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Relax, Healing Forever New Age Master

Painting Sky

Forever New Age Master
Medwyn Goodall

(best selection_1_by Prince)

『音乐不分国界,不论长幼,只要喜欢,就是朋友』, 诚挚的欢迎您和我一起来分享美丽的音乐世界。 

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Prince_Podcast_0001 - Painting Sky (Forever New Age Master - Medwyn Goodall) (best selection_1_by Prince)

  Forever New Age Master

- Painting Sky

Medwyn Goodall
(best selection_1_by Prince)

Track List  曲目 (sample for audition & promotion only = 64 kbps)

101_Medwyn Goodall (= Midori_Odyssey_06)_Memories Of Childhood
(00:00 > 06:08)

102_Medwyn Goodall (Eagle Spirit_01)_Eagle Spirit
(06:08 > 17:21)

103_Medwyn Goodall (= Midori_Heaven-s Breath_01)_The Foretelling
(17:21 > 28:13)

104_Medwyn Goodall (Akhnation Pharaoh_01)_Painted Skies
(28:13 > 38:34)

105_Medwyn Goodall (Medicine Woman_The Lost Tracks_04)_By The Water Hole
(38:34 > 48:37)

106_Medwyn Goodall (Medicine Woman_1_06)_Sun Drumming
(48:37 > 58:29)

107_Medwyn Goodall (= Midori_Celtic Sunrise_02)_On The High Moor
(58:29 > 82:07)

108_Medwyn Goodall (Medicine Woman_The Lost Tracks_06)_The Lost Trails
(82:07 > 88:16)

109_Medwyn Goodall (The Grail Quest_02)_The Quest Knkghts
(88:16 > 94:49)

110_Medwyn Goodall (Vision_11)_The Mountains Will Remember Us
(94:49 > 99:34)

111_Medwyn Goodall (The Scroll_09)_A Maiden-s Love
(99:34 > 102:46)

112_Medwyn Goodall (Kingdom Of The Sun God_01)_Dream Catcher
(102:46 > 110:01)

113_Medwyn Goodall (= Midori_Heaven-s Breath_06)_Whisper Of The Panpipes
(110:01 > 121:37)

---------Total Time 121:37




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