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(recommend 2017 New Age Albums)

王子新世纪音乐典藏__目录 2017 精选专辑推荐

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recommend 2017 New Albums (New Age Music)
王子新世纪音乐典藏__目录 2017 最新专辑 推荐 精选


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  【新世纪经典】 [新宿王子典藏] 2017 最新专辑_237 张 (update_171218)  

2 Illusions (Best For Heart) 2017
2Cellos (Score) 2017 {London Symphony Orchastra}
Aeoliah (Sacred Mantras) 2017
Aglaia (Thumbnails In The Setting Sun) 2017
Aglaia (Water Inside The Light) 2017
Al Gromer Khan (The God Perfume) 2017
Alessandro Pizzin (Shin-On) 2017
Alio Die (Lento) 2017 {with Lingua Fungi}
Amrit Kirtan (Sacred Circle) 2007

Amure (Unknown) 2017

Andy Pickford (Vanguard_3) 2017
Ann Sweeten (Flying Solo_Silhouette) 2017

Armik (Enamor) 2017


Artenovum (Mystic Voices) 2017
Ashaneen (Dancing On The Edge Of Infinity) 2017

Asha (Thunderheart) 2017

Ashaneen (Dancing On The Edge Of Infinity) 2017  

Back To Earth (The Chillout & Ethno Lounge Project) 2017
Beches Brew (Beches Indian Brew) 2017
Bernward Koch (Filled With Light) 2017
Between Interval (Legacy) 2017
Blank & Jones (Relax Edition_Vol_10_2 CD) 2017
Blank Embrace (Gatherings) 2017
Blank Embrace (Road To The Point) 2017
Brian Eno (Sisters) 2017  
Bud Souley (Qigong And Tai Chi Music) 2017
Buddha Bar (Twenty Year Anniversary_3 CD) 2017 {by Armen Miran & Ravin)

Can Atilla (Huzn-u Diyar Kerbela) 2017
Can Atilla (Sems-i Rumi) 2017
Canda & Guru Atman (Healing Yoga Mantras) 2017
Carl Borden (Breathe) 2017
Celtic Woman (The Best Of Christmas) 2017
Chandrika Tandon (Shivoham_The Quest) 2017

Chinmaya Dunster (Gaia's Garden) 2017

Chris Conway (Three Jewels And A Lotus_ 2017 {with Ajahn Achalo}
Chris Miles (Our Lady Of Singularities) 2017
Chris Spheeris (Greatest Hits & Unreleased Masters) 2017 {with Paul Voudouris}
Christopher Phillips (Piano Chill_Songs of Billy Joel) 2017
Chronotope Project (Ovum) 2017
Constance Demby (Novus Magnificat) 2017 {30th Anni}
Corciolli (Ilusia) 2017
Craig Padilla (Being Of Light) 2017 {with Howard Givens}

Darshan Ambient (Lingering Day) 2017
David Antony Clark (Birdsong Cafe) 2017

David Arkenstone (Italian Nights) 2017 {with Seth Osburn}

David Helpling (A Sea Without Memory) 2017
David Hicken (Momentum) 2017
David Hicken (Portrait Of A Pianist) 2017
David Lanz (French Impressions) 2017

David Osborne (Pop! Goes the Piano_Someone Like You) 2017


David Tolk (Seasons) 2017
David Wright (Prophecy) 2017 {with Carys}
Deosil (A Drop Of Eternity) 2017
Deuter (Bamboo Forest) 2017
Deuter (Spa Lounge) 2017 {with Parijat & Kamal}

Deuter (Space) 2017
Devakant (Earth And Sky) 2017

Echoes of Nature & Cappella Gregoriana (Gregorian Garden) 2017
Edelis (Sensation Of The World) 2017 {Re-Master}
Eguana (Inevitability) 2017 {EP}
Eguana (Invisible Civilization) 2017
Empire Of Love (Mysterious II) 2017
Era (The 7th Sword) 2017
Erik Wollo (Different Spaces_CD_1) 2017
Erik Wollo (Different Spaces_CD_2) 2017

Francois Marion (Calme et Musique) 2017
Francois Marion (Spa Musique) 2017
Francois Marion (Vivre Zen) 2017
Fred Bouchal (Aetherius) 2017
Fred Bouchal (Angelus Symphonia ) 2017
Fred Bouchal (Destiny) 2017
Fred Bouchal (Flying Free) 2017
Fred Bouchal (Infinity) 2017
Fred Bouchal (Inner Peace) 2017
Fred Bouchal (New Era) 2017
Fred Bouchal (Rain Drops) 2017
Fred Bouchal (Reiki) 2017

