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Native American Music


王子(美洲原住民)音乐典藏 (偶的最爱)_目录

 I about Native American Music I about Instrument I Relative Prince's Podcast I

 Prince Private Collection

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  Relative Prince's Podcast:  相关的王子音乐杂志

Prince_Podcast_0012 (Native American_Best_01) Prince_Podcast_0013 (Native American_Best_02_Alice Gomez_Best_01) Prince_Podcast_0041 (Native American_Best_5) Prince_Podcast_0042 (Native American_Andes_Best_04_Inkuyo)
Prince_Podcast_0046 (Marina Raye_Best_01) Prince_Podcast_0053 (Alice Gomez_The Healing Flute) Prince_Podcast_0072 (Robert Tree Cody_Best_1) Prince_Podcast_0077 (John Huling_1)_Native American
Prince_Podcast_0082 (Kailash Kokopelli_Best_1)_Native American Prince_Podcast_0097 (Wayra_Best_1_Native American) Prince_Podcast_0114 (Elan Michaels_Best_1) Prince_Podcast_0118 (Scott August_Best_1)_Native American
Prince_Podcast_0152 (Michael Brant DeMaria_Best_1)_Native American Flute Prince_Podcast_0157 (David & Diane Arkenstone_best_7) Prince_Podcast_0170 (Bill Miller_Best_1)_Native American Prince_Podcast_0192 (Alice Gomez_best_3)_Native American Flute & DrumPrince_Podcast_0203 (Native American, Andes_Waynawari_best_1) - Flying With The Clouds (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0263 (Native American_ANDES__best_5) - Wishes Of Happiness (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0268 (Forever New Age Master - David & Diane Arkenstone_best_10) - Ah Nee Mah (64kb for audition & promotion only)



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about Native American Music

  American Indian music is the music that is used, created or performed by Native North Americans, specifically traditional tribal music. In addition to the traditional music of the Native American groups, there now exist pan-tribal and inter-tribal genres as well as distinct Indian subgenres of popular music including: rock, blues, hip hop, classical, film music and reggae, as well as unique popular styles like waila ("chicken scratch").

Vocalization and percussion are the most important aspects of traditional Native American music. Vocalization takes many forms, ranging from solo and choral song to responsorial, unison and multipart singing. Percussion, especially drums and rattles, are common accompaniment to keep the rhythm steady for the singers, who generally use their native language or non-lexical vocables (nonsense syllables). Traditional music usually begins with slow and steady beats that grow gradually faster and more emphatic, while various flourishes like drum and rattle tremolos, shouts and accented patterns add variety and signal changes in performance for singers and dancers.

Native American music plays a vital role in history and education, with ceremonies and stories orally passing on ancestral customs to new generations. Native American ceremonial music is traditionally said to originate from deities or spirits, or from particularly respected individuals. Rituals are shaped by every aspect of song, dance and costuming, and each aspect informs about the "makers, wearers and symbols important to the nation, tribe, village, clan, family, or individual".

Native Americans perform stories through song, music and dance, and the historical facts thus propagated are an integral part of Native American beliefs. Epic legends and stories about culture heroes are a part of tribal music traditions, and these tales are often an iconic part of local culture.

They can vary slightly from year to year, with leaders recombining and introducing slight variations. The Pueblo compose a number of new songs each year in a committee which uses dreams and visions.

The styles and purposes of music vary greatly between and among each Native American tribe. However, a common concept amongst many indigenous groups is a conflation of music and power. For example, the Pima people feel many of their songs were given in the beginning and sung by the Creator. It was believed that some people then have more of an inclination to musical talent than others because of an individual's peculiar power.



Music and history are tightly interwoven in Native American life. A tribe's history is constantly told and retold through music, which keeps alive an oral narrative of history. These historical narratives vary widely from tribe to tribe, and are an integral part of tribal identity. However, their historical authenticity cannot be verified; aside from supposition and some archaeological evidence, the earliest documentation of Native American music came with the arrival of European explorers.

Musical instruments and pictographs depicting music and dance have been dated as far back as the 7th century.

