Experience) 2016
Jens Buchert (Elevation) 2016
Jim Brickman (Freedom Rings) 2016 {Solo Piano}
Jim Brickman (Hope_Deluxe Edition) 2016
Jim Brickman (Soothe_Vol_2_Sleep) 2016
Joe Bongiorno (Love's Light) 2016
John Adams (Ambient Sounds) 2016
John Adorney (A World Awakens) 2016
John Adorney (The Essential John Adorney) 2016
John Fluker (11_11) 2016
Jon Richards (Earthlight) 2016
Jordan (Variations) 2016
Jule Grasz (Whispering Aurora) 2016

Karunesh (Sun Within) 2016
Kitaro (Asian Cafe) 2016
Kitaro (Modulations 1979-1992) 2016
Kitaro (Tenku) 2016 {Remastered}
Klaus Schulze's U.S.O. (Privee) 2016

Laraaji (Professional Sunflow) 2016 {with Sun Araw}
Laura Sullivan (Timeless) 2016
Liam Bradbury (Pagan Earth) 2016
Lisa Downing (The Wisdom Of My Shadow) 2016
Lisa Reagan (Force Of Love) 2016
Llewellyn (Angel Sleep_Music For Blissful Sleep) 2014
Llewellyn (Native American Gold) 2016
Louis Landon (Ebb And Flow_Solo Piano} 2016
Louis Landon (Healing Hearts_3_Solo Piano) 2016

Majestica (In The Midst Of Stars) 2016
Manish Vyas (Healing Ragas III) 2016
Marc Enfroy (Crossroads) 2016
Maria Rath-Hofer (Entspannungsmusik) 2016
Mark Dwane (Ufology) 2016
Mauro Usai (Ethnico) 2016
Mauro Usai (Unsound) 2016
Medwyn Goodall (Kissed By The Sun) 2016
Medwyn Goodall (Legends) 2016 {with Friends}
Medwyn Goodall (Sleep Rest Relax) 2016 {with Friends}
Medwyn Goodall (Spice) 2016 {with Friends}
Medwyn Goodall (Spirit Horse) 2016 {with Friends}
Medwyn Goodall (The Dreamworld) 2016 {with Friends}
Medwyn Goodall (The Portal)_2016
Michael Logozar (Wonder) 2016
Michel Pepe (La Purete de l'Esprit) 2016
Michel Pepe (Offrandes_Best Of 2008-2015) 2016
Mick Douglas (Healing Sound Of The Rain) 2016
Midori (A Promise Of Faeries_2) 2016
Midori (A Very Midori Christmas) 2016
Midori (Soul Healing) 2016 {Best Of}
Myristica (Star_Filled Skies) 2016
Mystica (Best Of Gregorian Voices) 2016

Nadama (Comfort & Joy) 2016
Nicholas Gunn (Under The Influence Of Music) 2016
Nick Murray (Singularity) 2016 {with Roger Shah}
Nick Murray (To The Stars) 2016
Nikolya (Bright Infinity) 2016

Oliver Scheffner (Ambient Dream Lounge) 2016
Oliver Scheffner (Oasis Of Dreams) 2016

Parijat (Journey Home) 2016
Patrick Kelly (Beyond The Horizon_2_Mystical World) 2016
Patrick Kelly (Distant Horizons_2)_2016
Patroux (Hopes And Dream) 2016
Paul Avgerinos (Amma_Devotional Songs To The Divine Mother) 2016
Paul Cardall (A New Creation) 2016
Paul Ellis (Ancient Light Having Reached Us) 2016
Paul Ellis (Metallic 3_Gold) 2016
Paul Ellis (Metallic 4_Silver) 2016
Paul Lawler (Archid_Vol_1) 2016
Paul Lawler (Zen In The City) 2016
Paul Sills (Devas 2_Ocean Spirits)_2016
Paul Sills (Night Spa) 2016
Paul Sills (While Angels Sleep) 2016
Peter Kater (Heart Of The World_Colorado's National Parks) 2016 {TV OST}
Peter Kater (Inner Passion) 2016 {with Tina Guo}
Peter Kater (Resonance) 2016
Peter Pearson (Blissful Journey) 2016
Phil Thornton (Pure Crystal Bowls) 2016
Phil Thornton (Pure Tibetan Bowls) 2016
Phillip Wilkerson (Waking Across The River) 2016
Pulsar (Star Bridge) 2016

Quinn (Depictions Of Wu) 2016

Rainbow Suzy (Nature's Treasures) 2015
{see Medwyn Goodall}
Randy Armstrong (The Conference Of The Birds) 2016
Real Music (Liquid Mind_11_Deep Sleep) 2016
Rene Van Der Wouden (Quiet Music For Relaxation) 2016
Richard Laurence (A Busy Couple Of Years) 2016
Robert Rich (What We Left Behind) 2016
Robert Thies & Damjan Krajacic (Blue Landscapes II_Discoveries) 2016

Saint Of Sin (Skychild) 2016
Salvador Candel (Armonia) 2016
Sarah McLachlan (Wonderland) 2016
Scott Lawlor & Jack Hertz (Divina Commedia III_Nine Spheres) 2016
Sean Christopher (Mystique) 2016
Secret Garden (Live At Kilden) 2016
Shoshana Michel (Dancing On The Wind) 2016
Sojiro (Forest Of The Ocarina_CD_1) 2016
Sojiro (Forest Of The Ocarina_CD_2) 2016
Staffan Stridsberg (A Peaceful Mind) 2016
Stephen Rhodes (Indian Meditation) 2016
Stephen Rhodes (New Images) 2016
Steve Gold (Six Strings And Shiva) 2016 {Healing_Guitar}
Steve Kohl (A Time Of Reflection) 2016 {Piano}
Steve Orchard (Peripheral Vision) 2016
Steve Orchard (Zanzibar) 2016
Steven Halpern (Music For Sound Healing_2.0) 2016
Steven Halpern (Relaxation Suite 2.0) 2016
Subramanya (Ripples Of Light) 2016
Sverre Knut Johansen (Earth From Above) 2016

Terry Oldfield (Namaste) 2016 {with Soraya}
The Piano Guys (Uncharted) 2016 (Deluxe Edition_with Video)
Tom Eaton (Days Of Green And Light) 2016

Uwe Gronau (Paradise Painting) 2016

Various Artists (Ambient Deep Meditation) 2016
Various Artists (Meditation For Deep Contemplation) 2016
Various Artists (Mind & Nature_Relaxing And Peaceful Music_Vol_1) 2016
Various Artists (Music For Zen And Meditation) 2016

Wu Na (Zen Tea) 2016 {with Hou Changqing}
Wychazel (Arcana) 2016
Wychazel (Candle Spells) 2016

Yanni (Sensuous Chill) 2016
Yanni (The Dream Concert_Live From The Great Pyramids Of Egypt) 2016

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New Age Music  Artist Index  (Prince Private Collection)

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