Gandalf (Journey To An Imaginary Land) 2017 {Remaster}
Giorgio Costantini (Dreamers) 2017

Gregorian (Holy Chants) 2017

Guy Sweens (Karmic Journey) 2017


Harpson Halo (Beginnings) 2017

Harpson Halo (Beginnings) 2017
Howard Givens (Being Of Light) 2017

Indiajiva (Inner Sanctum) 2017
Ishq (Radiophonics) 2017

Jaja (Through The Belt Of Orion) 2017
James Asher (Return Of The Tiger) 2017
Jardin de detente (Musique du jardin bouddhistes_Meditation) 2017
Jason Edward Dudley (Atmosphaera) 2017
Jeff Pearce (From The Darker Seasons) 2017
Jens Buchert (Gravity) 2017
Jesse Cook (Beyond Borders) 2017
Jim Beckwith & Hans Christian (Be Love) 2017
Joel Kanning (Ubiquitous Frequency Oscillation II_UFO2) 2017
Johannes Linstead (Azul) 2017

John Barcanic (Time Between Times) 2017 {Piano}

John Williams (The Ultimate Collection_CD_1) 2017
John Williams (The Ultimate Collection_CD_2) 2017
John Williams (The Ultimate Collection_CD_3) 2017
Jon Richards (Gaia) 2017

Jonn Serrie (The Sentinel) 2017

Joseph Stevenson (Northern Fire) 2017
JV Lightbody (Inner Work) 2017


Karda Estra (Infernal Spheres) 2017 -- not my coffee
Karl Jenkins (Symphonic Adiemus) 2017
Karushanti (Celtic Traces) 2017
Karushanti (Isle Of Skye) 2017
Karl Jenkins (Symphonic Adiemus) 2017

Kathryn Kaye (Reflected In A Flowing Stream) 2017

Kerani (Stardust) 2017
Kevin Keil (The King Of Love) 2017
Kitaro (Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai_5) 2017
Klaus Schonning (Kaleidoscope) 2017

Laraaji (Celestial Vibration) 1978 {re-issue 2017}
Laraaji (Sun Gong) 2017
Leo Rojas (Leo Rojas) 2017 {Andes}
Legends Of Silence (The Birth Of The Universe) 2017
Logos (Le Temps des Archanges) 2017

Louis Landon (Soul Healing Piano Music) 2017

Luka Productions (Fasokan) 2017

Lynn Tredeau (Shifting Sands) 2017 

Maire Rama (Cosmic Meditation) 2017
Maire Rama (The Best Spa Relaxing Music) 2017
Maitreya (Avatar Kalki) 2017
Mandala (Oriental World Lounge Vibes) 2017
Manish Vyas (Sahaj Atma) 2017
Marc Atto (Soul Heaven) 2017
Marc Hartman (4 Seasons To Chill) 2017
Mark Dwane (Cerebral Hemispheres) 2017
Mark Isham (A Family Man) 2017 {OST}
Mars Lasar (Utopia) 2017
Mary Lattimore (Collected Pieces) 2017 
Maryada Ram (Eternal Tibet) 2017
Max Corbacho (Nocturnes) 2017

Medwyn Goodall (Echoes Of Emergence) 2017

Medwyn Goodall (Medicine Woman_6_Synchronicity) 2017
Medwyn Goodall (Medicine Woman_The Lost Tracks) 2017
Medwyn Goodall (Stepping Stones_CD_1) 2017 {Very Best Of}
Medwyn Goodall (Stepping Stones_CD_2) 2017 {Very Best Of}
Medwyn Goodall (The Sorcerer's Daughter_2) 2017
MG Music (Mosaic_The Very Best Of 2000~2017_CD_1) 2017
MG Music (Mosaic_The Very Best Of 2000~2017_CD_2) 2017
Michael Logozar (Starlight) 2017
Michael Whalen (Dream Cycle) 2017
Michel Pepe (La Foreet d'Eden) 2017

Mike Oldfield (Return To Ommadawn) 2017

Mo Coulson & Chris Conway (The Enchanted Forest) 2017
Movestro (Fair Gemstone) 2017

Nara~Yan (The Diamond Road) 2017

New Age Style (Enigmatic_26) 2017
New Age Style (Enigmatic_27) 2017
Nigel Stanford (Automatica) 2017

Ocean Mind (Chillout Array) 2017
Oliver Scheffner (In A Melancholic Mood) 2017
Oliver Scheffner (Moon & Sun) 2017
Oliver Scheffner (Mystic Healing Harmony) 2017
Oliver Scheffner (Traum Vom Endlosen Himmel) 2017 
Orla Fallon (Sweet By And By) 2017