Bruno Nettl refers to the style of the Great Basin area as the oldest style and common throughout the entire continent before Mesoamerica but continued only in the Great Basin and in the lullaby, gambling, and tale genres around the continent.

A style featuring relaxed vocal technique and the rise may have originated in Mesoamerican Mexico and spread northward, particularly into the California-Yuman and Eastern music areas. According to Nettl, these styles also feature "relative" rhythmic simplicity in drumming and percussion, with isometric material and pentatonic scales in the singing, and motives created from shorter sections into longer ones.

While this process occurred, three Asian styles may have influenced North American music across the Bering Strait, all featuring pulsating vocal technique and possibly evident in recent Paleo-Siberian tribes such as Chuckchee, Yukaghir, Koryak. Also, these may have influenced the Plains-Pueblo, Athabascan, and Inuit-Northwest Coast areas.

According to Nettl, the boundary between these southward and the above northward influences are the areas of greatest musical complexity: the Northwest Coast, Pueblo music, and Navajo music. Evidence of influences between the Northwest Coast and Mexico are indicated, for example, by bird-shaped whistles.

The Plains-Pueblo area has influenced and continues to influence the surrounding cultures, with contemporary musicians of all tribes learning Plains-Pueblo influenced pantribal genres such as Peyote songs.


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about Native American Flute  

- A traditional Yuchi flute

The Native American flute has achieved some measure of fame for its distinctive sound, used in a variety of
New Age and world music recordings. Its music was used in courtship, healing, meditation, and spiritual rituals.

The late 1960s saw a roots revival centered around the flute, with a new wave of flautists and artisans like Doc Tate Nevaquaya and Carl Running Deer.

Notable and award winning Native American flautists include:
Mary Youngblood,
  Kevin Locke,
  Charles Littleleaf,
  Jay Red Eagle,
  Robert Tree Cody,
  Robert Mirabal,
  Joseph Firecrow,
  Jeff Ball and Terry Lee Whetstone.

Tommy Wildcat is a contemporary flutist, who makes traditional Cherokee river cane flutes.

special importance is R. Carlos Nakai (Changes, 1983), who has achieved Gold record status and mainstream credibility for his mixture of the flute with other contemporary genres.

                      Construction of the Native American Flute

The Native American flute is the only flute in the world constructed with two air chambers - there is a wall inside the flute between the top (slow) air chamber and the bottom chamber which has the whistle and finger holes.

The top chamber also serves as a secondary resonator, which gives the flute its distinctive sound. There is a hole at the bottom of the "slow" air chamber and a (generally) square hole at the top of the playing chamber.

A block (or "bird") with a spacer is tied on top of the flute to form a thin, flat air stream for the whistle hole (or "window"). Some more modern flutes use an undercut either in the block or the flute to eliminate the need for a spacer.

The "traditional" Native American flute was constructed using bread based on the body - the length of the flute would be the distance from armpit to wrist, the length of the top air chamber would be one fist-width, the distance from the whistle to the first hole also a fist-width, the distance between holes would be one thumb-width, and the distance from the last hole to the end would generally be one fist-width. Unlike Western music, traditional American Indian music had no standard pitch reference, such as A440, so flutes were not standardized for pitch.


  modern Native American flutes

A Wind's Song flute in the key of G

A Moonlight Creek flute in the key of G

A Yazzie flute in the key of F#

Modern Native American flutes are generally tuned to a variation of the minor pentatonic scale (such as you would get playing the black keys on a piano), which gives the instrument its distinctive plaintive sound.

Recently some makers have begun experimenting with different scales, giving players new melodic options. Also, modern flutes are generally tuned in concert keys (such as A or D) so that they can be easily played with other instruments. The root keys of modern Native American flutes span a range of about three and a half octaves, from C2 to A5.

Native American flutes most commonly have either 5 or 6 holes, but instruments can have anything from no holes to seven (including a thumb hole). Various makers employ different scales and fingerings for their flutes.

Some modern Native American flutes are called "drone" flutes, and are two (or more) flutes built together. Generally, the drone chamber plays a fixed note which the other flute can play against in harmony.

about Native American drums

Of great influence and importance are American Indian drums. Different tribes have different traditions about their drums and how to play them.

