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  Relative Prince Podcast : Various Artists

+   New Age - Relax & Healing   
  Prince_Podcast_0085 (Midori, David, Kitaro, Liquid Mind_0903) Prince_Podcast_0092 (Various Artists_0904) Prince_Podcast_0096 (Various Artists_0905) Prince_Podcast_0101 (Various Artists_0910)Prince_Podcast_0103 (Various Artists_0911) Prince_Podcast_0104 (Various Artists_0911) Prince_Podcast_0109 (My Favorites Music_Sleepy Shores) Prince_Podcast_0176 (for Mother & Baby)Prince_Podcast_0196 (Various Artists 2012-01_best selection by Prince) -- Here Comes The Sun Prince_Podcast_0197 (best of Sounds Of Spa Series_New World Music__selection_by Prince) - Inner Peace Prince_Podcast_0199 (Various Artists 2012_best_2_selection by Prince) - Harmonia Celesta = Eternal Horizon (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0206 (Various Artists 2012_best_3_selection by Prince) - Floating Petals (64kb for audition & promotion only)  Prince_Podcast_0207 (Various Artists 2012_best_4_selection by Prince) - One Fine Day (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0208 (Various Artists 2012_best_5_selection by Prince) - Relaxation Zone (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0210 (Various Artists 2012_best_6_selection by Prince) - Autumn Journey (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0211 (Various Artists 2012_best_7_selection by Prince) - Peace On My Mind (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0216 (Various Artists 2013_best_1_selection by Prince) - Misty Mountain (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0217 (Various Artists 2013_best_2_selection by Prince) - Barcelona Sunrise (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0218 (Various Artists 2013_best_3_selection by Prince) - Sunrise (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0219 (Forever New Age Fans - New Crystal Vibrations_best_1_selection by Susana) (64kb for audition & promotion only)  Prince_Podcast_0220 (Forever New Age Fans - New Crystal Vibrations_best_2_selection by Susana) (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0221 (Forever New Age Fans - New Crystal Vibrations_best_1_selection by Prince) (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0222 (Forever New Age Fans - New Crystal Vibrations_best_2_selection by Prince) (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0239 (New Age Compilation_2014 New Albums_01_best selection by Prince) - Dreamweaver (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0253 (New Age Compilation_2014 New Albums_02_best selection by Prince) - Thinking Of You (64kb for audition & promotion only)  Prince_Podcast_0254 (New Age Compilation_2014 New Albums_03_best selection by Prince) -- Spiritual Renewal (Hope Is Always There) (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0260 (New Age Compilation_2015 New Albums_01_best selection by Prince) - Awakened Soul (64kb for audition & promotion only)



100 Best Films Classics Series (CD_1~6)
100% Enigmatic Hits Series
50 Essential Tracks Spa           

A Celtic Heartbeat Christmas
A Musical History Of Disneyland Series
A Quiet Knowing                     
A Treasury Of Gregorian Chants Series
A Voyage To Unknown Horizons Of China Series

Absolute Chillout Series
Absolute Relax Series
Absolute Relaxed Series

Acoustic Cafe Series
Acreditando Na Vida Series

Alex Hephaestion Series

Ambient Ascension Series
Ambient Dreams Series
Ambient Extractions Series
Ambient Lounge Series              
Ambient Meditations Series
Ambient Nights Series
Ambient Series

Asia Spa Music Series              

Atmospheres_CBS Records Sampler

Ayurveda Buddha Lounge Series

Beauty And Positive Vibrations Series

Best Music Of SPA & Aromatheraphy Series

Body & Soul Series

Cafe Oriental Series

Cafe Solaire Series

Celtic Ambience Series
Celtic Songs Series
Celtic Sounds Of Middle Earth Series
Celtic Women Series

Chinese Music Classics Series

Classical Chill Out Series

Comfort Music Series

Cosmic Strings Series

Desert Dreamfields Series         
{by Banabila, Saka}

Dreaming Series

Dubai Chill Lounge Series

Earth Songs Series

Echoes Of Tuvalu Series

Ember Days Classic Series

Enhancing Mind Body Spirit Vibrations Series

Erotic Musi Series

Escape Series

Essence Of Healing Series

Fairy World Series

Feng Shui Series
Flamenco Festival Series
Flower Paradise Series
Flute de Pan Series