Parijat (Blessings) 2017 

Paul Sills (Electric Storm) 2017


Peter Gundry (The Unspoken Tales) 2017
Peter Kater (Dancing On Water) 2017
Peter Kater (The Legend Of Secret Pass) 2017 {Original Score}


Phil Thornton (Seven Rings) 2017 {with Sika}

Prem Joshua (Breath Of Voavah) 2017 

Rajendra Teredesai (Devotion Collection_2) 2017
Richard Clayderman (Movie Favourites) 2017
Richard Clayderman (The ABBA Collection) 2017
Rick Wakeman (The Art In Music Trilogy Deluxe_CD_1) 2017
Rick Wakeman (The Art In Music Trilogy Deluxe_CD_2) 2017
Rick Wakeman (The Art In Music Trilogy Deluxe_CD_3) 2017
Roger Subirana (The Round Dimension) 2017
Ruven Nunez (Guidance) 2017
Ryan Farish (United) 2017 

Sabio (Inner Voices) 2017
Sahaj Atma (2017)
Salvador Candel (Reiki) 2017 {with Iratxo Eroa}
Sean Evenett (My Peaceful Heart) 2017

Shastro (Satsang) 2017

Shastro (Shangri-La) 2017 [EP]
Shaymani (Soultravel_Seelenreise) 2017
Shinnobu (Libertus) 2017
Shinnobu (The Enigma II) 2017
Shinnobu (The Enigma IV) 2017
Shinnobu (The Enigma) 2017

Smuffy (Town Betwixt The Stars) 2017 {Electronic}

SolarFlow (Eternal Peace) 2017

Sonic Resonance (Flowing Resonance) 2017

Stephan Micus (Inland Sea) 2017
Steve Orchard (Theory Of Communion) 2017

Steve Roach (The Early Years) 2017

Steve Roach (The Passing) 2017

Sverre Knut Johansen (Contact) 2017
Sverre Knut Johansen (Secret Space Program) 2017 

Tangerine Dream (Quantum Gate) 2017
Tarena (Dreamotion_Vol_1) 2017
Terry Oldfield (Sky Dancer) 2017 {with Carlos Garo}
Terry Oldfield (Temple Moon) 2017
The Everly Brothers (The Best Christmas Songs) 2017
The Haiku Project (Nebula) 2017
The Lovely Moon (Journeys To Peace & Happiness) 2017
The Piano Guys (Christmas Together) 2017
Timothy Wenzel (What We Hold Dear) 2017
Tony Gerber (Flutes For Sleeping) 2017

V.A. (Anxiety Free_Clear Peaceful Mind Deep Relaxation Of The Soul) 2017
V.A. (The Best Christmas Album) 2017

Vangelis (Delectus_13 CD) 2017 {Remastered}
     Vangelis (Delectus_CD_1_Earth) 1973
     Vangelis (Delectus_CD_2_L'Apocalypse des Animaux) 1973
     Vangelis (Delectus_CD_3_China) 1979
     Vangelis (Delectus_CD_4_Opera Sauvage) 1979
     Vangelis (Delectus_CD_5_See You Later) 1980
     Vangelis (Delectus_CD_6_Chariots Of Fire) 1981
     Vangelis (Delectus_CD_7_Antarctica) 1983
     Vangelis (Delectus_CD_8_Soil Festivities) 1984
     Vangelis (Delectus_CD_9_Mask) 1985
     Vangelis (Delectus_CD_10_Invisible Connections) 1985
     Vangelis (Delectus_CD_11_Short Stories) 1980
     Vangelis (Delectus_CD_12_The Friends Of Mr. Cairo) 1981
     Vangelis (Delectus_CD_13_Private Collection) 1983


Vangelis Katsoulis (If Not Now When) 2017
Various Artists (50 Sleep Better) 2017
Various Artists (Relaxing Spa Music Luxury Bath Lounge) 2017
Various Artists (Selfhealing Sounds) 2017
Various Artists (Yoga Balance) 2017

Vin Downes (When The Sea Lets Go) 2017 {Guitar}


William Hoshal (River Of Clouds) 2017
Wim Mertens (Nature's Largess_2 CD) 2017
Windham Hill (The Gathering III) 2017
Wintersilence (Slow Focus) 2017

Wychazel (Beneath An Autumn Moon) 2017
ychazel (In Search Of Lemuria) 2017

Wychazel (Runecaster_CD_1) 2017 (Best Of}
Wychazel (Runecaster_CD_2) 2017 (Best Of}
Wychazel (Shaman_The Healing Drum_4) 2017


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New Age Music  Artist Index  (Prince Private Collection)

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