For larger dance or powwow type drums, the basic construction is very similar in most tribes: a wooden frame or a carved and hollowed-out log, with rawhide buckskin or elk skin stretched out across the opening by sinew thongs.

Traditionally American Indian drums are large, two to three feet in diameter, and they are played communally by groups of singers who sit around them in a circle.

For smaller single-sided hand drums, a thinner frame or shell is used, and a rawhide surface is strung onto only one side, with lacing across the other. Other types include two basic styles of water drums: the Iroquois type and the Yaqui type. The Iroquois water drum is a small cup-shaped wooden vessel, with water inside it, and a moistened tanned hide stretched across the top opening; the wetness and tightness of the tanned hide produce changes in pitch as the water drum is played over time. The Yaqui type of water drum is actually a half gourd, large in size, that floats in a tub of water like a bubble on the surface; the outer round surface of the gourd is struck with a drum stick, and the vibrations are amplified using the tub of water as a resonator.

Another type of drum called a foot drum have been found in several southwestern and central-Californian US Native American archaeological sites inhabited, or formally inhabited, by the Miwok, Maidu, Aztec, and Hopi Indian tribes. These drums were often semicircle cross-sectioned hollow logs laid over wood covered 'resonating' pits positioned according to custom in kivas or dance houses. The foot drums were played by stomping on top of the hollow log with the structure's poles used for steadying.




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  Artist Name & Album Title  艺人(乐团)名
Grade 等级 (by Prince)


      A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z misc


 A          > TOP < 

Aboriginal Womens Voices
Aigle Bleu

Ah Nee Mah  
++  (by David & Diane Arkenstone) 
Alan Grey Wolf
Alberto Lonza Castaneda
Alex Maldonado

Alice Gomez  
++   {Native American Flute & Drum} 

Alpha Wave Movement
Amanda Serafim 美洲长笛
Ancient Brotherhood  

Andrew Vasquez
Ann Licater 美洲长笛


 B          > TOP < 

Battle River
Bear Creek
Beaver Chief
Ben Tavera King___ {Native American Guitar}
Big Bear Singers
Big River Cree
Bill Leyden 美洲长笛 {= Memo}

Bill Miller   
+  {Native American Flute}

Bill Webb 美洲长笛
Billy McLaughlin 美洲原住民 吉他
Billy Whitefox
Black Eagle
Black Lodge Singers   

Blue Chip Orchestra  

Bruce Fontaine

Bryan Akipa {Native American Flute}
Buddy Red Bow
Buffy Sainte-Marie
Burning Sky   

 C          > TOP < 

Cedar Wind 美洲长笛
Chafino 美洲原住民女歌
Charles Littleleaf 美洲长笛
Charles Mato-Toyela
Cherokee Nat'l Childrens Choir
Chief Jim Billie
Coyote Oldman 

Coyote Zen

 D          > TOP < 

Danuwa Analihi Adonvdo 美洲长笛

David & Diane Arkenstone   ++

David Miles Huber 美洲原住民 一般
David Nighteagle
David R. Maracle {Native American Flute}
Dik Darnell
Douglas Blue Feather 
{Native American}
Douglas Spotted Eagle 
{Native American}

 E          > TOP < 

Earthsong (Native American Chants And Dances)
Eddie Three Eagles 
+  {Native American Flute}

Elan Michaels  
  {Native American} 

 F          > TOP < 


 G          > TOP < 

Gale Revilla   +

Gary Stroutsos 
{Native American}
+ 美洲原住民 不错
 {Native American Flute}
Grady Shadow Hawk Jones

 H          > TOP < 

Hans Mayer 美洲长笛
Hawk Henries 美洲长笛
Honor Of The Earth Powwow
Howard Bad Hand 美洲原住民吟唱

 I          > TOP < 

Imagenes {Ecuador 塌圖嗣嫌} 藝粔埻蛂鏍
Indian In The Machine

 J          > TOP < 

Jan Seiden
Jana Mashonee {Native American Songs}
Jeff Ball 
{Native American Flute}
Jeff Chambers___ {Native American Flute}
Jerry Eaglefeather
Jesse Kalu___ {Native American Flute}
Joanne Shenandoah___ {Native American Songs}