Forest Cello Series

From Here To Tranquility Series

G Spot Lounge Series

Genso Suikoden Celtic Collection Series

Greek Christmas Series

Healing Spirits, Buddha Peace Series

Highlights Of Silent Dreams Series

Indian Sounds Series

Inspirations Series

Instrumental Moods Series

Journey To The Heart Series

Les Ambassadeurs Series

Les Secrets du Bien-Etre Series      
France 法国

L'Occitane Aromatherapy Series    

London De Luxe Series
Lounge Del Mare Chillout Cafe Pearls Series
Lounge For Lovers Series
Lounge Gold Series

Magic Voices Series

Meditation Series                            
{Music for Harmony & Balance)

Merlin's Arthur Series

Miracle Piano Series
Mix Collection Series                   

Music for Efficient Sleep Series
Music For Harmony & Balance Series
Music For Meditation And Relaxation Series
Music For Relaxation Series
Music For The Harmonious Spirit Series
Musical Moods And Chants of Native Africa
Musiques de Nuit Series
Musiques De Soins Series

Mykonos Chillout Cafe Series

Mystic Classic Edition Series
Mystic India Series
Mystic Spirits Special Classic Edition Series

Namaste Series                              
    {Real Music}
Namaste Experience Series
Nans N Series                                    
Nature's Escape Series                       

New Age Harmony Series
New Age World Project Series        

Nightsounds Series                           
 {Spa And Aromatheraphy}

Nouvel Age Series

Romantic Ocarina Series                   

One Day I Dream Series
Opium Finest Exotic Lounge Series

Panpipes At Christmas Series
Para Relexar Series

Peaceful Music Series                     
Peruvian Harp & Mandoli Seriesn

Piano Portraits Lullaby Series

Planeta Nova Era Series

Pure Ambience Series
Pure Moods Series
Putumayo Presents Series               
  {World Music, by VA}

Relaxation Sounds From The SPA Series
Relaxing Music                                
 (Soundscapes Series)

Romantic Pan Pipes Series

Silent Dreams Series

Sony Emotional & Relaxing Series

Sound Of The Ocean Series

Spanish Guitar Gold Collection Series
Spirit Of Budda Series
Spirits Of Nature Series

Stars End Series
Stillhet Series

Sufi Series                                     
  {Music For Harmony & Balance}

Tantra Lounge Series

Thaddeus Awakening Your Heart Centre Series  

The Art Of Making Love Series
The Best Of Lounge Series
The Best Of New Age Series
The Best Pan Pipes Album In The World Ever Series
The Blue Mountain Panpipe Ensemble Series
The Blue Planet (Music From The BBC TV Series)
The Celtic Heartbeat Collection Series
The Celtic Lounge Series
The Fantasy Strings Series
The Healing Garden Music Series
The Healing Series
The Magic Organ Series
The Messengers Series
The Music Of Cosmos Series
The Natural World Series
The Organ Happenings Series
The Other World Series
The Relax! Series
The Seasons Series
The Spa Music Collection Series
The Ultimate New Age Experience Series
The Ultimate Relaxation Series
The Very Best Of Celtic Chillout Series
The Very Best Of Relaxing Spa Moods Series
The World Of Buddha Beats Series

Time To Relax Series

Touching Beauty Series

Violin Concertons Series
Violin Fantsy Of East Series
Violon Series

Peaceful Music Series                             

Xclusive Ibiza Chill Series

Zen Series                                             




  Relative Prince's Podcast:  相关的王子音乐杂志


+    New Age - Piano





+   New Age - Relax & Healing

Prince_Podcast_0085 Prince_Podcast_0092

Prince_Podcast_0096 Prince_Podcast_0101

Prince_Podcast_0103 Prince_Podcast_0104




    New Age - Christmas Collection  

Prince_Podcast_0034 Prince_Podcast_0035

Prince_Podcast_0069 Prince_Podcast_0070

Prince_Podcast_0107 Prince_Podcast_0108




  Oldies & Goodies (Pop Song)








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This is a non-profit personal website, if any text, images or music (64kb for audition & promotion only) here are in some form of violation of copyright infringement.
Please forward the author - Shinjuku Prince the valid proof and I will happily remove them as requested. Thanks.
























































































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