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Prince Podcast_0001     王子音乐杂志 

Forever New Age Master - Medwyn Goodall (UK) - Painting Sky
(best selection_1_by Prince)
HOT, 发烧货


雅音小筑 - 新宿王子的新世纪音乐典藏

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Prince_Podcast_0001 (Medwyn Goodall_Best_01)

Track List
  曲目 (
sample for audition and promotion only = 64 kbps)

01_Medwyn Goodall (Akhnation Pharaoh_01)_Painted Skies

02_Medwyn Goodall (=Midori_Odyssey_06)_Memories Of Childhood
 (No longer available 已绝版)

03_Medwyn Goodall (Eagle Spirit_01)_Eagle Spirit

04_Medwyn Goodall (Grail Quest_02)_The Quest Knight

05_Medwyn Goodall (Kingdom Of The Sun God_01)_Dream Catcher

06_Medwyn Goodall (Medicine Woman 1_06)_Sun Drumming

07_Medwyn Goodall (Visions_11)_The Mountains Will Remember Us

08_Medwyn Goodall (Scroll_09)_A Maiden's Love

09_Medwyn Goodall (The Magic Of Easter Island_02)_Watcher Of The Sea
(No longer available 已绝版)

10_Medwyn Goodall (=Midori_Heaven's Breath_01)_The Foretelling
(No longer available 已绝版)



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