John Huling  
 {Native American Flute}

John Rainer Jr.___ {Native American Flute}
John Trudell
John Two Hawks___ {Native American Flute}
Johnny Whitehorse___
Joseph Fire Crow 藝粔酗萃迵窉釭

 K          > TOP < 

Karen Therese
Keith Bear___ {Native American Flute}
Kenneth Little Hawk
Kevin Locke 
 {Native American Flute}
Krys Mach, Jo Azusa & Jerome Mokar

 L          > TOP <

Lee Johnson
Lisa Gerrad 藝粔埻蛂鏍 躓貉
Little Wolf
Louie Gonnie 藝粔埻蛂鏍 釭貉

 M          > TOP <

Marina Raye   +  {Native American Flute}

Mark Thunderwolf___ {Native American Flute}
Mary Youngblood 
+ {Native American Flute}
Matt Schanandore 
+ {Native American Flute} 祥渣
Mesa Music Consort___{Native American}

Michael Brant DeMaria  
+  {Native American Flute} 

Morning Stars 藝粔酗萃
Music Of The Native American Indians

 N          > TOP <

Native American Band
Native Flute Ensemble 
{Native American Flute}
Native Wisdom
Nazca___{Native American}

Nicole  (Brule's daughter)   

 O          > TOP <

 P          > TOP <

Paul Hacker {Native American} 祥渣泭

Peter Kater  
  +   Forever New Age Master  { Piano }
Perry Silverbird
Peter Buffett 
                 + {嘖朸匙滑杻2nd嫁赽}
Peter Phippen___ {Native American Flute}
Peter Wyoming Bender___{Native American}

 Q          > TOP <

 R          > TOP <

R. Carlos Nakai  ++   {Master of Native American Flute}

Randy Edelman 
 {OST_The Last Of The Mohicans}

Red Cedar Medicine
Red Raven Blue
Red Tail Chasing Hawks 藝粔酗萃
Rick Roberts {Native American Flute}
Robbie Robertson 藝粔埻蛂鏍 貉釭
Robert Mirabal___ {Native American Songs}

Robert Tree Cody 
 {Native American Flute}

Robert Turgeon___ {Native American Flute}
Ron Allen___{Native American Flute}
Rose Moore 
美洲原住民 女歌 {不错听}

 S          > TOP <

Sacred Spirits   ++  {Fearsome Brave & Various Artists}


Scott August  
+  {Native American Flute}

Sharon Burch 美洲原住民 女歌
Silver Wave Music {Native American}
+ {Native American}
Spirit Feathers {Talking Taco Music}
Spirit Nation
Spirit Of The Sun
Stefan Erbe
Stephen Deruby 美洲长笛
Sue Hoadley

 T          > TOP <

The Voice Of Golden Eagle 美洲原住民男歌
The Wolf
Tommy Wildcat 
{Native American Flute}
Tribal Winds 美洲长笛
Tsa'ne Do'se

