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Prince Podcast_0273       王子音乐杂志 

Forever New Age Master - (Back To Earth) - Dreams And Hopes
(best selection_1_by Prince)
HOT, 发烧货


雅音小筑 - 新宿王子的新世纪音乐典藏

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Prince_Podcast_0271 (Prince Favorites Piano_Various Artists_2016-1) - Somewhere In Time (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0272 (Prince Favorites Piano_Various Artists_2016-2) - Dreamland (64kb for audition & promotion only) Prince_Podcast_0273 (Forever New Age Master_Back To Earth__best_1) - Dreams And Hopes Prince_Podcast_0274 (Forever New Age Master_Back To Earth__best_2) - Healing Dreams

 [新宿王子典藏] (Forever New Age Master_Back To Earth)  17 张精选曲

Prince_Podcast_0273   {Switzerland 瑞士}






Track List  曲目 (sample for audition and promotion only = 64 kbps)

Prince_Podcast_0273 (Forever New Age Master_Back To Earth__best_1) - Dreams And Hopes

101_Back To Earth (Sensual Mind_17)_Into Ethereal Peace (bonus)
(00:00 > 05:28)

102_Back To Earth (The Chillout & Ethno Lounge Project_05)_Sensual Mind
(05:28 > 12:29)

103_Back To Earth (From Other Spheres_01)_Addicted To You
(12:29 > 18:11)

104_Back To Earth (First_11)_Song For Helga
(18:11 > 21:30)

105_Back To Earth (Comfort Music 2_01)_For The Two Of Us
(21:30 > 25:14)

106_Back To Earth (Dreams & Hopes_04)_Dreams And Hopes
(25:14 > 29:06)

107_Back To Earth (First_01)_Flying Over The Clouds
(29:06 > 33:22)

108_Back To Earth (From Deep Inside_03)_From Deep Inside
(33:22 > 37:48)

109_Back To Earth (From Other Spheres_08)_Carried Away By The Wind
(37:48 > 44:12)

110_Back To Earth (Kairos_The Spirit Of Time_07)_Coloured Poem
(44:12 > 46:59)

111_Back To Earth (Mystic Ways_11)_Feels Like Flying
(46:59 > 52:45)

112_Back To Earth (Piano_03)_Signs And Traces
(52:45 > 56:52)

113_Back To Earth (Rivers Of Life_11)_Pictures Of My Soul
(56:53 > 60:44)

114_Back To Earth (Secret Spaces_13)_Secret Spaces Suite Part 5, Venus Valley
(60:44 > 66:53)

115_Back To Earth (Sensual Mind_04)_A Prayer For All Times
(66:53 > 74:04)

116_Back To Earth (The Book Of Silence_03)_At The End Of The Day
(74:04 > 78:39)

117_Back To Earth (The Chillout & Ethno Lounge Project_01)_The Unsent Message
(78:39 > 84:56)

118_Back To Earth (The Dawn Of A New World_03)_Follow The Rainbow
(84:56 > 88:20)

119_Back To Earth (First_03)_The New Day
(88:20 > 92:22)

120_Back To Earth (From Deep Inside_02)_Silent Sea
(92:22 > 97:43)

121_Back To Earth (Kairos_The Spirit Of Time_13)_Expression Of Delight
(97:43 > 99:51)

122_Back To Earth (The Book Of Silence_12)_(You Make My World) A Sacred Place
(99:51 > 103:35)

123_Back To Earth (First_04)_Heureka
(103:35 > 109:35)

124_Back To Earth (Comfort Music 2_09)_Reflection From The Unseen
(109:35 > 115:49)

125_Back To Earth (From Deep Inside_11)_Rhythm Of Romance
(115:49 > 120:25)

-------Total Time 120:25





[新宿王子典藏 17 张] Back To Earth 17 张专辑 年表

2017__Back To Earth (The Chillout & Ethno Lounge Project) 2017
2015__Back To Earth (The Book Of Silence) 2015 {Single}
2013__Back To Earth (Harmonie... The Very Best Of) 2013
2013__Back To Earth (From Other Spheres) 2013
2012__Back To Earth (The Dawn Of A New World) 2012
2010__Back To Earth (The Moonlight Mix Of Sensual Mind) 2010
2010__Back To Earth (Piano) 2010
2009__Back To Earth (Sensual Mind) 2009
2005__Back To Earth (Kairos_The Spirit Of Time) 2005
2004__Back To Earth (Comfort Music 2) 2004 {Real Music}
2002__Back To Earth (Mystic Ways) 2002
2000__Back To Earth (Collection) 2000
1998__Back To Earth (Secret Spaces) 1998
1995__Back To Earth (Rivers Of Life) 1995
1993__Back To Earth (From Deep Inside) 1993
1991__Back To Earth (Dreams & Hopes) 1991
1990__Back To Earth (First) 1990 {1st cd}


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