 U          > TOP <

Ulali 美洲原住民 Drum
Under The Green Corn Moon

 V          > TOP <

Voice Of Golden Eagle

Various Artists (A Native American Odyssey_Intuit To Inca) 1998
Various Artists (Aboriginal Chants) 美洲原住民
Various Artists (Aboriginal Entheogenic Music Of The Orinoco Basin_Cuenca Del Orinoco)
Various Artists (Across Indians Lands) 1999 美洲原住民 吟唱
Various Artists (American Indian Ceremonial and War Dances) 1995
Various Artists (Awakening The Spirit)
Various Artists (Best Native American Indian Album In The World_1)
Various Artists (Between Father Sky & Mother Earth) 2000
Various Artists (Come To Me Great Mystery) 2008 美洲原住民 歌
Various Artists (Cries From The Earth_Traditional Native American Music) 1999
Various Artists (Eagle's Prayer) 2002 美洲长笛
Various Artists (Honor Of The Earth Powwow) 1991 美洲原住民
Various Artists (Indian Cultural_Spirit Of The Wind) 2003 美洲原住民
Various Artists (Indian Dream) 美洲原住民
Various Artists (Indian Flute Meditation) 2002
Various Artists (Indian Legend Vol_1_Last Frontier) 2005 美洲原住民吟唱
Various Artists (Indian Legend Vol_2_Last Frontier) 2005
Various Artists (Indian Road_1_The Best Of Native American Flute Music) 2002
Various Artists (Indian Road_3) 2006
Various Artists (Indian Secrets)
Various Artists (Indian Spirit_Meditation) 2008 美洲原住民 不错
Various Artists (Mohicans_Chapter 1) 2003
Various Artists (Mohicans_Chapter 2) 2003
Various Artists (More Sacred Chants_Shaman_2)
Various Artists (Music Of Native American Indians_Northern Cherokee) 1999
Various Artists (Native American Celebration_Many Blessings)
Various Artists (Native American Flute Works_Sun Chasers) 1994
Various Artists (Native American Meditations)
Various Artists (Native American Odyssey) 1998 美洲原住民
Various Artists (Native American Women_Weaving The Strands)
Various Artists (Native American_Native American Dream) 1998 {Medwyn & Others}
Various Artists (Native Flute Ensemble_Gathering Of Shamen)
Various Artists (Native Spirit_CD_1_Fire Circle) 2004 {美洲长笛}
Various Artists (Native Spirit_CD_2_Returning Home) 2004
Various Artists (Native Spirit_CD_3_It Is Quiet At Night) 2004
Various Artists (Native Spirit_Meditative Musical Journey) 1998
Various Artists (Rough Guide To Native American Music) 1998 美洲原住民
Various Artists (Sacred Ground_A Tribute To Mother Earth) 2005
Various Artists (Shaman Spirit_Meditation) 2009 美洲原住民 不错
Various Artists (Siritual Songs, Chants And Flute Music_CD_1) 2001
Various Artists (Siritual Songs, Chants And Flute Music_CD_2) 2001
Various Artists (Spirit Of Meditation) 1997
Various Artists (Tribal Dreams Music From Native Americans) 2001
Various Artists (Tribal Songs Of The Native American) 1996 美洲原住民
Various Artists (Tribal Winds_Music From Native American Flutes) 1996
Various Artists (White Buffalo) 2006
Various Artists (World Music Network_Rough Guide To Native American Music) 1998
Various Artists (贵族) 民族音乐03 (美国原住民吟唱)

          > TOP <

Walela 美洲原住民 女歌 一般

Waynawari  +  秘鲁美洲原住民, 安地斯音乐大师

 {Native American Flute} 

WildCat 美洲长笛
William Gutierrez
Wind Riders 美洲长笛
Wolf Moondance

 X          > TOP <


 Y          > TOP <

Yma Sumac


 Z          > TOP <

 MISC          > TOP <

....... and more.......

(AVI) 美洲原住民电影 Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee (2007)
(AVI) 美洲原住民电影 DreamKeeper
(AVI) 美洲原住民电影 Grey Owl - Pierce Bronson (1999)
(AVI) 美洲原住民电影 Last Of The Dogmen (1995)
(AVI) 美洲原住民电影 Pow Wow Highway (1988)
(AVI) 美洲原住民电影 Skins - Graham Greene (2002)
(AVI) 美洲原住民电影 The Last of His Tribe - Graham Greene (2004)
(AVI) 美洲原住民电影 Thunderheart (1996)
(AVI) 美洲原住民电影 Trail of Tears - Cherokee Legacy
(AVI) 美洲原住民电影 Windwalker - Trewor Howard, Nick Ramus

(AVI) Native American Healing in the 21st Century (1997)
(AVI) Native American Medicine (John Twobirds) 2001
(AVI) Spirit ~The 7th Fire (2005) {Peter Buffett} {LIVE}

  Relative Prince's Podcast: 










 I about Native American Music I about Instrument I Relative Prince's Podcast I

 Prince Private Collection

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